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List Name Mystery Shopping Openings (MS Openings)
Purpose: Moms looking for mystery shopping, mystery shop, secret shopping, customer evaluating... Get paid to become an undercover customer.

If you are a mystery shopper / secret shopper, want to be a mystery shopper to mystery shop join today. Moms, mystery shopping companies or schedulers are welcome to join.

If you are unfamiliar with mystery shopping, it is where you pretend you pretend to be a customer and evaluate the service. You are asked to go into a fast food restaurant, restaurant, hotel, entertainment place or a retail store. You are asked to buy something, usually reimbursed, so you can evaluate the customer service, food quality (if applicable), rate the surroundings and what ever else is needed.

Mystery shopping is fun and a nice means of supplimental income. All current mystery shoppers and people who want to become a mystery shopper are welcome to join. This is a list where you will be notified of MS jobs in your area.

Everyone interested is welcome to participate.

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Created: Sep 13, 1999
Owner: Stacy Perez
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