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news update  SC
 Feb 27, 2005 14:15 PST 


Incredibly in one respect, 'who would have thunk it?' and not so in
another sense, 'it just was one of those years,' Dr. Ibrahim's 70th
year was not marked in anyway on the Mantra Modes web site. In fact,
as you may know, nothing was marked there. MM hasn't been updated
since the fall of 2003.

I would regret this if I was prone to regret.


I am planning to attend to the lack of activity. Several moves will
be taken in the next days to a few weeks.

(1) I am going to move the web site to:


This subdomain of my professional website will allow me to free up
space and take advantage of better data transfer allowances there.

I will also move the news page to a blog format. This will allow me
to easily update the news from my desktop.

Finally, I will move the mailing list in two steps to a majordomo
listserv at the SQ1 host. Actually, I am going to place Lars there
first and subscribe him to the list via it. Then I will move the list
'en mass' to its new home as far as to what address you send your
posts. You will be on both lists at once and won't have to do
anything but change your option at yahoo (read on web) and post to
the new address...when I give it to you. You'll get posts in your
email box.

We'll keep the yahoo list but it will transition into a distribution
list and just be the archive for all posts. I will also place on the
new Mantra Modes web site a plain text file of all of our posts, and
do as well in the files area@ yahoo.


Here's the pitch to you all: I would like to see persons contribute
to the web site. I will make a few proposals to that effect soon.
Also, I can add authors to the blog and would do so if anyone wanted
to help out.

If there is anything you'd prefer to discuss in the back-channel,
feel free to do so to: ho-@apk.net.

in music,

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