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List Name Mystic Circles (Mystic Circles)
Purpose: Mystic Circles is a forum for those who pursue the Pagan Ways, regardless of their particular path.   Since its inception, we've covered subjects as wide-ranging as Astral projection to the MIB of UFO lore, the qabbalah, radionics, and the Northern Mysteries, just to name a few.   It is also a forum where we will attempt to keep members abreast of happenings in the Pagan community.   Spells are exchanged, and we have worked together as a family, supporting and nurturing one another during trouble times.

This list, however, is not limited to just the discussion of magic, but is also open to discussions on UFOs, Missing Time, and other realms that are considered among the Paranormal.

There is, but one rule on this list.   What is termed the LIVING ROOM Rule; behave as you would in another's residence.   Heated discussion is welcome, but FLAMING IS NOT PERMITTED.

A complete listing of topics can be found in the groups shared files, and new topics are always welcome.   With the upgrades that have taken place, we hope to have a weekly chat set up to discuss in more detail the paths we have chosen.

We are all on different Paths, that loop within the Circle.   Deosil and Widdershins... All leads to within...The Circle
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Created: Jan 26, 2001
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Categories: Society & Culture  |  Religion & Spirituality  |  Faiths & Practices  |  Paganism

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