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Fw: Condolencese to the Families  Cherokee Sister
 Oct 27, 2001 21:50 PDT 

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----- Original Message -----
From: Alvis Wilson
Sent: Saturday, October 27, 2001 10:03 PM
To: Justin Ault
Subject: Fwd: Condolencese to the Families

--- Banegas Joy <joyba-@yahoo.com> wrote:
 Date: Sat, 27 Oct 2001 18:04:16 -0700 (PDT)
From: Banegas Joy <joyba-@yahoo.com>
Subject: Condolencese to the Families
To: Elmer H Marine <halb-@juno.com>, Val
Montague <gramb-@aol.com>,
   Bill Tracy <trac-@hotmail.com>, Milton
Verts <milt-@yahoo.com>,
   Becky Whitehead <beck-@bellsouth.net>,
   Alvis Wilson <salvo-@yahoo.com>, Nicole
Woodard <nic-@kreative.net>,
   Pastor Zorbas <gene-@excelonline.com>,
   Jim Jackie Andrews <jim_-@email.msn.com>,
   Dorothy Beasley <carlbe-@juno.com>, Jerry
Bush <jbush-@aol.com>,
   Jackie Corbin <mdc-@gte.net>, Elayne Devine
   Tom Evans <tommyc-@aol.com>, Betsy
Finger <betnew-@aol.com>,
   Linda Glaze <edgl-@juno.com>,
   Ray and Robin Harrill
   JimJoanna at home <jim-bjl-@rcn.com>,
   Wendy Huddock <irong-@aol.com>, Bonnie
John Hunley <jon-@gte.net>,
   Betty Ingalsbe <mbing-@myexcel.com>,
Melvin Pam Jones <mel-@gte.net>,
   Kim Kringley <essex-@boo.net>

 Add you name to bottom of the list (or not)
please pass it on.
To the People of New York City:
We send this card to you
To lend a shoulder
To shed our tears
To say a prayer
To let you know that you are not alone
You are in our thoughts and prayers.
May God Bless you and yours during this tragic
 And wrap you with His love and peace

1. Dorrie-Rene' Jensen - New York
2. MaryAnn Bova - New York
3. Barbara Lynn Gibson upstate NY
5. Mike and Jo Trackler - Orlando, Florida
6. Amy MacKinnon - Boston, MA
7. Kathy Hanafin - Boston, Ma.
8. Cathy Olson - Fountain Hills, Az.
9. Jimmy Olson - Fountain Hills, Az.
10. Dara Jane Brennan - Portsmouth NH
11. Wendy Fogg - Durham, NH
12. Johonet Carpenter-Durham, NH
13. Thomas Canfield-Durham, NH
14. Kitty Spitzer - Dover, NH
15. Sabrina Ellen Svard - Newmarket, NH
16. Gregg VanDenBossche - Rochester, NH
17. Shelly Gingras - Rochester, NH
18. Rochelle Sharples - Newmarket, NH
21. Kristin, Steven & Daisy Wendt - Newmarket,
 23. Carrie Poor & Ronnie Martineau, Jr. -
Ipswich, MA

 25. Michael & Rachel Dailey, Ipswich, MA
26. John Panek - Boston,MA
27. Tina Hinojosa- Boston, MA
28. Kristen Malerba - Malden, MA
29. Sheri Hebbelinck - Melrose, MA
33. The Parlatore Family - Methuen, MA
34. Eric MacKinnon - Haverhill MA
35. Greg Kulicki - Wakefield, MA
36. Jeff Roukes- Methuen, MA
37. Heidi Daly- Methuen, MA
38. Kim Daly- Salem, NH
39. Tracy Archibald- Atkinson, NH
40. Kim Grondin- Lowell, MA
41. Louise - Dracut, MA
42. Elisa Reppucci - North Andover, MA
44. Kristin & Ed Borsini - North Reading, MA
46. Jennifer & James Andrade - Woburn, MA
48. Tiffany and Scott Freeman - Burlington, MA

 49. Katie $ Carl Wilburn - Graham, NC
50. Holly Noonan - Burlington, MA
51. Tricia Nardullo- Boston, MA
52. Kristin Belsito - Boston, MA
53. Betty Ginty - West Chester, PA
54. John Ginty - West Chester, PA
55. Esther Gordon - Newtown Square, PA
56. Thomas O'Brien-Bridgeport, PA
57. Stephanie Sles- Bronx N.Y.
58. Louis Sles Bronx N.Y.
59.-Sean Sles - Bronx N.Y.
60. Fanny Kuiper- Kingston, Ontario, CANADA
61. Eric Kuiper- Kingston, Ontario, CANADA
62. Erica Goersch, Athens, Ontario, CANADA
63 Michelle Goersch, Kingston, ON, CANADA
65. Steph&Lou Rottinrotti
66. MoniqueKuiper-.Burlington,Ontario, CANADA
68. Matthew & Kreig
 69. Emmy George- Edmonton . Alberta, Canada
70. Sharon Anne MacNeill Brantford,Canada
71. Fred MacNeill, S.S. Marie, Ontario, Canada

 72. Betty Webb, Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario,
 73. Liv McLea, Sault Ste.Marie,Ontario, CANADA

 74. Emily St.Hilaire, Weare, NH... USA
75. Karen Harms, Rochester, NH USA
76. Lisa Lund, ME USA
77. Steven Paquette, ME USA
78. Jenna Lund, ME USA
79. Robin Levangie, Kennebunk, ME
80. Dorothy Levangie, OOB, ME
81. Hilmar von Strunck, ME
82. Leslie Silcox, Gorham, ME
83. Jill Mahoney-Banks CA
84. Travis Mahoney-Banks CA
85. storm faerywolf, Walnut Creek, CA
86. Chas Bogan, Walnut Creek, CA
87. Melissa Hopper, Walnut Creek, CA
88. Sharon O'Sullivan, Martinsville, IN
89. Richard O'Sullivan, Martinsville, IN
91. John D. & Dolores O'Sullivan, The
Woodlands, TX
 92. Marie & Rich Foge, Novato, CA
93. Ray and Toni Sciutti, Novato, CA
94. Rick & Donna O'Brien, Petaluma, CA
95. Lois Gearhart, Kirkland, WA
96. Orion Floyd, Kirkland WA
97. Danielle Dawn, Kirkland WA
98. Lorelei Belmonte, WA
99. Dorian Lonborg, WA
100. Linda Absher, Issaquah, WA
101. Joanie Bertsch, Black Diamond, WA
102. Cathy Hauck, Minneapolis, MN
103. Bev M Ft Myers, Florida
107. Dr.Joe Freeman - Texas
108. Bonnie Williams - Texas
109. Debbie Wolfe - Ohio, USA
110. Clarissa Lawrence-Ohio
111. Lacy and Kay Compton -WV
112. Ty cantley, Sally and Brooke Bailey - WV
113. Steve Samples - WV
114. Mackey Ayersman- Fairmont, WV
115. Mike & Denise Fannin - Glasgow WV
116. Jim & Terri Sanislo - Prineville, OR
117. John A. Murray- Midlothian, VA
118. Mary Kuhn - Midlothian, VA
119. Theresa Shackleford
120. Sonja Wilson - NJ
121. T. M. Barrett - McLean, VA
122. JoEllen Mountcastle, Herndon, VA
123. Cyrena Terricone, Jersey City, NJ
124. A.L. & A.L. Connor-Lemon Grove, CA
125. Justin Smith - Palm Bay, FL
126. AP - Baltimore, MD
127. Susan Tarduno-Russo / Tampa, Florida
128. Joel Wilson, Tampa, Florida
129. Christopher Wilson, Tampa, Florida
130. Stephen Wilson, Tampa, Florida
131. Michael Wilson, Tampa, Florida
132. Don Murray, San Diego, CA
133. Dena Cline, San Diego, CA
134. Roxanne M. Watts, Oak Creek, WI
135. Earleen Soprych, Tinley Park, IL
136. Alan Soprych, Tinley Park, IL USA
137. Meleesa Sullivan, Chicago, IL
138. Richard Sullivan, Chicago, IL
139. Karen M.Vaughan, Chicago, IL
140. Gayle M.Dybel, Highland, IN
141. Howard W. Sherman, Oak Park IL
142 Jeri Burch, Chicago. IL
143. Carol Klien, Hanover Park IL
144. Pat Fleck, Bridgton, ME
145. Deb Nichols, Oxford, ME
146. Diana Farr, Oxford, ME
147. The Gurneys, Minot, Me
148. The Clark's, Lovell, ME
149. Michelle Thorne, ME
150. Shelly Carpenter, MI
151. Stephanie Bledsoe, NC
152. Richard Bledsoe, NC
153. Amber Bledsoe, NC
154.Barbra Poe, NC
155. Charlotte Sutton, OH >
156. Jaime Trifonoff, Steubenville, Ohio
157. Mandy Spanovich, Steubenville, OH
158. Trish Spanovich, Steubenville, Ohio
159. Nick Kundrat, Williamsburg, VA
160. the Robertson family. manassas, Virginia
161. The Banegas Family - Manassas, Virginia
162. The Wilson Family- Maryville, Tennessee
163. J. A. Bryant-Tn.
When this list reaches 200, please send it to
Rudy Giuliani's
 email address, below. This is the specific
for messages of
 support and appreciation. When sent, please
another list.

The Lord is my light and my salvation, whom
shall I fear? The Lord is the strength of my
life, of whom shall I be afraid?
Psalm 27:1
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<HTML><BODY STYLE="font:10pt verdana; border:none;">

<DIV> </DIV> <DIV> </DIV> <BLOCKQUOTE style="PADDING-RIGHT: 0px; PADDING-LEFT: 5px; MARGIN-LEFT: 5px; BORDER-LEFT: #000000 2px solid; MARGIN-RIGHT: 0px"> <DIV style="FONT: 10pt Arial">----- Original Message -----</DIV> <DIV style="BACKGROUND: #e4e4e4; FONT: 10pt Arial; COLOR: black"><B>From:</B> Alvis Wilson</DIV> <DIV style="FONT: 10pt Arial"><B>Sent:</B> Saturday, October 27, 2001 10:03 PM</DIV> <DIV style="FONT: 10pt Arial"><B>To:</B> Justin Ault</DIV> <DIV style="FONT: 10pt Arial"><B>Subject:</B> Fwd: Condolencese to the Families</DIV> <DIV> </DIV> <P><BR>--- Banegas Joy <joyba-@yahoo.com> wrote:<BR>> Date: Sat, 27 Oct 2001 18:04:16 -0700 (PDT)<BR>> From: Banegas Joy <joyba-@yahoo.com><BR>> Subject: Condolencese to the  Families<BR>> To: Elmer H Marine <halb-@juno.com>, Val<BR>> Montague <gramb-@aol.com>,<BR>>   Bill Tracy <trac-@hotmail.com>, Milton<BR>> Verts <milt-@yahoo.com>,<BR>>   Becky Whitehead <beck-@bellsouth.net>,<BR>>   Alvis Wilson <salvo-@yahoo.com>, Nicole<BR>> Woodard <nic-@kreative.net>,<BR>>   Pastor Zorbas <gene-@excelonline.com>,<BR>>   Jim Jackie Andrews <jim_-@email.msn.com>,<BR>>   Dorothy Beasley <carlbe-@juno.com>, Jerry<BR>> Bush <jbush-@aol.com>,<BR>>   Jackie Corbin <mdc-@gte.net>, Elayne Devine<BR>> <elayn-@aol.com>,<BR>>   Tom Evans <tommyc-@aol.com>, Betsy<BR>> Finger <betnew-@aol.com>,<BR>>   Linda Glaze <edgl-@juno.com>,<BR>>   Ray and Robin Harrill<BR>> <rhar-@chartertn.net>,<BR>>   JimJoanna at home <jim-bjl-@rcn.com>,<BR>>   Wendy Huddock <irong-@aol.com>, Bonnie<BR>> John Hunley <jon-@gte.net>,<BR>>   Betty Ingalsbe <mbing-@myexcel.com>,<BR>> Melvin Pam Jones <mel-@gte.net>,<BR>>   Kim Kringley <essex-@boo.net><BR>><BR>> NATIONAL CONDOLENCES:<BR>> >Add you name to bottom of the list (or not)<BR>> ....but<BR>> please pass it on.<BR>> ><BR>> >To the People of New York City:<BR>> >We send this card to you<BR>> >To lend a shoulder<BR>> >To shed our tears<BR>> >To say a prayer<BR>> >To let you know that you are not alone<BR>> >You are in our thoughts and prayers.<BR>> >May God Bless you and yours during this tragic<BR>> time<BR>> >And wrap you with His love and peace<BR>> ><BR>> >1. Dorrie-Rene' Jensen - New York<BR>> >2. MaryAnn Bova - New York<BR>> >3. Barbara Lynn Gibson upstate NY<BR>> >5. Mike and Jo Trackler - Orlando, Florida<BR>> >6. Amy MacKinnon - Boston, MA<BR>> >7. Kathy Hanafin - Boston, Ma.<BR>> >8. Cathy Olson - Fountain Hills, Az.<BR>> >9. Jimmy Olson - Fountain Hills, Az.<BR>> >10. Dara Jane Brennan - Portsmouth NH<BR>> >11. Wendy Fogg - Durham, NH<BR>> >12. Johonet Carpenter-Durham, NH<BR>> >13. Thomas Canfield-Durham, NH<BR>> >14. Kitty Spitzer - Dover, NH<BR>> >15. Sabrina Ellen Svard - Newmarket, NH<BR>> >16. Gregg VanDenBossche - Rochester, NH<BR>> >17. Shelly Gingras - Rochester, NH<BR>> >18. Rochelle Sharples - Newmarket, NH<BR>> >21. Kristin, Steven & Daisy Wendt - Newmarket,<BR>> NH<BR>> >23. Carrie Poor & Ronnie Martineau, Jr. -<BR>> Ipswich, MA<BR>><BR>> >25. Michael & Rachel Dailey, Ipswich, MA<BR>> >26. John Panek - Boston,MA<BR>> >27. Tina Hinojosa- Boston, MA<BR>> >28. Kristen Malerba - Malden, MA<BR>> >29. Sheri Hebbelinck - Melrose, MA<BR>> >33. The Parlatore Family - Methuen, MA<BR>> >34. Eric MacKinnon - Haverhill MA<BR>> >35. Greg Kulicki - Wakefield, MA<BR>> >36. Jeff Roukes- Methuen, MA<BR>> >37. Heidi Daly- Methuen, MA<BR>> >38. Kim Daly- Salem, NH<BR>> >39. Tracy Archibald- Atkinson, NH<BR>> >40. Kim Grondin- Lowell, MA<BR>> >41. Louise - Dracut, MA<BR>> >42. Elisa Reppucci - North Andover, MA<BR>> >44. Kristin & Ed Borsini - North Reading, MA<BR>> >46. Jennifer & James Andrade - Woburn, MA<BR>> >48. Tiffany and Scott Freeman - Burlington, MA<BR>><BR>> >49. Katie $ Carl Wilburn - Graham, NC<BR>> >50. Holly Noonan - Burlington, MA<BR>> >51. Tricia Nardullo- Boston, MA<BR>> >52. Kristin Belsito - Boston, MA<BR>> >53. Betty Ginty - West Chester, PA<BR>> >54. John Ginty - West Chester, PA<BR>> >55. Esther Gordon - Newtown Square, PA<BR>> >56. Thomas O'Brien-Bridgeport, PA<BR>> >57. Stephanie Sles- Bronx N.Y.<BR>> >58. Louis Sles Bronx N.Y.<BR>> >59.-Sean Sles - Bronx N.Y.<BR>> >60. Fanny Kuiper- Kingston, Ontario, CANADA<BR>> >61. Eric Kuiper- Kingston, Ontario, CANADA<BR>> >62. Erica Goersch, Athens, Ontario, CANADA<BR>> >63 Michelle Goersch, Kingston, ON, CANADA<BR>> >65. Steph&Lou Rottinrotti<BR>> >66. MoniqueKuiper-.Burlington,Ontario, CANADA<BR>> >68. Matthew & Kreig<BR>> Vacheresse-Burlington.Ontario,CANADA<BR>> >69. Emmy George- Edmonton . Alberta, Canada<BR>> >70. Sharon Anne MacNeill Brantford,Canada<BR>> >71. Fred MacNeill, S.S. Marie, Ontario, Canada<BR>><BR>> >72. Betty Webb, Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario,<BR>> Canada<BR>> >73. Liv McLea, Sault Ste.Marie,Ontario, CANADA<BR>><BR>> >74. Emily St.Hilaire, Weare, NH... USA<BR>> >75. Karen Harms, Rochester, NH USA<BR>> >76. Lisa Lund, ME USA<BR>> >77. Steven Paquette, ME USA<BR>> >78. Jenna Lund, ME USA<BR>> >79. Robin Levangie, Kennebunk, ME<BR>> >80. Dorothy Levangie, OOB, ME<BR>> >81. Hilmar von Strunck, ME<BR>> >82. Leslie Silcox, Gorham, ME<BR>> >83. Jill Mahoney-Banks CA<BR>> >84. Travis Mahoney-Banks CA<BR>> >85. storm faerywolf, Walnut Creek, CA<BR>> >86. Chas Bogan, Walnut Creek, CA<BR>> >87. Melissa Hopper, Walnut Creek, CA<BR>> >88. Sharon O'Sullivan, Martinsville, IN<BR>> >89. Richard O'Sullivan, Martinsville, IN<BR>> >91. John D. & Dolores O'Sullivan, The<BR>> Woodlands, TX<BR>> >92. Marie & Rich Foge, Novato, CA<BR>> >93. Ray and Toni Sciutti, Novato, CA<BR>> >94. Rick & Donna O'Brien, Petaluma, CA<BR>> >95. Lois Gearhart, Kirkland, WA<BR>> >96. Orion Floyd, Kirkland WA<BR>> >97. Danielle Dawn, Kirkland WA<BR>> >98. Lorelei Belmonte, WA<BR>> >99. Dorian Lonborg, WA<BR>> >100. Linda Absher, Issaquah, WA<BR>> >101. Joanie Bertsch, Black Diamond, WA<BR>> >102. Cathy Hauck, Minneapolis, MN<BR>> >103. Bev M Ft Myers, Florida<BR>> >104. DON T. MAUMEE,OH<BR>> >105. BETTY COLLINS TOLEDO OHIo<BR>> >106. KIRKE EVANS = TEXAS<BR>> >107. Dr.Joe Freeman - Texas<BR>> >108. Bonnie Williams - Texas<BR>> >109. Debbie Wolfe - Ohio, USA<BR>> >110. Clarissa Lawrence-Ohio<BR>> >111. Lacy and Kay Compton -WV<BR>> >112. Ty cantley, Sally and Brooke Bailey - WV<BR>> >113. Steve Samples - WV<BR>> >114. Mackey Ayersman- Fairmont, WV<BR>> >115. Mike & Denise Fannin - Glasgow WV<BR>> >116. Jim & Terri Sanislo - Prineville, OR<BR>> >117. John A. Murray- Midlothian, VA<BR>> >118. Mary Kuhn - Midlothian, VA<BR>> >119. Theresa Shackleford<BR>> >120. Sonja Wilson - NJ<BR>> >121. T. M. Barrett - McLean, VA<BR>> >122. JoEllen Mountcastle, Herndon, VA<BR>> >123. Cyrena Terricone, Jersey City, NJ<BR>> >124. A.L. & A.L. Connor-Lemon Grove, CA<BR>> >125. Justin Smith - Palm Bay, FL<BR>> >126. AP - Baltimore, MD<BR>> >127. Susan Tarduno-Russo / Tampa, Florida<BR>> >128. Joel Wilson, Tampa, Florida<BR>> >129. Christopher Wilson, Tampa, Florida<BR>> >130. Stephen Wilson, Tampa, Florida<BR>> >131. Michael Wilson, Tampa, Florida<BR>> >132. Don Murray, San Diego, CA<BR>> >133. Dena Cline, San Diego, CA<BR>> >134. Roxanne M. Watts, Oak Creek, WI<BR>> >135. Earleen Soprych, Tinley Park, IL<BR>> >136. Alan Soprych, Tinley Park, IL USA<BR>> >137. Meleesa Sullivan, Chicago, IL<BR>> >138. Richard Sullivan, Chicago, IL<BR>> >139. Karen M.Vaughan, Chicago, IL<BR>> >140. Gayle M.Dybel, Highland, IN<BR>> >141. Howard W. Sherman, Oak Park IL<BR>> >142 Jeri Burch, Chicago. IL<BR>> >143. Carol Klien, Hanover Park IL<BR>> >144. Pat Fleck, Bridgton, ME<BR>> >145. Deb Nichols, Oxford, ME<BR>> >146. Diana Farr, Oxford, ME<BR>> >147. The Gurneys, Minot, Me<BR>> >148. The Clark's, Lovell, ME<BR>> >149. Michelle Thorne, ME<BR>> >150. Shelly Carpenter, MI<BR>> >151. Stephanie Bledsoe, NC<BR>> >152. Richard Bledsoe, NC<BR>> >153. Amber Bledsoe, NC<BR>> 154.Barbra Poe, NC<BR>> 155. Charlotte Sutton, OH ><BR>> 156. Jaime Trifonoff, Steubenville, Ohio<BR>> 157. Mandy Spanovich, Steubenville, OH<BR>> 158. Trish Spanovich, Steubenville, Ohio<BR>> 159. Nick Kundrat, Williamsburg, VA<BR>> 160. the Robertson family.  manassas, Virginia<BR>> 161. The Banegas Family - Manassas, Virginia<BR>> 162. The Wilson Family- Maryville, Tennessee</P> <P>> 163. J. A. Bryant-Tn.<BR>> When this list reaches 200, please send it to<BR>> Mayor<BR>> Rudy Giuliani's<BR>> >email address, below. This is the specific<BR>> address<BR>> for messages of<BR>> >support and appreciation. When sent, please<BR>> start<BR>> another list.<BR>> ><BR>> >Rudyt-@nypost.com<BR>><BR>> =====<BR>> The Lord is my light and my salvation, whom<BR>> shall I fear?  The Lord is the strength of my<BR>> life, of whom shall I be afraid?<BR>> Psalm 27:1<BR>><BR>><BR>__________________________________________________<BR>> Do You Yahoo!?<BR>> Make a great connection at Yahoo! Personals.<BR>> http://personals.yahoo.com<BR><BR><BR>__________________________________________________<BR>Do You Yahoo!?<BR>Make a great connection at Yahoo! Personals.<BR>http://personals.yahoo.com<BR></P></BLOCKQUOTE>


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