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Re: Carbon Canyon Century of 6/29/07 Final Results  epras
 Jul 10, 2007 14:47 PDT 

Greetings Chuck, glad everyone survived the heat, to bad some of us have to
work every other weekend...will be out of town for the next 30 days, I will
be completing the West Coast via bicycle on my 5-year plan by doing 1100
miles out of Porland over to Astoria and down the coast to San
Fransisco...while up in Northern Oregon I will be riding the
"HCRH" -Historical Columbia River Highway, they even have buttons you push
to have the lights flash to tell vehicles there is a bicycle in the
tunnels...wow. Also, be stopping in Coos Bay to take a break and meet a
climbing team coming into Seattle, then up to Mt. Baker the most Northern
volcanoe in the Cascade range and another climb of a no named peak...after
that, it's back down to Coos Bay and on the bike Southbound. Be back in the
middle of August, better have some rides ready...c/ya's...Edward.
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Hot. Very, very hot indeed. The Hoopes and Jerry Brown both saw 106 on
their handlebars in Santiago Canyon.

It was a great ride though. A really nice climb up Carbon Canyon and we
FLEW down Brea Canyon with the Hoopes tandem flying at 34-35 MPH.

Doris Bingo - 80 + 11 To/From

Chuck Bramwell - 98 + 4 To/From

Jerry Brown - 98

Paul D'Aquanni - 106

Alan Darnell - 82 wrote: "Put me down for 82 miles. That flat I had in
Placentia was a big blow out. Luckily, I had a big boot to get back. I
have you to thank for having the boot. I don't know if you remember but
last year I rode with you guys on a Thursday morning and you had a big
blow out. That night I made boots for all of my bags from an old tire I

Anyway, I limped back home today padump, padump all the way. Thanks for
the ride."

Bob Davidson - 106 + 14 To/From

Dan Gorman - 80 + 11 To/From

Dan & Briann Hoopes - 98 + 4 To/From

Mike Lee - 80

Barbie Lucas - 80

David Olson - 80

Chris Perluss - 80

Alan Ptak - 98 + 4 To/From

Jim Pugh - 55 + 14 To/From

Troy Raffelson - 98 + 4 To/From

Jon Shellenbarger - 80 wrote: "It was a great day yet again with the
usual suspects out there. It was nice to see Alan P. and Alan D. again
after riding the Grand Tour together, although I didn't get the memo
about wearing our 06 Breathless jerseys. Bob Davidson was feeling
strong as we raced to the top of Carbon Canyon, of course he dropped me
just before the top. I ended up with 80 miles for the day and got home
right at 11:59. "

Mike Sullivan - 80 - Mike had a fantastic month cycling 565 miles in

Robert Tripp - 55 + 14 To/From

Chuck Bramwell
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