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List Name Christian Africans are the Majority. Join the List that defends Christian Africa (AfricaNation)
Purpose: Nkrumah--Christian
Patrice Lumumba--Christian
Nelson Mandela---Christian
Marcus Garvey---Christian
W.E.B. Dubois----Christian
Sojourner Truth----Christian
Nat Turner----Christian
Vessey Denmark-----Christian
Frederick Douglass----Christian
Martin Luther King---Christian
Phyliss Wheatley---Christian
Oladauh Equiano---Christian

Why are these followers of Jesus so superior to all other Blacks in bringing about the struggle against racism, imperialism, and the other enemies of Blacks?

In a word: JESUS

Join the list that teaches you about Who they knew and what His word REALLY says.

For instance why were Blacks told to forgive and forgive others but when it comes to when Whites are attacked such as the recent strike against America, we are told that Whites retaliating is BIBLICAL???

Why is it African Christians are by far the majority and have contributed the most to our struggle but every person with a computer is speaking terribly of our African Christian Brothers???

These and other issues examined.

Friend or Foe welcome!
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Created: Nov 27, 2001
Owner: Selah
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