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Latest from Kenn  Kenn Miller
 Jan 26, 2002 07:52 PST 
Hello everyone,

Sorry it has been a long time since anyone has heard from me. I was in
Dakar for a week for my ear problem and two weeks in Thies for In
Service Training. Then I decided to spend a few days up in the N,dioum
regional house. I decided to help the PCVL with her new stove. It had
nothing to do with the fact Becca was going to meet me up there.

OK, well I am now the new Co-editor of the Environmental Education
newsletter. Yeah, free trips to Dakar with a per diem to go along with
it. Now I have to come up with some interesting stories to write about.
That will come rather easy for me.

First note; Happy Birthday Mike. I have not been around a Cyber Cafe in
a long time so sorry for the delay. I received two care packages from
Mom, and love those Tevas. Christmas cards from Chrissy, Carina; mom,
and Dave. All of your children are adorable! Keep sending photos!
Everyone loves to see the skyline of Columbus since so many Senegalise
move there. Especially those Pulaar ones.

Projects that I am currently working on. I am doing a webpage for Goree
and might be doing another one soon. The new co-editor for the EE
newsletter. The new EE Stage is coming in soon, so my APCD will be here
on Monday for site selection. I am also having Medical come to my
village for a site visit on Monday. Wow; there will be a lot of PC
Admin in my village that day. I have almost been here a year now and
wow how time flies.

During IST we did a lot of language and technical training. My French
is improving as my English fails me. I finally bought a cell phone only
to have it gone with in 1 hour!!! Never even had the chance to use it.
I have become so sick of playing phone tag with anyone or everyone over
here. You can use SMS text messaging to send messages back and forth.
I will most likely buy a new one soon.

Well hope to write more later. I told my APCD that I do not do enough
work and now I have found myself involved with quite a few new tasks.

Take care,

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