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Game moi tu 10_3 den 27_3_2001  Phuong Nam Computer
 Mar 30, 2001 09:45 PST 

Gia 15.000VND /1CD hop + hinh bia dep + tui xop thoi trang, CD Dai Loan mat
vang.Chat luong tot.
Mo cua tu 8h->20h, chu nhat co mo cua den 18h

* Cac ban muon nhan duoc thong tin ve cac CD game, software moi qua email
ha~y tham gia Group newcd cua Phuong Nam bang cach goi mot thu trong (blank
letter) den dia chi email: newcd-su-@topica.com

Phuong Nam Computer 110A Nguyen Chi Thanh P3 Q10 HCM Tel: 8390603
Http://phuongnam.8m.com or Http://members.tlnet.com.vn/~phuongnamcom
Email: phuong-@hcm.vnn.vn

Jagged Alliance 2 (Biet kich giong Commandos)
Gunman Chronicles(ban giong Counter Strike)
Duke nukem 3D (Shooter nhu Halflife)
Three King Dom
Tam quoc chi (tieng Anh)
Motocross Mania
Jazz Jackrabbit 2
Game collection 17-2001
Game collection 5-2001
EL Dorado
Blaze and Blade
NBA 2001 live

---Chu y sap toi co nhieu game moi ve---

---Cac game truoc day---->

Requiem - Advenging Angel - 3DO
Project IGI: I'm Going In (PC) Sneak around first, shoot later.
Live or Dead - game dan tran
Luftwaffe Commander - game may bay the chien 2
BUST - A - MOVE 4 - game cho tre em
V-RALLY 2 - Dua xe
Wizard & warrior
Sim Coaster - xay cong vien
Counter Strike Single 1.0 (choi may don)
Soldier - chien binh vu tru

Chu y: Hien co 2 bots moi tuong thich voi Counter 1.0 co the choi single, va
mot so trainer game moi, ban nao thich cu dem FDD den PN copy ve free.

Chicken Run
Battle ISLE (the Andosia war)
Mummy (Xac uop ai cap) for PC
Mummy (Xac uop ai cap) for Playstation
Kingdom Under Fire 2CD (game hay)
102 Dalmatians (102 con cho dom)
No Escape
Resident Evil 3 for PC
Giants Citizen Kabuto
Oni (game hay)
PAC-MAN Adventure in Time

10 game chinese moi:
Chinese game moi: 10 cd (GCH01->GCH10:The fuse, Shogo chinese, People's
general, Darius gaiden, Layer section,samurai spirit II,Road to the final
victory 3, Tahl...:dan tran, danh vo 3D,Chien luoc, may bay, phi thuyen,di
canh ...   )

Business Tycoon
No one lives forever - giong Half-life
MS Entertainment Pack
Heroes chronicles: Master of the Elements (Heroes IV cd 3) - Heroes of might
and magic game
Heroes chronicles: Clash of the Dragons (Heroes IV cd 3) - Heroes of might
and magic game
Squad Leader giong commandos
Call to Power 2   xay dung, chien luoc

VUA TRO CHOI (choi bang Bleem-game theo truyen tranh Vua tro choi)
Mech Warrior 4 - 2CDs
Hitman codename 47 Eidos: dang giong Tomb
ZEUS - Master of Olympus - game hay
Real MYST - The Adventure Becomes Real

HEROES CHRONICLES (Heroes 4): Conquest of the Underworld
HEROES CHRONICLES (Heroes 4): Warlord of the Wasteland
Delta Force 3: Land Warrior (biet kich 3D)
Sudden Strike 2CD (giong Commandos, quan so dong, game hay)
Tomb raider chronicles (Tomb 5) ban chay HDD
Sacrifice (dang RPG giong Diablo 2)
Starship Trooper (game hanh dong, 3D hinh to, dieu khien ca tieu doi giong
Specops 2)
Midtown Madness 2 (dua xe trong thanh pho)
Escape the Monkey Island (game tim toi, suy nghi, phieu luu)

Halflife: Counter Strike 1.0 ban chinh thuc (moi hon ban 7.1)
Red Alert 2 full 2CD
FiFA 2001 full CD
Championship Manager season 2000/2001-Eidos
Close Combat Invasion Normandy

FIFA 2001 - EA sports (play on HDD)
Super bike 2001 - EA sports

Red Alert 2 (game chien luoc hay cua Westwood - play on HDD)
Dino Crisis (full CD ban tieng Anh)-Capcom
Metal Gear Solid (game hay noi tieng-Konami)

Carmargeddon TDR 2000
Time Machine (game adventures)
Road wars (dua xe ban sung)
Re - volt (dua xe dieu khien tu xa)
Search and Rescue 2

Black OPS
Tam quoc chi VII (game chien luoc - tieng Hoa)
3D POOL - Danh Billard
3D Untra PINBALL Creep Night - Sierra
Steel Beats (xe tang chien dau)
Broken land (choi dang Silver, Diablo)
Roller Coaster Tycoon Loopy Landscapes
Baldur's Gate II : Shadows of Amn

Crimson Skies - may bay chien dau
Reach for Stars - chien luoc
FA Football manager 2001 (EA sport)- quan ly doi bong
Battleship : Surface Thunder
Homeworld: CATACLYSM
Odyssey the search for Ulysses - 2CDs
Madden 2001 (EA sport) - bong bau duc
Bundesliga Stars 2001 (EA sport) - da banh
FA Stars 2001 (EA sport) - da banh
Submarine Titans full CD
Need for Speed Porsche 2000
Vu khi moi cho Counter Strike
Counter Strike Models: cac nhan vat va sung moi(co ca nhan vat nu,vit...)
Asterix & Obelix : Take on CEASAR (infogrames)
COUNTER STRIKE 7.1 multiplayer
COUNTER STRIKE SINGLE PLAY 7.1 (choi may don - co kem huong dan choi trong
Sydney 2000 ban crack chay HDD
Cleopatra Queen of the Nile (ban cai doc lap khong can Pharaoh cu~)
The Sim: Livin Large expasion
Warlords Battlecry - game dan tran
Heavy Metal FAKK 2 - game hay dang chu y
Combat mision beyond overlord
Grandprix 3 (dua xe F1)
Pajama Sam (game tre em tu 3-8 tuoi)
Heroes III: 3 in 1 (heroes III, heroes III amagadon balde, heroes III
shadow of death
Age of Empires II: The Conquerors Expansion ban be khoa khong can AOE 2 cu~
Bike freetyle extreme - dua xe dap
Jetboard - dua mo to nuoc
Dino Crisis ban tieng Anh (English) - ban chay tren HDD, no CD
Olympic Sydney 2000
Beach Head 2000 (ban chien dau o bo bien: xe tang, tau, may bay)
Kawasaki - ATV - game dua xe
The Sim ban crack chay tren HDD: kem nhieu object moi.
Counter Strike single player choi may don
Comanche Vs KA52 Hokum
ChessMaster 7000: co vua 2CD
Game collection 87 game cu~: Tay du ky, mario, cotuong, battle chess, co
vua, poker, touch, boi tuvi,line 98,DAT BOM, PRInce 2, xep hinh, vitual cop
Pharaoh expasion: Cleopatra Queen of the Nile
Counter Strike beta 7.0
Counter life & Jumbot
Team fortress 1.5
Age of Empires II: The Conquerors Expansion (phai co CD AOE 2)
Tomb raider collection(tomb raider 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 ban crack chay HDD)
Longest Journey - phieu luu tim duong giong Resident, Grimfatango,Dark Earth
Diablo 2 ban crack chay tren HDD
Chess Master 7000 full 02CDs - The world's Best Selling Chess Program
NEED FOR SPEED Collection 4 in 1 (gom: NFS2: Special Edition, NFS 3: Hot
Pursuit, NFS4: High Stakes (c), NFS5: Porsche 2000 Unleashed)
Deus EX full 1CD
Ice Wind Dale full 2CD
Earth 2150 full 2CD
Earth 2150 ban chay HDD
Vampire the masquerade full CD
Vampire the masquerade ban chay HDD
Dark Reign 2 full 1CD
Dark Reign 2 ban chay HDD
Submarin Titans ban chay HDD-game dan tran giong y StarCraft..
Rainbow Six - Korean mission pack ban HDD (can co ban Rogue spear full)
Metal Fatigue ban chay HDD (game dan tran nguoi may)
Shogun total war ban crack chay tren HDD
Aste'rix & Obe'lix full CD(Infogrames)
Best games vol 7(Driver,Interstate82,Soulraver)
Best games vol 6(Age of wonder,Abormination,grand thief auto
Shogun total war 2CD - dan tran
Ground control
Sim City 3000 unlimited
Dino Crisis Japanese version on PC
Pokemon Project studio Blue version
Pokemon Project studio Red version
Counter Strike 6.6
Sim City 3000 unlimited
Dino Crisis Japanese version on PC
Diablo II full 3CD Blizzard - RPG
1602 A.D. cua GT interactive
Disney's the Hunchback of Notre Dame-5 Festive games:3 con ma ....game vua
hoc vua choi cho tre em
Art of War Century Warware
Panzer Campaigns Normandy '44
Motocross Madness 2
Visual Flight desiner 2000 for Flight simulator 2000
Pokemon moi Gotta Make'em all - game vua hoc vua choi cho tre em
Beetie - dua xe vui nhon cua Infogrames
UEFA Manager 2000 - game quan ly doi bong Infogames ban chay HDD
Euro 2000   ban chay HDD
Hazard   - choi giong Silver, Akuma
Shadow Watch
Bugs Bunny - game cho tre em
Pokemon - game cho tre em
Armymen : World War cua 3DO
Lemmings revolution ban chay HDD
BodyBoarding   ban chay HDD
UEFA manager 2000   crack chay HDD
Euro 2000 (EA Sport UEFA) FULL cd
Euro 2000 (EA Sport UEFA) BAN CHAY HDD
StarCraft Gundam Century
Counter Strike 6.1
SHOOT OUT - Ban sung dong tam
TigerWood PGA Tour 2CD (danh golf)
Jack Nickclau's 6        (danh golf)
Babie Sport (super sport: skiing,...)
Silkolene Honda motocross GP-dua moto
Replica (dan tran giong Stacraft, Mayday)
Emerzone - Das dunkle Vermachtnis
12 O'Clock High - Bombing the Reich
The Dragon Slayer ASGHAN
MORTYR - 2093 -1944
BOMBERMAN - Tro choi tha bom (1CD)
Gunship (truc thang chien dau)
StarLancer (chien dau khong gian)
Psychic force 2012 ( game tieng hoa)
Startrek Armada
Majesty   (game dan tran)    ban chay HDD
Player Manager 2000 (quan ly doi bong )        ban chay HDD
UEFA Championship 2000 (quan ly doi bong ) (Eidos)       ban chay HDD
Euro league football 2000   (da banh)              ban chay HDD
Testdrive 6 (dua xe hoi Infogames) full CD
Nascar 2000 full CD   (EA sport)
F1-2000 (EA sport )           ban chay HDD
Co vay (game tieng hoa)
Championship manager 2000
INVICTUS - In the shadow of Olympus - 2 CDs
DISCLIPLES - Sacredlands (dan tran)
Lego Rockraider
Flight Unlimited III   3CD
Earth Worms Jim 3D
International Football 2000
Card Game 2000
WallStreet Trader 2000 (kinh doanh thi truong chung khoan ao)
Die Hard trilogy 2
Alien Nations (game dan tran)
-RACE ACROSS AMERICA - Motor Cycles Harley Davidson
-Need for Speed: Porsche Unleashed
-Heroes 3: The Shadow of Death
-Rainbow Six Rogue Spear Urban Mission Pack.
-Soldier of Fortune
-Force Commander
-Harley division
-Horse Racing
-Casino 2000 - 50 casino-style game and slot variations
-AKUMA - Demon Spawn
-Shadow Company - Left for dead
-PANZER GENERAL 3D Assault full
-Axis & Allies : iron blitz
-Flight simulator 2000 professional
-Odium:   N def hate coupled with disgust
-Warcraft II: battle net edition
-Might and Magic VIII 2CD
-Wild Wild WEST-the steel Assassin: gun-slinging action adventure game
-Haflife: Counter Strike
-Counter Strike
-Tomb Raider: Lost Artifact
-Army men: Air Tactics
-NoX (this in all action) Westwood
-Command Conquer Tiberian Sun: FireStorm expansion pack
-Le Mans 24 Hours - (dua xe hoi) Infogames full
-The Sims (the gioi nguoi ti hon) mo phong doi song con nguoi
-Panzer General 3D - ban chay HDD
-CARNIVORES 2 (Wizard Word) - San khung long
-Le Mans 24 Hours - (dua xe hoi) Infogames full
-EMPIRE - Napoleon 1813 - Game chien tranh
-Cuttroats   terror on the high sea (dan tran)
-King of Games '99 vol. 8,9,10,13,14 (Bo game nen moi nhat, nhieu game moi
nam 99 trong 1 CD)
-Best game 2000 vol 5(Fifa 2000, AOE 2, Vegas game 2000, Gulf war, Rogue
spear, Star wars rogue squadron 3D)
-The Guardian of Darkness
-Hidden & Dangerous: Fighting for Freedom
-Battle Zone 2 - Best game of Year 1999
-HomeWorld   full
-Toy story 2   full
-F/A 18   simulator Jane
-Man of WAR 2
-The Operation ART of War II
-The Dragon Slayer ASGHAN (dang giong King quest, Drakan)
-Mig- Alley (may bay chien dau)
-TZar (dan tran hinh anh cuc dep)
-Final Fantasy VIII for PC 5CD
-Millenium vol 4(F/A 18, Odium, Rally 2000, Panzer general 3D,Soccer)
-Best war game 2000(Kosovo, wargame of gear, west font)
-Planscape Torment 4CD
-Nocturne 2CD   bat ma ca rong
-Halflife Opposing Force full
* Dat Biet 4 CD Game tieng Hoa: the loai dan tran xua: Tam Quoc Chi- Phong
Than- Thoi Dai Hang Hai 4- Rivals Realm
- Nascar Racing 3
- Rays man 2
- The WHEEL of TIME - Full 2CDs
- CRUSANDERS of Might & Magic
- Quake III
- Urban Chao’s
- Toy story 2
- Resident 3 (PLAYSTION Choi bang Bleem 1.5)
- Slave Zero full
- Flanker 2.0 full
- Armymen : toy in space full
- Creature 3
- Close Combat 4 full
- Ages of Wonder full giong Heroes 3
- NBA LIVE 2000
- Alien VS Predator
- Samurai
- Swat 3 full
- Armor First 3 full
- Spec Ops 2: Green Beret full
- Sim Theme Park
- Hype
- Code Name Eagle
- HomeWorld: Games giong Desent Freespace
- PharaoH giong Ceasar 3
- Tomb raider 4 Last revenlation
- Expert Pool (billard)
- Septerra Core: Legacy of the Creator full CD
- SpecOps 2 -Gabriel Knight 3 full -Indiana Jones: Infernal Machine full -
Ulreal Tournament full
- Revenant cinematix 2CD full
- Abortmination fulll (giong commandos)
- Grand theft auto 2 full CD : game di trom xe, dau sung canh sat quyet liet
(hinh anh cuc dep)
- Interstate 82 (best game): Neu ai da tung choi Interstate 72 thi ban se me
tro nay den khiep.
- Gangsters Gold : Phan tiep theo cua Gangster
- JAGGED ALLIANCE - Full 2CDs - Choi tuong tu nhu COMMANDOS
- Gromada
- Soul Reaver full (best games): Cuoc phieu luu cua Nguoi doi lop ruoi noi
tieng cua Edios
- Omikron full , Revenant full , Drakan, Tomb raider 4: Last Revelation
- Delta Force 2 full
- Pharaoh (giong Caesar)   full
- Driver full (best of game): ban se dong vai tai xe lai xe cho bon gangster
(ban se tro tai lang lach, dua voi police de hoan thanh mission trong thoi
gian cho phep), hinh anh dep hon ca need for speed.
- Omikron (best game) (da~ co'): game adventure-ole playing noi tieng Nhat
- Drakan full (bestgame)(da~ co'): Ban se cuoi mot con rong trong giong nhu
mot anh hung thoi xua, game duoc   coi la tuyet chieu.(hinh anh rat dac
biet )
* FINAL FANTASY VIII 4CD English (PLAYSTION Choi bang Bleem 1.5)
* Fifa 2000 full CD (no copy protection)
- Heroes 3 Expansion Armageddon Blade (no protect) full movie
- OUTCAST (3D Action Adventure)
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