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List Name Paganism & Philosophy (P&P)
Purpose: This list is a forum for the discussion of the underexplored territory between philosophy, theology and modern Paganism. To join, you do not have to be Pagan as such, but must at least believe that Pagan thought has something of worth to give you, and you have something to give it. For the moment, the list is moderated to ensure that the discussion stays on-topic - don't worry, I hope not to use this - it's simply that there already exist a wealth of excellent Pagan general chat groups and I don't wish duplicate the work of others by starting another one. I would like to foster an interdisciplinary approach, and material from anthropology, archeology, linguistics, other faiths, literature, art, music, history, psychology, science, etc, etc, etc is positively encouraged. Off-topic "chat" threads keep a list a friendly, happy place to be, but on a list like this they shouldn't eclipse the on-topic ones.
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Created: Aug 22, 2000
Owner: Dave Cochran
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