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List Name Poppet (Poppet)
Purpose: Poppet is for adult dollmakers (21+). We are a discussion/swap group who like to make, talk about, and sometimes swap cloth dolls. Due to no prior design we are a rather mystical doll list, united by our love of mythology,insanity, wicca, folklore, insanity, Harry Potter, Terry Pratchett, unicorns, unicorns, dragons, insanity, mysticism, did I mention: insanity?
While dolls are the glue that holds us together, the fabric of our group is made of up everything, in the world, because everything in the world effects the dolls that we make. We offer friendship, someone to talk to, an ideas exchange (sometimes on dolls; sometimes not). We swap dolls and ideas. We share a little of ourselves; help one another; take each other by the hand, and help us climb and grow, and people and as dollmakers.
   We are not hard core. Our lives, and this list do not revole around dolls as the centre of the universe. Our dolls and our lives show us the universe which revolves around us.
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Created: Jan 31, 2001
Owner: Alixandra Jordan
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Categories: Arts  |  Crafts  |  Dollmaking

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