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List Name Kent Roosevelt Alumni (KentRHS)
Purpose: This is an email list for the students (current and former), teachers (current and former), staff (current and former), and alumni of Theodore Roosevelt High School, Kent Ohio.

I graduated from RHS in 1986, and have since found myself wondering what has become of my former classmates and teachers. I am sure I am not the only one.

I realize that I am looking for a needle in a haystack, even with the help of cyberspace, and I don't expect this list to grow rapidly, at least not at first. Be patient, and if you know of a former Roosevelt-ian :) who is connected to the 'net, please pass along the info that this list exists! 'Word of mouth' is probably going to be one of the ways this list will grow.

What constitutes a topic for the list? Anything we wish to talk about, but especially news of classmates, news about the school, announcements of reunions, memories and stories of our time at Roosevelt, links to personal webpages of Rooseveltians, etc. In short, anything concerning the school or the people who attended it. If I get enough people joining, I will make a website with links and news.

Rules: No profanity. No topics or links unsuitable for minors. No spam. Any and all such postings will be removed from the archives and the user will be either be warned or banned, depending on the nature of the offense. I hope I never have to use the moderator abilities!

Rebecca (Bekka) Fildes (class of 1986)
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Created: Jul 07, 2000
Owner: Rebecca Fildes
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