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Seeking "lost" shareholders  Rhodesians Worldwide
 Aug 15, 2012 23:47 PDT 

Message from Rob Burrett - ks-@khami.co.zw

We are looking for the following missing shareholders from multiple

Given the time lapse it is contact with their heirs (children and

The people and companies listed below were Rhodesian residents who
bought shares in the 1960s and we are trying to track them down to tidy
up their books.

There are dividends to payout and the companies are interested in buying
back the shares. This could mean a tidy sum for some of these people.

Should anyone be able to direct us to relevant contacts please do email

Rob Burrett

Updated Shareholders List August 2012

1. Arderne Philip Valentine
2. Arland, Anna Eisa. Salisbury.
3. Associated Zimbabwean & London Investment Company.
4. Barber, ME (Mrs)
5. Barker, Harold Walter. Marandellas.
6. Bavin, Eric John and Muriel Mabel. Bulawayo.
7. Becley, SA (Mrs). Salisbury.
8. Bentley, Rupert.
9. Blewett, Stanley John. Marandellas.
10. Bradley, Aundley Isabel. Salisbury.
11. Bralsford Wilma Kathleen
12. Cameron, James Galloway Ross. Salisbury.
13. Chakumanda, Simfukwe Willy. Salisbury.
14. Cara, Rachel Rubina
15. Chidzoba, Vimbayi. Kadoma.
16. Clinskel, Kathleen Annie. Bulawayo.
17. Conway, Marion.
18. Crossley Jack Dr
19. Cumings, Charles Cecil George
20. Curr, Hugh Gordon
21. Barks, Alwyn Lois (Ms). Salisbury.
22. Dempster, SGE (Mrs)
23. Dixon, John. Salisbury.
24. Dornhurst, Herbert William.
25. Engelbrecht, Pamela. Chipinge.
26. Farmer, Winfield Edna. Salisbury.
27. First Nominees Pvt Ltd.
28. Ford, HT. Salisbury.
29. Godfrey, TW. Bulawayo.
30. Goedst Louis
31. Goldemberg, Hers Meir. Salisbury.
32. Gowar Neville William
33. Gyde, WJ.
34. Hassan, AS. Salisbury.
35. Henderson, Phillipa
36. Hicklin, GP. Bulawayo.
37. Hind, HR. Bulawayo.
38. Higgins Dorothy.
39. Hillstrom Fredrick Napoleon
40. Hunt, A. Umtali.
41. Jackson William George.
42. Jones, Arthur Harold. Salisbury.
43. Jones, Harry John.
44. Kalshekar, HHB. Bulawayo.
45. Kay, CE (Ms) Bulawayo.
46. Kingsley, HG. Bulawayo.
47. Lambe, Mary Elizabeth. Bulawayo.
48. Lawson, Violet Mary (Ms). Salisbury.
49. Low, MH (Ms). Salisbury.
50. Lynch, EG. Salisbury (possibly Gatoma)
51. Manojkumar, Jivan. Salisbury.
52. Marasey Pvt Ltd
53. May, FM. Salisbury.
54. May, George Edward. Salisbury.
55. McArthur, JG (Ms). Salisbury.
56. McGrath, MA (Ms). Umtali.
57. McLennan, George Ballantine
58. Meca, Gillian Merle
59. Millis or Mills, AT. Bulawayo.
60. More, ES (Ms). Salisbury.
61. Morrison, JI. Bulawayo.
62. Norton, Russ. Salisbury.
63. Owen, Lester James Graham. Bindura. OR is it Graham, OLJ.
64. Owen, PG (Mrs)
65. Pike, R (Ms). Salisbury.
66. Plant, Ernest E, Salisbury.
67. Randall John Franklin
68. Randall Richard James
69. Rowanberry Estates (Pvt.) Ltd. Umtali.
70. Reileen, L. Umtali.
71. Ridaar, J Ridgey. Salisbury.
72. Rollenberg, R; Grossberg, M; & Murry, EA. Bulawayo.
73. Ronsseack, HJ (Prof). Salisbury.
74. Ross, R. Salisbury.
75. Roylay Company Pvt Ltd.
76. Saunder, ML or Saunders (Ms). Salisbury.
77. Scott, FF. Salisbury.
78. Smith, Frank. Salisbury.
79. Smith, DP (Ms). Salisbury.
80. Smith, Irene (Mrs). Salisbury.
81. Stern Herta Mrs
82. Surgey, Neil Kinloch
83. Taylor, Mary Constance
84. Tear, Frederick Lawrence & Marion Maude (Mrs)
85. Tennant, Robert Allan
86. Thomas, Barry Gordon. Salisbury.
87. Thomson, Charles William. Bulawayo.
88. Thorne, E (Ms). Salisbury.
89. Thornton, GE & CM (Mrs). Salisbury.
90. Thornton, HB. Salisbury.
91. Trust Nominees (Pvt) Ltd. Salisbury.
92. Tuwie Maurice
93. Wallman, ES. Bulawayo.
94. Webby, AA (Ms). Bulawayo.
95. Wilson, John Robert Hawkins. Arcturus and Umtali.
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