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Re: Welcome to RankedPairs  Bram Cohen
 Nov 16, 2000 20:53 PST 
On Thu, 16 Nov 2000, Mark Latham wrote:

 I don't expect to contribute much to this list, since it's just a
side-interest for me.

I suspect that's true for most of us.

 I have proposed a new mechanism where shareowners would vote to choose
one independent agency among several competitors, separate from the
board, to protect their interests. Details are at

Hooray! Kick the inbred overpaid losers out!

 didn't dig into the details until this presidential election, which
prompted me to learn more. Found Blake's site
(http://www.fortunecity.com/meltingpot/harrow/124/path/index.html) via
Google search for "Arrow theorem".

I found it after the elections via google search for "condorcet winner" :)

 It's quite plausible that in my district, the #3 vote-getter would be
a Condorcet winner. We'll never know.

Would you believe we live in the same district?

Interestingly, the person who I voted for came in second.

My interest in voting systems is mostly one of enjoying the technical
problem of making systems which aren't gameable, but I also like how they
can potentially promote corporate efficiency, democracy, and all that

I'm an open source hacker by trade, coding mostly in Python, which I note
is the language listed for vote.sourceforge.net, even though there isn't
any code checked in. My recent work has been on Mojo Nation, which you can
read more about on www.mojonation.net

-Bram Cohen
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