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List Name People's Summit Mobilization Planning (S8-Mob)
The People's Summit:
Making the United Nations accountable to the peoples of the world.

On September 6-8, 2000, the United Nations will host the largest gathering of heads of state in history to set the agenda for the world for the new millennium. Political and corporate leaders will consider the ratification of over 500 treaties that declare the need for economic, social, political, and cultural human rights for all peoples. However, the hierarchical structure and openness to corporate influence of the UN, make it an impossible place for the will of the people to be implemented and renders it a forum for impotent rhetoric.

The UN Charter opens with the words We, the People. The theme of the UN Millennium Summit is We the Peoples: The Role of the United Nations in the 21st Century. To lend this some credit, We, the People, will converge for a People's Summit in the streets of New York City on Sept 8th in recognition of this historic concentration of power and of the deepening crises of poverty, racism, armed conflict, ecological devastation, human rights abuses, exploitative labor, cultural dissolution, the further impoverishment of the peoples of the global South, and the eroding democracy caused or exacerbated by corporate globalization and the corporate agenda of the IMF, World Bank, and WTO.

Our message is that a radically different system is needed.

The goal of the Millennium Summit of World Leaders must be to democratize political structures and the international economy to have any hope of elevating the quality of life of all the world's people.

S8 Mobilization is a coalition of international organizations working to mobilize a massive people's presence at the Millennium Summit to reclaim the United Nations for all and to advance a people's agenda for the 21st century. S8 Mobilization supports the founding mission of the United Nations to end war by fostering peace and true security through solidarity and we hold this mission as our own. We must not allow the corporate takeover of the United Nations, its adoption of the goals of the multinational private sector, or the continued subversion of its efforts by the United States. We must demand a truly democratic United Nations that works for people and the planet -- not free trade and corporate profit.

Join us to tell the "leaders" of the world what real global human development is. On September 8th, bring your ideas of what democracy really looks like to the streets of New York City for a day of protest, direct action and international celebration. Just as on the streets of Seattle, DC, Philly and LA, the voices of the people will be heard in New York and will not be silenced until real change comes.

Our mobilization needs your support.
Our meetings are: Tuesdays at 6pm at The Church Center for the UN.
777 UN Plaza, 44th Street (between 1st and 2nd Avenues); 7th Floor

Financial contributions can be made to ____.
If your organization would like to endorse this call, please email us at S8-Mob@onebox.com, or call our voicemail at (212) 894-3761 x1207 and leave a message telling us what organization is endorsing the call and leave contact info. Also, if you would like to be an integral part of the planning for this historic event, please join our listserv by sending a blank email to S8-Mob-subscribe@topica.com

Our Current List of Endorsers are: 50 Years is Enough; Jubilee 2000 Global South; Corporate Watch; Program on Corporations, Law, and Democracy; Economic Justice for Africa Now; the Free Burma Coalition and the Coalition for Dignity & Amnesty for Undocumented Immigrants.
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