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+812% From 2000-2002 During the Worst Bear Market Since the 1930's  MakiaTech
 May 18, 2004 05:33 PDT 

Hi everyone,

On occasion, I come across something on the Internet worth mentioning. Recently, I reviewed a very unique stock trading
advisory called "SpiderTrade Alert" that offers real-time trade alerts.


What makes them unique? The fact that they can actually make you money. That's pretty rare these days.

I've been following their short-term trades for the past month, and I must say - they've been getting excellent results.
It's really hard to impress me these days, as I've heard all the hype before. However, this site is a refreshing change.
In fact, they've made me rethink some of my own trading philosophies. Imagine that.

OK, I'm not going to ramble on and give you a long review here. I believe actions speak louder than words, so you should
just try them out and see what I mean. Here are some details:

- Buy and sell alerts sent via email or text pager. The alerts are very simple to follow. When they say buy, you buy.
When they say sell, you sell.

- Trades last 1-5 days, and the minimum gain they look for is 10%. This is not trading in and out of stocks for a half point.

- They don't mess around with losing positions. If it's a loser, it's cut fast. It's like I always say, preserving your
capital will let you trade another day. I love their discipline.

- They've posted profits in both bull and bear markets since 1998. Their track record is second to none as far as
I'm concerned.

I'm telling only the readers of this newsletter about the SpiderTrade Alert service. They have a 1000 member limit,
so you better take advantage of their free 30-day trial while you can.

Click on the link below for more info:


Like I said, this is one of the few financial sites out there that's worth a look. If you listened to these guys in 2000,
you probably would have cashed out near the top, and then made money as the market fell. Their "Smart Money" indicator
gives them great insight to what the pros are going to do next- fantastic.

Until next time,

Kenn Simons
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