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 Oct 08, 2002 23:54 PDT 

James Roger Brown

“Before throwing a wildcat in to clear out a shed full of rattlesnakes,
consider the possibility that they might decide you are their common
enemy and might come to some understanding regarding your future.”
(Bubba Ramdas, revered and venerated Guru and Prophet from Southern


I was not born in a log cabin my Father built, but I remember relatives
who lived in one when I was a child. I entered this world in Ashland,
Kentucky, February 23, 1948. Ashland is in northern Kentucky near where
the Ohio and West Virginia borders meet. The area is one County east of
the western boundary of Kentucky’s Appalachia area. I occasionally tell
people my ancestors survived on rocks.
Although I remember nothing about it, I am informed we moved near
Marengo, Ohio, when I was six months old. My Father obtained employment
at the Defense Supply Depot in Marion, Ohio. My subsequent memories of
Kentucky were formed on the two to three weekends each month we visited
relatives in Boyd and Greenup Counties. My Mother was always proud that
writer Jesse Stuart was Principal of the School she attended as a child.
One important element of my Kentucky heritage was the sharpshooter’s
gene. I will resist the urge to give examples. That would be bragging.
As you probably know, Kentuckians are a modest people.
In 1961, my Father was transferred from Ohio to Memphis, Tennessee.
The entire family experienced culture shock at seeing the reality of
segregation in the South. We were all raised to treat people equally
and fairly. Most traumatic was the experience of not being able to do
anything about it. Having a Northern accent, when civil rights changes
were enforced by the Federal Government, I was considered a Yankee
Bastard in high school and treated as if I were personally responsible
for the forced civil rights changes. I was once told that I was the
leading nominee for a company award that was given to another person
because the committee “wanted to give it to a local boy.” At some
point, I realized that a significant part of the Southern white
population was still fighting the Civil War.


My life was probably within normal parameters (although there may be
other opinions on that) until an incident that occurred in basic
training at Fort Polk, Louisiana, in 1971. I and another member of the
Company were called out of morning formation and sent to the post
theater. A group of men in civilian suits told us we had been selected
for consideration to become White House switchboard operators because we
had college degrees and no criminal records. They proceeded to tell us
that we would receive maximum pay allowed for rank, be allowed to live
in civilian quarters, and wear civilian clothes. At the end of this
presentation, the man speaking said we would take a break. If we wanted
to know what this was really all about we would return from the break
and sign a security agreement. If we did not want to know, we should
return to our unit.
Not trusting Richard Nixon for anything, I returned to the Company.
When I went to the Sergeant to sign in, he said in a tone that raised
the hackles on the back of my neck, “So, you decided not to go to
Washington, huh?” That is where my life went into the Twilight Zone.
After this point, I learned that people about evil business do not like
to be told “no.” This incident was the first step on the path to where
I am today. It is directly responsible for my choice to write a Masters
Thesis on World War II intelligence operations, and my subsequent
identification of the social determinants of success and failure in
intelligence operations and war. From this basic research and a
personal goal to turn sociology into a real science, I developed a
holographic paradigm theory that allowed social processes to be
described mathematically. The critical insight that allowed the
application of mathematics was identification of the natural unit the
central nervous system uses to construct and organize itself for
processing sensory input. The theory, and derived methodology, are the
proprietary trade secret foundation for the services I provide through
my privately owned business, THE SOCIOLOGY CENTER.
The theory ultimately replaced my political ideology (Democrat) and
will serve as a basis for the “political” opinions that will appear in
this column. It is possible to state the requirements for a stable
civilization and the minimum abilities for contributing participants in
a stable civilization. These will be the standards used in taking
positions on issues and analyzing political problems.
Despite being raised a Methodist who attended church weekly, my current
religious understanding springs from twenty-four years of research on
the social consequences of intelligence operations and the physics of
consciousness component of the holographic paradigm theory I developed
and continue to elaborate, including the physics of what is commonly
referred to as the mind-body connection. I am currently a participating
member of a Baptist Church.
From the intelligence research, I explicitly know that there is an
ongoing war between good and evil. There are people who commit evil
deeds for the selfish benefits they derive and there are people who
knowingly commit to and work for Satan, just as people seek a
relationship with God and seek to do his will as best they understand.
The intelligence world is like the desert, both are populated with
saints, madmen and malevolent spirits.
My best skills are in teaching and certain crafts of warfare. I would
rather be teaching, but that career was ended by someone attempting to
permanently remove me from this world as part of the assault on men in
particular and civilization in general. Now I fight in the war for
quality human survival and the maintenance of a sustainable
civilization. Based upon what I have learned in the past twenty-four
years, that is what is at stake.

© Copyright October 8, 2002, by James Roger Brown. All rights reserved.
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