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 Nov 27, 2002 10:28 PST 

                     James Roger Brown

“In fighting evil, the truth is our most potent weapon. Distorting or
suppressing the truth doesn't change it. Demonizing someone whose truth
differs from yours whether he's a Palestinian or a fellow Jew -- doesn't
change it either. I don't pretend to have the whole truth. It has been
suppressed and isn't easy to come by. Nevertheless an outline is
emerging.” (Henry Makow, PhD, “‘The hell with you,’ he said - Reply To
An Israeli Friend” September 11, 2002,

Among the conundrums in the book of Revelations, I find one in
particular fascinating. It is the intriguing sociological concept that
the entire World, warned by prophecy it would be misled by “the Beast”
falsely claiming to represent God, would still be misled despite the
warning. How could such a bizarre situation happen in the real world?
What possible sequence of events could produce these circumstances?

As it turns out, such circumstances and events exist at the very core of
current world events. We are aided in understanding this by the fact
that the symbolism of wearing the mark of “the Beast” upon the forehead
and the hand are perhaps the easiest of all the symbolism in Revelations
to puzzle out. The “mark upon the forehead” is a euphemism for
accepting the ideas of “the Beast” and the mark upon the hand is a
euphemism for doing the work of “the Beast.”

One of the embedded ironies is that literalists who are looking for an
actual mark on the forehead and hand will be the easiest “marks” for
“the Beast” to con into being foot soldiers. It goes right over the
heads of literalists that if it were really that easy, more than the
144,000 referred to in Revelations would figure it out. Literalists
also do not seem discomforted by the fact the total number of people
looking for a literal mark is substantially greater than 144,000 in the
US alone. (Hello! What is wrong with this picture?)

When one understands what current events may fit this description, the
144,000 figure suddenly makes sense, allowing that the number is or may
be symbolic of a small portion of the world population with specific
characteristics in common. It would be the height of irony if
unquestioning Christian supporters of Israel (the ones organizing the
upcoming nationwide pro-Israeli rallies) missed the “mark” symbolism and
literally ended up as servants of the very “Beast” they were attempting
to identify.

It turns out there are two sets of books on “Jewish” ancestry. The two
books belong to the Sephardic and Ashkenazi “Jews.” There is an
important distinction between the two. For Sephardics, “Jew” is a
religious status. Jewish problems are the product of a failure to
adhere to any of their contracts with God. The solution to Jewish
problems will be found in compliance with the will of God. Solutions
are wrought by the hand of God, not man. Sephardics are from the Middle
East and their lineage is described in all those “begats”in the Old
Testament Books of the Christian Bible.

For Ashkenazi, “Jew” is a political status. All Jewish problems are
political and so are the solutions. Solutions are wrought by the hand
of man. Jewish scholars first identified and distinguished Sephardic
and Ashkenazi. Some scholars refer to the Ashkenazi as the 13th Tribe.
There is ongoing controversy about exactly how genetically distinct the
Ashkenazi are from the Sephardic, but the source of Ashkenazi political
ideology can be identified and transformations tracked through European,
Middle Eastern and American history. There is even a recent personal
account of the Ashkenazi-Sephardic social conflict in Israel, “The Life
of an American Jew in Racist-Marxist Israel” by Jack Bernstein written
in 1989: http://www.worldnewsstand.net/history/Zionist.htm.    

The march of the Ashkenazi began with a purely political act in 861 A.D.
The Khazar King Bulan faced a political and economic dilemma. His
Kingdom was located between the Christian and Muslim worlds who both
refused to trade directly with the other. King Bulan wanted to switch
to a religion other than animism for his kingdom. A debate was held
among representatives of Christianity, Islam and Judaism. However, if
Christianity was chosen, the Islamic trade would be lost. If Islam were
chosen, the Christian trade would be lost. What is a King to do?   

“King Bulan adopted Judaism in 861, after holding a debate between
representatives of the Jewish, Christian, and Muslim faiths. The Khazar
nobility and many of the common people also became Jews. King Obadiah
later established synagogues and Jewish schools in Khazaria. Mishnah,
Talmud, and Torah thus became important to Khazars. By the 10th century,
the Khazars wrote using Hebrew-Aramaic letters. The major Khazar Jewish
documents from that period are in Hebrew. The Ukrainian professor
Omeljan Pritsak estimated that there were as many as 30,000 Jews in
Khazaria by the 10th century.” (AN INTRODUCTION TO THE HISTORY OF
KHAZARIA, Kevin Alan Brook, 1996; Revised, August 2002.

After the conversion to Judaism, the Jewish influence prospered in

“Khazar King Joseph, in his Reply to Hasdai ibn-Shaprut c. 955:
"After those days there arose from the sons of Bulan's sons a king,
Obadiah by name. He was an upright and just man. He reorganized the
kingdom and established the Jewish religion properly and correctly. He
built synagogues and schools, brought in many Israelite sages, honored
them with silver and gold, and they explained to him the 24 Books of the
Bible, Mishnah, Talmud, and the order of prayers established by the
Khazzans. He was a man who feared God and loved the law and the
commandments."” (Medieval Quotes About Khazar Judaism.

At the time of the conversion, Khazar was one of the most advanced
cultures in the world. It was one of the few nations with a standing
army and was a major trading power:

“The Khazars were a Turkic people who originated in Central Asia. The
early Turkic tribes were quite diverse, although it is believed that
reddish hair was predominant among them prior to the Mongol conquests.
In the beginning, the Khazars believed in Tengri shamanism, spoke a
Turkic language, and were nomadic. Later, the Khazars adopted Judaism,
Islam, and Christianity, learned
Hebrew and Slavic, and became settled in cities and towns thruout the
north Caucasus and Ukraine. The Khazars had a great history of ethnic
independence extending approximately 800 years from the 5th to the 13th
century. . . .

“Khazaria was an important trade route connecting Asia and Europe. For
example, the "Silk Road" was an important link between China, Central
Asia, and Europe. Among the things traded along the Khazar trade routes
were silks, furs, candlewax, honey, jewelry, silverware, coins, and
spices. Jewish Radhanite traders of Persia passed thru Itil on their way
to western Europe, China, and other locations. The Iranian Sogdians also
made use of the Silk Road trade, and their language and runic letters
became popular among the Turks. Khazars traded with the people of
Khwarizm (northwest Uzbekistan) and Volga Bulgharia and also with port
cities in Azerbaijan and Persia.

“The Khazars' dual-monarchy was a Turkic system under which the kagan
was the supreme king and the bek was the civilian army leader. The
kagans were part of the Turkic Asena ruling family that had provided
kagans for other Central Asian nations in the early medieval period. The
Khazar kagans had relations with the rulers of the Byzantines,
Abkhazians, Hungarians, and Armenians. To some extent, the Khazarian
kings influenced the religion of the Khazar people, but they
tolerated those who had different religions than their own, so that even
when these kings adopted Judaism they still let Greek Christians, pagan
Slavs, and Muslim Iranians live in their domains. In the capital city,
the Khazars established a supreme court composed of 7 members, and every
religion was represented on this judicial panel (according to one
contemporary Arab chronicle, the Khazars were judged according to the
Torah, while the other tribes were judged according to other laws).”
Revised, August 2002. http://www.khazaria.com/khazar-history.html)

Knowing this history is vitally important to understanding how a
sequence of events could produce false claimants to being God’s chosen
representative, “the Beast” and other figures of Revelations.
The conditions in Khazar allowed the advanced culture that developed
among these extremely sophisticate, multi-culturally experienced,
non-Semitic Turkish “Jews” to spread across Europe and dominate the
Sephardic Jews that have always been fewer in number. This was the
cultural beginning of Ashkenazi “Jewish” power. The Ashkenazi “Jews”
constitute about 90% of the world Jewish population and control all the
Jewish political and economic coordination, including the Israel
political, economic, and military structures and the Washington Jewish
Political Lobby with its campaign contribution and Congressional
influence infrastructure.

The Ashkenazi philosophy of government has played pivotal roles in the
development of the World’s three major political headaches, socialism,
communism and Zionism. This philosophy is clearly discernable from the
founding of Israel to the conduct of Ariel Sharon and the Bush
Administration’s upcoming war on Iraq. An unambiguous example can be
found in a citation from the diary of Moshe Sharett, Israeli Foreign
Minister from 1948 to 1956:

“"We face no danger at all of an Arab advantage of force for the next
8-10 years...Reprisal actions which we couldn't carry out if we were
tied to a security pact are our vital lymph...they make it possible for
us to maintain a high level of tension in our population and in the
army. Without these actions we would have ceased to be a combative
people... "
Sharett concludes: "The state.... must see the sword as the main if not
the only, instrument with which to keep its morale high and to retain
its moral tension. Toward this end it may, no it MUST invent dangers,
and to do this it must adopt the method of provocation and revenge....
And above all, let us hope for a new war with the Arab countries so that
we may finally get rid of our troubles and acquire our space." (41,
emphasis mine)” (1955, Cited in “The Zionist Roots Of The 'War On
Terror': Israel's Policy Of 'Covert Aggression',” Henry Makow, PhD,
November 18, 2002. http://www.rense.com/general31/ze.htm)

As documented by Ralph Schoenman in his important book The Hidden
History of Zionism, the hallmark of Ashkenazi politics portrayed in its
Zionist incarnation is calculating cold-blooded ruthlessness and a
brutal disregard for all human life, Jew and gentile alike:
“The founders of Zionism despaired of combatting anti-Semitism and,
paradoxically, regarded the anti-Semites themselves as allies, because
of a shared desire to remove the Jews from the countries in which they
lived. Step by step, they assimilated the values of Jew-hatred and
anti-Semitism, as the Zionist movement came to regard the anti-Semites
themselves as their most reliable sponsors and protectors.” (THE HIDDEN
HISTORY OF ZIONISM: Chapter 6: Zionism and the Jews. Ralph Schoenman.

This well documented book provides a more sinister record of the origin
and evolution of Zionism than presented in the popular media. It is
available in its entirety on the Internet at the above referenced

It is an open secret that the United States Jewish Lobby is the most
powerful in Washington, D. C. and is in complete control of Congress and
the President on all matters Jewish and Israeli. A current example
being that while the U.S. and World economies are the in worst shape
they have been in since World War II, Congress is expected to give
Israel $14,000,000,000 it has requested to sustain its war damaged
economy.* This should be weighed against the estimated $40,000,000,000
total combined deficit all the individual States will suffer this
current fiscal budget year because of the depressed economy.**
[Paragraph Notes:

For those who doubt Ashkenazi “Jewish” political practitioners are in
total control when the US Congress makes decisions that affect Zionist
Imperialist political interests, we have the personal testimony of a
former Congressman:

“In his 1985 book, "They Dare to Speak Out" Paul Findley, an Illinois
Congressman who was defeated by AIPAC after serving 22 years writes: "It
is no overstatement to say that AIPAC [Washington Zionist Lobby] has
effectively gained control of Capitol Hill's action on Middle East
policy.... AIPAC means power raw intimidating power."” (“Christians
Should Reassess Support for Israel Zionism: Anti Semitism and American
Democracy,” Henry Makow, PhD, September 29, 2002.

If Sephardics are the true Biblical Jews, God must still be making them
suffer for violating their last contract. They are currently suffering
the Hellish humiliation and moral pain of living in an evil parody of
the true Israel created and controlled by Jewish imposters who daily
commit further violations of basic Sephardic principals which push them
all further away from a true Israel. This may be further compounded by
the affront of having Christians arming, supporting and demonstrating on
behalf of these “Jewish” imposters (“the Beast”) the Christians were
warned to avoid in their own Book of Revelations. How ironic it all is.

The Sephardic Jews have clearly stated their religious based position on
Ashkenazi Zionist Imperialism at several Internet locations. Here is
one example:

“Judaism And Zionism Are Not The Same Thing

We would like to take a few minutes of your time to prevent you from
making a terrible mistake that may have disastrous results for many.

You have always without a doubt heard and read much about the political
crises in the Middle East in which the State of Israel plays a central
role. This is, in fact, an ongoing series of crises with potential to
bring the greatest misfortune on the entire world. Tragically many
believe that Zionism and Judaism are identical. Thus they conclude that
the entire Jewish people is responsible for the actions of the Zionist
government and the world crises which emanates from it. This is a Grave

The truth is that the Jewish faith and Zionism are two very different
philosophies. They are as opposite as day and night. The Jewish people
have existed for thousands of years. In their two thousand years of
Divinely decreed exile no Jew ever sought to end this exile and
establish independent political sovereignty anywhere. The people's sole
purpose was the study and fulfillment of the Divine commandments of the

The Zionist movement created the Israeli state. The latter is a
persuasion less than one hundred years old. Its essential goal was and
is to change the nature of the Jewish people from that of a religious
entity to a political movement. From Zionism's inception the spiritual
leaders of the Jewish people stood in staunch opposition to it.

To this day Torah Jewry remains forever loyal to its faith. Zionists
want the world to believe that they are the representatives of the
entire Jewish people. This is false! The Jewish people never chose them
as their leaders.

The Zionists have deceived many well meaning Jewish people via terror,
trickery and false propaganda. They have at their disposal the use of a
nearly universally subservient media. Whoever attempts to criticize them
puts his livelihood and, at times, his very life in danger.

However, despite the media blackout and easy resort to terror the simple
truth remains unrefuted and irrefutable: ACCORDING TO THE JEWISH FAITH

The Creator gave us the Holy Land thousands of years ago. Yet, when we
sinned, He took it away and sent us into exile. Since that time our task
is to wait for Him to send the Messiah. At that time, the Creator alone,
without any human being lifting a hand or saying a word, will bring us
together and take us out of exile. He will likewise establish universal
peace among all mankind and all will serve Him in good will.

Some religious Jews, confused by Zionist propaganda quote Biblical
verses that state that G-d gave the children of Israel the Holy Land.
They overlook, unfortunately, those verses which say that He took it
away due to our sins. They further ignore those prophecies which
explicitly describe the last exile's conclusion as a Divine, not a human

The Creator has commanded every Jew to follow the ways of peace and to
be loyal to the country where he lives.

Torah true Jewry waits patiently for the Messianic redemption. They have
nothing to do with any kind of pseudo "Jewish State" and its aggressions
against other peoples. They have a deep sympathy for the plight of the
Palestinians who have suffered the most from Zionism's false teachings
and barbaric actions. The Zionist state is not a Jewish state. The
Zionists alone are the only ones responsible for their actions.
Authentic Jewry has and will continue to oppose the very existence of
this blasphemous state.” (Position Statement: Nutria Karta: Jews United
Against Zionism. http://www.netureikarta.org/index.htm)

This somewhat lengthy position statement above regarding Sephardic views
on Zionism is cited here in its entirety because this aspect of Israeli
social conflict is not adequately reported in the US Media.

This sequence of historical events does demonstrate the social
circumstances symbolically described in Revelations (that over time one
group of people can successfully perpetrate identity theft on another
and exploit them in the process) can occur. To assert that this
particular instance of social fraud on the part of Ashkenazi “Jews” is
the “Beastly” one referred to in Revelations would require that I claim
“Prophet” status and claim to be in communication with God somehow. I
suspect there would be a great deal of scepticism toward any such claim
on my part, being on record a mere specialist in the sociology of
knowledge. However, the history of the Ashkenazi “Jews” is consistent
with the situation symbolically portrayed in Revelations and it would
explain a lot about the disproportionate focus false and falsified
Israeli interests have in world events that are contrary to the God
given instructions claimed by the Sephardic Jews. For those who may
wish to explore this possibility further, a topical Internet
bibliography follows.

[NOTE: Before anyone sends any ugly e-mails accusing me of being
antisemitic, a member of any hate group, or express other unpleasantries
and suggestions of how I might spend my time in specific diversions,
PLEASE NOTE, all the quotes, citations, and topical bibliography entries
above and below are from academic and Jewish sources. Anyone offended
by Ashkenazi or Sephardic philosophy should address their comments to
members of these respective movements. I am just a messenger who
organized a few facts and ideas for general consideration. I am also
compelled to point out the fine point that it would be awkward to argue
I am antisemitic for raising the possibility that both gentiles and the
true Jewish heirs have been and are being harmed by the political
machinations of “Jewish” imposters and pretenders engaging in “Beastly”
enterprises over the past 1,141 years. JRB]

What Really Happened: Articles About Israel

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© Copyright November 27, 2002 by James Roger Brown. All rights
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