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 Jan 09, 2003 02:31 PST 
                        AGENDA OF EVIL
                       James Roger Brown

“and I said, 'Mr. President, I think that God wants you here for this
reason,' and his response was: 'I think that God wants all of us for
this reason.' And I think he meant not just me, but the people, the team
he had built, and that is really the way he thinks. And it builds an
amazing loyalty that others have focused on." Michael Gerson, Chief
Bush Speech Writer, ABC News Up Close, December 19, 2002.

At the core of politics and business currently practiced in the United
States is a discernable priority list of things for which it is
acceptable to sacrifice the lives and welfare of citizens, civilian and
military. Compare this list with what you would be willing to sacrifice
the life and welfare of yourself and your family.


The spectacle of the last election was the competition between the
Democratic and Republican Parties to determine which was more competent
at election rigging and voter fraud. As we all now know, the minions of
the Republican Party, the spook-world connected Senior Bush, and
well-placed Republican moles in the Judiciary demonstrated superior
competence in this area.

Mr. Gerson’s and President Bush’s consensus that God wanted George in
the White House leading the US is certainly a bold alleged perception
and assertion for the perpetrators of such a long list of black-hearted
deeds to get there. One would presume God could find better quality
help that did not need to win an election with evil deeds.

If President George Bush serves God and US Citizens in any manner, it is
in the same capacity that Judas Iscariot served Him. If the
illegitimate seizure of government and indiscriminate killing with
military weapons by the United States and Israel is a sign of God’s
favor and good will, perhaps historians have misjudged Hitler and the
engineers of the communist coup in Russia.

The most spectacular comprehensive example of the destructive
consequences of the relationship between both political parties,
corruption and campaign contribution is the collapse of Enron. The best
recent demonstration that President Bush and Congress are willing for
American Citizens to be maimed and killed by campaign contributors and
companies in which they have a financial interest were the exemptions
added to the Patriot Act protecting drug companies from civil damages
for bad vaccines. Eli Lilly actually added mercury to child vaccines and
needed protection from the substantial damages already awarded. The
provision was added to the bill on orders from President Bush. Congress
then enacted the legislation without hearing or consideration.
Government Officials have the audacity to actually defend this vile
skullduggery with the assertion drug companies need to be kept in
business to produce future vaccines when needed. A better policy would
be to ensure the survival of drug companies that produce safe and
effective vaccines.

Perhaps the most odious aspect of the supremacy of Party interest above
all else is that the solutions to national problems are intentionally
delayed or avoided to sustain issues for the next election. Media
political commentators and even Party officials openly talk about
delaying hearings and legislation on certain problems the respective
Parties believe will place them in a better position to win in the next

There is a relevant story from the ancient Egyptian city of Thebes.
During a severe drought the city was in economic and political crisis.
The gates to the local temple, which was also an administrative center
for the High Priest/Governor, were covered with metal. Any type of metal
was expensive at that time in history. During these hard times, priest
and temple staff started cutting pieces of metal from the temple gates
and selling it. Before long, all the metal had been stripped off the
gates and the sacred boxes inside the Temple. The expected day of
reckoning came for the Temple staff when the High Priest/Governor
decided to visit the facility. Everyone feared they would be killed.
When the High Priest/Governor saw what had been done, he assembled
everyone - and asked where his share of the money was. Not to be outdone
by some ragtag ancient Egyptians, the Republicans, newly in control of
Congress, have chosen to follow this ancient example of honest and
effective government. Republicans have eased the ethics restrictions on
accepting favors from corporations. Why stop a good corporate loot and
pillage party when you can join in? (See “House GOP Softens Its Ethics
Rules” by Juliet Eilperin, January 8, 2003,


Having stolen an election and hijacked the government of a major
democracy, President Bush, and a majority of both Parties in Congress,
feel quite comfortable with the Ashkenazi thieves who hijacked Judaism
from its rightful Sephardic heirs. The insane, suicidal policies of the
Ashkenazi Zionists in control of Israel and world Jewish politics are
leading the entire World into a time of great destruction. These
Ashkenazi lunatics, like Ariel Sharon, have a Cintonesque lip-lock on
the political pain and pleasure organs of Congress and the Bush
Administration. With the exception of plans benefitting Bush’s cronies
in the oil industry, the entire US military has been prostituted to
pursue the enemies of Israel. The same Israel responsible for the murder
of American sailors on the USS Liberty. The same Israel which gave us
the spy Michael Pollard. The same Israel whose agents in the United
States under false pretenses either knew of the planned September 11
attacks and did not tell us or actually aided and abetted in the attack.


Enron, Global Crossing, Qwest Communications, Worldcom, Imclone, Arthur
Anderson, could each serve as the poster corporation for the destructive
consequences of corporate greed. The list grows weekly, with secondary
bankruptcies expected to increase in the year 2003. No one yet knows how
deep the bottom of the human misery barrel is for the consequences of
these crimes. With the exception of one article linked below, there has
been little documentation of Congressional complicity in theses economic
atrocities. One course of action is to create a new category of
“economic treason” punishable by death.

Suggested Reading Regarding Life Consequences of Corporate Greed
Langor, Gary. “ABC NEWS: Money Scope: The Fraud Factor: Amid Distrust of
Corporations, Most Say Bush’s Efforts Fall Short.” ABC NEWS, January 8,

Mandle, Jay. “Money on my Mind - Corporate Scandals / Congressional
Complicity.” Democracy Matters, September 1, 2002.

Muzaffar, Chandra, Dr. “Media Statement: Corporate Scandals.”
International Movement for a Just World, July 4, 2002.

Weiss, Clyde. “Executive Greed: A Plague of Corporate Scandals.” AFSCME,
November/December 2002.


The United States has established the most sophisticated system of legal
bribery the world may have ever seen. It has two major forms. First is
conditional Federal funding of programs.

The scam works this way. Legislation is enacted by Congress authorizing
distribution of Federal funds to States that meet the required
conditions, which usually benefit some special interest group(s) that
wanted the legislation enacted for their benefit. Among other
nightmares, this process has given us a national child protection system
that ensures the abuse of all children taken into State custody, but
funds the existence of quack psychologist, psychiatrist, social workers,
child abuse investigators, and enriches psycho tropic drug manufactures.
The legislation that established this particular organized crime
structure actually mandates participation of all persons who come into
contact with children and families.

The second organized crime category is the drug forfeiture law. This
legislation established profit sharing in the drug trade for judges,
prosecutors and law enforcement. Drug dealers are caught, all their
profits seized and they are offered the opportunity to walk if they do
not fight the forfeiture of their seized property. The proceeds from
their seized assets are divided up among the court of jurisdiction, the
prosecutor and the arresting law enforcement agency and are used to fund
ski trips, junkets, and other essential law enforcement and judicial
activities. Some drug task forces actually work on 100% commission, with
their entire budget obtained from seized and forfeited property. If the
drug dealers were really put out of business, there are substantial
number of law enforcement personnel and special drug court judges who
would become instantly unemployed. Our drug enforcement structure is as
corrupt as anything in Colombia or Peru, but it is all sanctioned by
Federal and State law.   


Almost daily the media reports new examples of incompetence in
Government agencies and programs. We have the growing legion of FBI
whistle blowers coming forth to make public the scope and magnitude of
gross negligence and incompetence with which criminal investigations
were bungled that could have prevented the September 11, 2001 terrorist

Despite the growing list of judicial horror stories of false confessions
and the innocent spending decades in prison for crimes they did not
commit, there are no signs of reform in the legal system. One major
element in this is the inability of police and prosecutors to admit they
have made a mistake. Some of the logical gymnastics used by police and
prosecutors to argue that even people cleared by DNA evidence are still
somehow guilty of rape or murder are nothing short of incredible.
Watching some of their statements on the news is actually embarrassing.

No list of such failures is complete without the “War on Drugs.” One
bizarre feature of this program is the growing list retiring law
enforcement officers and politicians who call for legalization and an
end to the failed “War on Drugs.” I have never heard any of them explain
why they did nothing about their convictions while they were in a
position of authority.


The amoral majority wondering and interbreeding between the White House,
Congress, Pentagon, both Party Headquarters, and Corporate America
constitute an engine of destruction with President George Bush as the
great gear now at the center of the machine. The situation brings to
mind the end of numerous movies in which the mad scientist or evil
genius world dominator aspirants are in the middle of their control room
with sparks flying, explosions all around them and the cave or building
falling in upon them. In the current version we are actually living,
George Bush is standing in the middle of the conflagration with his
famous stupid look waiting for someone to tell his what he is supposed
to be saying. What he does not recall at the critical moment is that he
burned the instruction manual himself.

Noticeably absent from this list of discernable priorities, is anything
that promotes the general welfare or the common good.

As Joseph Campbell observed, life is great opera, but it hurts. The
tragic opera in Washington is killing us.

© Copyright January 9, 2003 by James Roger Brown. All rights reserved.
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