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 Jan 28, 2003 16:04 PST 

                         James Roger Brown

Like Black Operations budgets hidden in the finances of funding requests
to Congress, deftly woven into the operations of Federal Agencies and
programs are that the seeds of monsters that may spring to life some
day, shocking everyone by their presence. For example, he Bureau of
Prisons has hidden in its Methods and Procedures Manual classified plans
to turn the Federal Prison System into the management structure during a
"national emergency" for administering the holding pens for everyone
considered an inconvenience at the time.

Another of these sleepers is the Chemical Stockpile Emergency
Preparedness Program (CSEPP). Buried in the purpose of this program to
deal with the accidental exposure of communities adjacent to United
States stockpiles of chemical and biological weapons is the uglier
aspect. CSEPP is a program to manage the total population displacement
of a specified area. As with other Federal paving stones on the road to
Hell, this has grown beyond its original intended purpose and is now
incorporated in the Homeland Security machine. What was intended to
handle the consequences of accidental exposure to our own chemical,
biological, and nuclear weapons now becomes the most convenient tool to
apply to the intentional use of such weapons by the growing horde
intentionally goaded into hating us.

Fortunately, we have the historic lesson of the Stalinist control of
dictatorial emergency response machines to instruct us. Stalin withheld
food and fuel from troublesome regions and those who survived the
Russian winter in these areas were much more compliant with his wishes.

Do you think those in Congress and the White House who watched Enron and
its corporate clones loot all of its investors’ money and employee
pensions are not capable of deciding to allocate “scarce” resources to
areas of the United State that have lower rates of “troublemakers” in
the population, or perhaps areas with higher percentages of voters
belonging to the other party? For the population in some of these
troublesome areas there are still important areas where self-education
may still be an option. Rather than rely upon a government that might
play deadly games with your life during an intentional or unintentional
use of chemical, biological or nuclear weapons, why not engage in some
enlightened self-interest and avail yourself and your children of
availability of the same material the government uses to train emergency
response teams for these types of emergencies.

The following web sites may be used to download essential education
material for family or home schooling use on dealing with chemical,
biological and radiological exposure.

[Adapted in part from a Google search for “CSEPP training”]

1. CSEPP Training Courses: emc.ornl.gov/EMC/TRAINDocumentation.html
CSEPP Training Courses. From this site, you can download instructor
guides, student guides, and slide sets for five CSEPP training courses.

2. Oak Ridge National Laboratory Emergency Management Center searchable
main page: http://emc.ornl.gov/

3. CSEPP Bibliography [March 2000]:

4. FEMA CSEPP Website: http://cseppweb-emc.ornl.gov/

5. Kentucky Area 13 CSEPP Links:

6. Online Tutorials: Chemicals:

7. Risk Management Internet Online Resource Library:

8. Jim Placke's Chemical Warfare and NBC Warfare Links Homepage (“The
Internet’s most comprehensive source of information on nuclear,
biological, and chemical warfare.”):

9. “Homeland Defense, Security and WMD News”:

10. Chemical and Biological Defense Information Analysis Center:

11. Naval Operations Medical Institute. See “Video Presentations”
section for “HOMELAND DEFENSE PROGRAMS: Biological and Chemical Warfare
and Terrorism: The Military and Public Health Response”:

12. FEMA (A search for “CSEPP” produced a list of 60 items.):

Watch for “CSEPP Evacuation Route” signs coming to a highway near you,
especially if you do not live near a chemical weapon storage or nuclear
facility that would justify the establishment of an evacuation route. It
might be interesting to document what facilities have been established
at the end of these evacuation routes.

© Copyright by James Roger Brown. This specific article may be
republished, distributed or posted with permission provided there is no
alteration of the content and with full credit to the author.
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