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 Feb 01, 2003 23:51 PST 
                   SHUTTLE DISASTER REEKS

                      James Roger Brown

“"The chances an accident would happen in space are very small," Ramon
told Ma'ariv last month.” (Tsahar Rotem and Tamara Traubman. “Ramon: As
far as safety is concerned, I'm not concerned at all.” Ha’aretz Dailey,
February 2, 2003.)

We should take Israeli astronaut Ilan Ramon at his word. The political
context and timing of the breakup of the space shuttle Columbia reeks of
nefarious enterprise. Despite the immediate details emerging that imply
an innocuous explanation for the disaster, no one knows the cause at
this point.

What should not be overlooked at this point is that three ruthless world
leaders, who all would not hesitate to kill seven astronauts to serve
their interests, are all deriving immediate benefit from the disaster.
All three men are currently in dire political straits and control
sufficient spooky resources to be legitimately considered a suspect for
ordering the sabotaging of Columbia at or near landing.

The three men in descending order of derived benefits are:

1. Ariel Sharon: Sharon is facing a rapidly deteriorating economy,
political scandal from prior election misconduct, and is the target of a
criminal investigation along with his sons. He just prevailed in an
Israeli election but with less than the majority he anticipated due to
voter disgust over the political and legal scandals. He faced a six week
deadline to form a coalition government. Loss of the Israeli astronaut
has unified Israel in grief and any political party who now refused to
participate in a coalition government might commit political suicide.
The situation will also further delay dealing with the Palestinian

2. Saddam Hussein: The events of February 1, 2003, have the potential to
help pull Saddam’s fat part way out of the fire. Portraying the
destruction of Columbia and the death of American and the Israeli
astronauts as God’s simultaneous revenge on America and Israel could
strengthen the resolve of the Iraqi people to fight US troops when the
invasion occurs. Also keep in mind that Ilan Ramon participated in the
Israeli bombing of the Iraqi nuclear facility. Such portents of God’s
perceived favor have determined the outcome of Middle East battles
before. An additional factor in the perception of “God’s revenge” is
that the debris rained down on the home State of President George Bush.
For Islam, this would be perceived as God directly slapping President
Bush in the face. The bodies of US warriors and Israel’s greatest living
warrior (by Israel’s own media claims) were literally torn to pieces and
thrown from the sky on Bush’s tribe and house. As perceived Divine
intervention goes, you do not get much more dramatic than that. With
regard to the benefits to Saddam and Osama bin Laden, it would actually
be worse if NASA does conclude that it was an accident and not sabotage.
Declaring the event an accident would confirm the Divine intervention
belief. What propaganda campaign could any of the Wall Street geniuses
currently running our preinvasion program raise to contradict it? Here
are some quotes about the event from Iraq:

“"We are happy that it broke up," government employee Abdul Jabbar
al-Quraishi said. "God wants to show that his might is greater than the
Americans. They have encroached on our country. God is avenging us," he
said.” (Reuters. “Iraqis Call Shuttle Disaster God's Vengeance.”
February 01, 2003 03:24 PM.

“"Israel launched an aggression on us when it raided our nuclear reactor
without any reason, now time has come and God has retaliated to their
aggression," Tamini said.” (Reuters. “Iraqis Call Shuttle Disaster God's
Vengeance.” February 01, 2003 03:24 PM.

3. Osama bin Laden: The political and religious perception benefits for
Osama are similar to the benefits for Saddam. The military benefit are
less in scope and magnitude because his current location is alleged to
be unknown and he does not have a growing US invasion force on his door
step. If Osama is responsible, it would demonstrate an ongoing offensive
capability to his financial backers.

© Copyright by James Roger Brown, February 2, 2003. All rights reserved.
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