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 Feb 24, 2003 12:17 PST 

                       James Roger Brown

[Author’s Note: This is the first problem I have evaluated in
twenty-five years that is rooted in pure malice and has no foreseeable
positive outcome. The human beings whose acts will determine the final
outcomes are currently motivated by greed, power, legacy, hate and

[See the topical bibliography at the end of this article for
supplementary and supporting material.]

“Israel is involved in this game without quite knowing what it is doing
there, a boy in a game of world-league bullies. It has nothing to gain,
it can only lose.” (65. Avnery, Uri. "One Man Against the World.")

The various disciplines which study ancient human history theorize
Pleistocene hunters killed woolly mammoths by exploiting their fear of
fire to drive the mammoths over cliffs. Modern politicians also have
great success exploiting hate and fear to divert humans in their charge
from perceiving that they are being driven to their deaths. There is no
nation on earth where this may currently be more successful than Israel.
Serious economic, political and social indicators that those in charge
have no plans for Israel to survive beyond a few months to a few years
at most are being overlooked. No matter what level you examine, Israel
is clearly not a sustainable enterprise, never was a sustainable
enterprise, and never was intended to be a sustainable enterprise.

The current inhabitants of Israel, if they continue allowing themselves
to be deceived that Israel has any future management outcome different
from that of Enron, face a choice of ugly deaths. The possible outcomes
range from being abandoned to their fate by the collapse of Israel
(later to be exploited in death by their alleged fellow Ashkenazi Jews
and the descendants of the European Elite who engineered their horrific
demise) to being consumed in a Massada-style nuclear suicide pact that
takes much of Europe with it. We have the precedents of Zionists
condemning their inconvenient non-Zionist fellow Jews to death at Nazi
and later Russian hands because their deaths were of more long-range
benefit to the Zionist cause than live contrary, contradictory, or
opposing Jews.

Jews pressured not to air collective dirty laundry before goyem might
consider the wisdom of first determining the consequences of hiding it
and then determining the motives of their fellow Jew making the demand
not to examine it. The citizens of Israel have more historic
justification to fear the consequences of secret nefarious Zionist
enterprises and Ashkenazi Jewish experimental political ideologies than
the existence of any natural level of anger in the Islamic World that
was not incited and nurtured by Zionists like Ariel Sharon.

The intelligence services of other nations sucked into this Zionist
reality had better get off their timid derrieres and begin some serious
analysis regarding who is doing what and objectively examine whether
Israel has any possible course of action that does not result in its
eventual termination or their Nation risks suffering major damage in the
process of riding the Zionist bandwagon over a cliff themselves.

It is possible to discern the fingertips of malevolent puppeteers
occasionally dipping into view on the world stage during key scenes of
the Israel/Middle East drama. Israel was created by European Aristocracy
through the Balfour Declaration
(http://www.mfa.gov.il/mfa/go.asp?MFAH00pp0) and secret agreements among
themselves to further political and economic agendas that had nothing to
do any Divine Instructions to restore Israel. A highly cohesive hate and
revenge driven proxy was needed for insertion into the Arab World so
that both it and the Arabs could be manipulated and controlled. Zionist
ruthlessness, Jewish prophesies for the restoration of Israel, the
scheming sociopaths among Europe’s Elite and the eventual engineered
hatred among Jews over the Nazi atrocities became a perfect blend.

Few people are easier to manipulate to their death than those whose
lives are ruled by hate and revenge. People motivated by hate and
revenge do not have to be paid to kill, only armed. There are clear
indications the Israel that began in conspiracy, betrayal and mass
murder will come to full fruit and end in the same for the nefarious
purposes others intended from its first day of existence.

We can thank Alexander Solzhenitsyn for his new book that includes
enlightening information on the role Jews played in the Russian
Revolution and subsequent horror story:

“In his latest book Solzhenitsyn, 84, deals with one of the last taboos
of the communist revolution: that Jews were as much perpetrators of the
repression as its victims. Two Hundred Years Together - a reference to
the 1772 partial annexation of Poland and Russia which greatly increased
the Russian Jewish population - contains three chapters discussing the
Jewish role in the revolutionary genocide and secret police purges of
Soviet Russia.” (Walsh, Nick Paton. "Solzhenitsyn breaks last taboo of
the revolution.")

Comments Solzhenitsyn reportedly made during an interview contain
important elements that will help make sense of what is now unfolding in
Israel. Two of the important elements are what Solzhenitsyn refers to as
“layers of Jews” and that a major impediment to Jews and non-Jews
dealing with evil acts committed by Jews is that both Jews and non-Jews
keep silent about the problem even existing.

“"My book was directed to empathise with the thoughts, feelings and the
psychology of the Jews - their spiritual component," he said. "I have
never made general conclusions about a people. I will always
differentiate between layers of Jews. One layer rushed headfirst to the
revolution. Another, to the contrary, was trying to stand back. The
Jewish subject for a long time was considered prohibited. Zhabotinsky [a
Jewish writer] once said that the best service our Russian friends give
to us is never to speak aloud about us."” (Alexander Solzhenitsyn quoted
in Walsh, Nick Paton. "Solzhenitsyn breaks last taboo of the

“In one remark which infuriated Russian Jews, he wrote: "If I would care
to generalise, and to say that the life of the Jews in the camps was
especially hard, I could, and would not face reproach for an unjust
national generalisation. But in the camps where I was kept, it was
different. The Jews whose experience I saw - their life was softer than
that of others."
     Yet he added: "But it is impossible to find the answer to the
eternal question: who is to be blamed, who led us to our death? To
explain the actions of the Kiev cheka [secret police] only by the fact
that two thirds were Jews, is certainly incorrect." (Alexander
Solzhenitsyn quoted in Walsh, Nick Paton. "Solzhenitsyn breaks last
taboo of the revolution.")   

The terminal social phenomena currently evident in Israel are consistent
with Cultural Hegemony Theory
This provides a clue that some Ashkenazi are likely to be found at the
core of the contemporary machinations. The Balfour Declaration from Lord
Arthur James Balfour on behalf of the British Foreign Office was
addressed to Lord Rothschild.

There are at least three types of criminal activity consistent with the
absence of long-range sustainability. Political corruption and organized
crime have merged to the extent organized crime can actually determine
who is elected to certain offices by determining the order of placement
on ballots. Politicians gain placement through bribes. Political
corruption runs all the way to the top of the Likud Party and elected
government officials with decisions made on the basis of favoritism,
arrogance, and concealment without regard to long term consequences for
the Nation. Israeli organized crime is involved in the worldwide illegal
drug trade, the sex slave trade, selling arms and ammunition to
Palestinians, exchanging intelligence for drugs, bank fraud that has
resulted in the failure of one bank, and other damaging enterprises. The
actions of Israeli politicians and organized crime resemble the
corporate loot and pillage mentality exhibited in the Enron collapse.

The economy is adversely impacted by contract labor supply corporations
importing foreign works who are criminally abused to maximize profits.
In Israel’s current failing economy the use of imported foreign labor
deprives Israelis of employment and further strains the economy through
the cost of social services supplied to the unemployed.

Organized crime has also become integrated into military incursions into
the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

Former Israeli Education Minister and founder of the Meretz Party
Shulamit Aloni commented about the current state of affairs:

"The year 2002 was the worst in the state's history, not because of
problems related to security, economy and corruption; it was the year of
moral degeneration during which we became an apartheid state, it was the
year in which the government's legal advisor began burying the
democratic system." (14. Staff. "Former Israeli Minister - 'We've
Become Barbarians'.")

Since the movement’s establishment, Zionist death squads have roamed the
earth removing both individual and group impediments to the Zionist
agenda. With the establishment of Israel, use of death squads became
national policy. The leaders of Israel have demonstrated no respect for
the lives of the citizens of other nations, including the United States.
With regard to the United States, we have examples from the attack on
the USS Liberty to the now deported Israeli agents who cheered at the
collapse of the World Trade Center and the Israeli “art students”
possibly involved in the strange death of Harvard biologist Dr. Don C.
Wiley in Memphis, Tennessee, November 16, 2001.

Contrary to the economic (roving death squads are expensive) and
political interests of both Israel and the United States, Ariel Sharon
has announced an increase in the targeted assassinations of Israel’s
“enemies” in other nations, including the United States. This represents
an assault on the fundamental rule of law and basic human rights.
Israel’s death squad performance record includes the erroneous execution
of numerous innocent people.

Increasing the number of Israeli death squads and expanding their
targeting latitude will inevitably result in an increase in the number
of erroneous executions. No matter how much political clout Jewish
lobbies may exercise in any nation’s Capitol, no population is going to
long tolerate the systematic execution of its citizens by Israeli death
squads. Inevitably there will be a backlash. Since the death squads
responsible will be long gone, the only Jews available for retribution
will be the Jews who reside in that nation. Israel, and the Bush
Administration which is now emulating the use of death squads and
targeted assassinations, are opening up a dangerous road that anyone can
drive on.

Due to a higher birthrate among Palestinians than Israelis, at some
milestone date in 2006 the Jewish and Palestinian populations are
projected to be equal. By 2020, Jews will only be 44% of the population
of historic Palestine. Obviously, this trend and prospect are
inconsistent with the ideology of Zionists and United States pro-Zionist
Christians. There are only a limited number of permanent solutions
available to Israel:
(1) Completely disenfranchise the Palestinian population and exercise
complete control by force of arms (the current policy of occupying
(2) Exterminate the entire Palestinian population using the United
States supplied arms and ammunition they currently possess;
(3) Exile the entire Palestinian population to Syria, Jordan, Egypt or

Israel has less than three years to implement a permanent solution
before losing whatever standing and legitimacy it may have as a majority

“The future is no longer a matter for philosophers and academics. The
theoretical question of whether a Jewish minority will rule over an Arab
majority is going to be an existential problem during the course of the
16th Knesset. But despite all the demographics showing that by the end
of the decade the number of Arabs living between the sea and the river
will be greater than the number of Jews, the elected representatives to
the Knesset are sweeping the issue to the dustheap. While all the "road
maps" agree that the deadline for the solution (meaning an end to the
occupation) comes at the end of 2005, a little more than halfway through
the 16th Knesset, representatives of the political center are working
hand in hand with the representatives of the Greater Land of Israel.
     The "we'll cross that bridge when we come to it" approach, which
has characterized the coalition negotiations in recent years, is over.
We're on the bridge, and it is crumbling. It's no longer prophets of
doom from the left who are warning that avoiding a decision on the
country's borders now will be a curse for generations to come.” (27b.
Eldar, Akiva. “We're on the bridge and it's crumbling.”)

The United States must decide what to do about arms it has already
placed in the hands of Israel possibly being used to exterminate or
exile the Palestinians.

As the crises in Israel worsens, immigration is decreasing and the
number of Israelis on “extended vacations” abroad increases.

For the first time, Israel has undertaken a study of the motives of
suicide bombers. The preliminary results, the suicide bombers are angry
over the treatment of Palestinians and the deaths of relatives at the
hands of Israelis. Who would have guessed?

Mimicking the legend of Nero, while Israel’s economy burns to the
ground, Ariel Sharon is listening to the fiddler on the roof and
reliving the glory days with his cohorts. Israel has experienced two
years of negative economic growth. Projections for 2003 indicate a worse
economy than the two previous years.

“Israel Bank Governor David Klein has expressed severe doubts regarding
the government's functioning during the economic crisis. In a speech
last Thursday, he said, among other things: "Economic and social
deterioration cannot take place calmly for long. There might come a
moment, and nobody knows when, that the government's very ability to
rule will be in question. The government, therefore, must take
immediate, firm steps to move away from this danger. Any government that
allows the economy to continue sinking is risking loss of control over
the large systems."
     Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, who heard this in the Prime Minister's
Office with the finance minister and senior PMO officials, responded
with dismissive contempt. Those with him also reacted jokingly, either
due to the rivalry between the treasury and the Bank of Israel or due to
the tendency to criticize preachers at the gate.
     Klein's warnings deserve to be taken seriously. Large economic
systems in crisis collapse rapidly, in a chain reaction, and the result
is social collapse and the creation of poverty and plight - as has
happened in crises in Thailand, Malaysia, Russia and Argentina.” (35.
Editorial. "A moment before losing control.")

Under current management practices, WHEN, not IF, Israel descends into
the same economic state of affairs as Argentina, Zionists in the United
States and Israel are going to call upon the US to deal with their
self-created Hell on earth. For those who believe the US had a bad day
sending troops into the chaos of Lebanon, contemplate the difficulty
Israel itself has dealing with illegal Jewish “settlers” who will fight
to remain on their illegally occupied land. All that was available to
the terrorists in Lebanon who destroyed the Marine barracks were
explosives. Israelis have the full spectrum of nuclear weapons, chemical
weapons, and biological weapons in gross violation of the same
international law now being applied to Iraq. Palestinian suicide bombers
believe the will receive virgins as a reward for their martyrdom. Jews
who believe they are participating in the Battle of Armageddon will
expect to receive the Messiah and take possession of the entire planet
upon extermination or subjugation of the goyem. Which is more dangerous
to deal with?

Israel is in the process of proving the validity of the maxim “He who
rides out for revenge must dig two graves.” Unfortunately, because
nothing meaningful has been done to stop the Israelis, a substantial
number of the rest of us will be murdered and buried beside them.

“Today the connection between the non-existent peace process and the
economic situation is clear to all. The continuation of the violent
dispute with the Palestinians will prevent the basic condition for
changing direction - the need for stability and security. Without
presenting a political horizon and conducting negotiations to implement
it, no economic plan - even the most courageous and correct - will be
able to shift the economy to growth.” (35. Editorial. "A moment before
losing control.")

One important element commonly overlooked in economic considerations of
Israel is the environmental economy. Due to its structure of farm
subsidies and reliance upon foreign aid and worldwide Jewish monetary
contributions, Israel’s crops, like oranges, actually cost more to
produce than they are sold for on the world market. Water used to
irrigate the oranges costs more than the orange is sold for, according
to one recent report. Israel is living well beyond the availability of
water and is experiencing ongoing water shortages. To support its
profligate per capita water consumption, Israel will eventually be
forced to seize the water resources of all its neighboring countries,
especially if its targeted immigration goals are ever met.

There is a Jewish aphorism to the effect, “If a man cannot help himself,
he cannot be helped by anyone.” No amount of money drained from the rest
of the world will be sufficient to keep Israel in existence if its
leadership will not act in its own fundamental economic and
environmental interest.

The education system in Israel is more dysfunctional than that of the
United States. If the result in Israel is due to an intentional dumbing
down policy, it is extremely successful.

“At one time Israel could be proud of its educational system. Today the
state of the nation's schools has become a threat to its welfare.
Teachers are improperly prepared and salaries are low. Classroom
discipline has vanished. Problematic programs of study have caused a
generation of students to fail. In international rankings of students'
achievements, Israel appears at the bottom of the list. . . .
     According to statistics of the Ministry of Education approximately
10 percent of Israeli teachers have not earned a teaching certificate.
Approximately 40% have no higher education. Israeli teachers are paid
26% less than the world average. A study performed over the last two
years in Israeli middle schools reveals that approximately half of the
students are absent from studies at least one day each week. Another
study shows that teachers actually spend only 16 minutes instructing,
out of every 45-minute period assigned to them. . . .
     In 1964 Israel placed first among 38 countries in mathematics
scores. In 1984 Israel had declined to sixth place, and in 1999 Israel
placed twenty-eighth, before Thailand and after Tunis. The average
Israeli mathematics score was 21 points beneath the world average. Only
5% of Israeli students performed exceptionally, compared with 46% of the
students from Singapore. According to an international study published
several months ago, the majority of students in Israel are unable to
perform basic math. According to the study's statistics 75% of the
students in eighth grade cannot calculate 5/8 of 240. 80% of the
students had difficulty with multiplication. . . .
     According to studies performed by Dr. Dan Ben- Dor from the Program
for Public Policy at Tel Aviv University, even the level of the
"exceptional" students in Israel is comparatively low: they are ranked
35th among "exceptional students" of 53 countries. How has it come to
pass that Israel, at one time an educational powerhouse proud of its
schools, is now in danger of having its school system collapse? . . .
     "The education system adopts the method of ‘planned obsolescence,'"
verifies Dr. Razel. "It is known that certain manufacturers produce
goods that are not of high quality for sale, so that they will fall
apart quickly and it will be necessary to buy a replacement. That same
sick phenomenon has spread in the provision of education. The Ministry
of Education is not interested in providing the best service, the
shortest and most efficient, because that kind of service does not
require personnel and needs only small budgets. The Ministry of
Education is a bureaucratic creature interested in expanding itself as
much as possible in order to increase its mass of workers, wages and
budgets. So they import experimental reading methods, and bring us to a
situation where most of the students cannot read properly. Then we need
to add more teachers, and more continuing education for them- and more
parties and burekas."” (46. Makover, Sheri. "Where Did We Go Wrong?")

When reality becomes inconvenient, one solution is to create fantasy. To
“educate” its children on the history and future of Israel, a theme park
has been created for youth to visit called “Mini Israel.” In this theme
park, which is ironically still under construction, children can educate
themselves by walking through miniature depictions of places in a
glorious Israel. The depiction may be somewhat confusing to children
since the Israel depicted in miniature has no border. It is laid out in
the shape of the Star of David. (See 47. Kupfer, Ruta. "Children's
Corner / The miniature Zionist state.")

There are two possible types of logical incompatibility relevant to the
conflicting Messianic expectations of Jews and Christians in current
Middle East events. Christians are awaiting the return of Christ in
association with the Battle of Armageddon. Jews are awaiting the first
arrival of the Messiah to establish a kingdom on Earth at the end of the
Battle of Armageddon. Members of both religions are actively attempting,
with some cooperation, to ensure what they believe to be the Battle of
Armageddon occurs in the near future to fulfill their respective
expectations. This is an uneasy alliance with everyone looking in
nervous suspense at the fundamental conflict that both cannot be right.
It is like two confidence artists trying to ignore that they are each
attempting to scam the other. Both believe that the other will
ultimately be proven the fool. Both are assuming that one or the other
is correct in their expectation of the Messiah arriving for the first or
second time at the end of the devastating war they seek to ensure

Herein lies the relevance of the logical concepts of “contraries” and
“contradictories.” Two statements are “contradictories” if both
statements cannot be true and both statements cannot be false. Two
statements are “contraries” if both statements cannot be true but both
statements can be false.

The Christians and Jews cooperating to bring about a “Battle of
Armageddon” to prove their respective expectation is true, believe their
conflicting messianic expectations are “contradictories.” The ugly
horror is their expectations are clearly “contraries.” It is not only
clearly possible both their expectations can prove to be wrong at the
end of the war, but highly likely both are false. It would not be the
first time in history that ugly human machinations were purported to be
Divine Will or prophecy. It strains credibility that either of the
expected Messiahs and the Ariel Sharons of the world would have that
much in common. I believe the last time Christ reportedly had such an
encounter he pointed out that they did not have the same Father.

The current state of Israeli affairs are no more sustainable than those
of Enron. The individuals, whomever they may be, at the center of this
global Israel, Inc. scam have no more consideration for their fellow
Jews in general and those who have committed their lives to Israel than
the management at Enron cared for investors and employees or than the
treacherous Zionists cared for their non-Zionist brothers who were more
valuable to the Zionist cause dying in Auschwitz than living to an old
age outside of Nazi control. The stakes for the citizens of Israelis and
the World are higher than any corporate meltdown. It is time for the
responsible nations of the World to put their intelligence and law
enforcement agencies to work identifying and stopping these criminals.
Jews may benefit from a more discriminating use of blind loyalty, before
it costs the World a substantial portion of its population and sets
civilization back a few centuries.

Some vital differences between Christianity and Judaism are set for in
the following citation:

““More than a decade of weekly dialogue with Christians and intimate
conversation with Christian friends,” writes Prager, “has convinced me
that, aside from the divinity of Jesus, the greatest—and even more
important—difference between Judaism and Christianity, or perhaps only
between most Christians and Jews, is their different understanding of
forgiveness and, ultimately, how to react to evil.” Here Prager takes
one theological step too many and commits, in this single statement, two
errors. The first is to deem the issue of forgiveness more important
than that of Jesus’ identity. Such a statement, to my mind, sullies the
memory of thousands of Jews who died rather than proclaim Jesus Lord.
Yet Prager also misses the fact that these two issues, that of
approaching Jesus and that of approaching our enemies, are essentially
one and the same: that the very question of how to approach our enemies
depends on whether one believes that Jesus was merely a misguided
mortal, or the Son of God. Let us examine how each faith’s outlook on
Jesus provides the theological underpinnings for its respective approach
to hate.
     The essence of a religion can be discovered by asking its adherents
one question: What, to your mind, was the seminal moment in the history
of the world? For Christians, the answer is easy: the passion of Jesus
Christ, the sacrifice of the Lamb of God for the sins of the world. Or:
“God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son” so that
through his death the world would find salvation. Jews, on the other
hand, see history’s focal moment as the Sinai revelation, the day the
Decalogue was delivered. On this day, we believe, God formed an eternal
covenant with the Jewish people and began to communicate to them His
Torah, the Almighty’s moral and religious commandments. The most
fascinating element of this event is that before forming this Covenant
with the Hebrews, God first asked their permission to do so. England’s
Chief Rabbi, Jonathan Sacks, describes the episode:

‘Before stating the terms of the covenant, God told Moses to speak to
the people and determine whether or not they agreed to become a nation
under the sovereignty of God. Only when “all the people responded
together, ‘We will do everything the Lord has said’” did the revelation
proceed. . . . The first–ever democratic mandate takes place, the idea
that there can be no valid rule without the agreement of all those who
are affected by it.     There is a wonderful bit of Jewish lore
concerning the giving of God’s Torah, in which God is depicted as a
merchant, proffering His Law to every nation on the planet. Each one
considers God’s wares, and each then finds a flaw. One refuses to
refrain from theft; another, from murder. Finally, God chances upon the
Jewish people, who gravely agree to shoulder the responsibility of a
moral life. The message of this midrash is that God’s covenant is one
that anyone can join; God leaves it up to us.’

     Consider for a moment the extraordinary contrast. For Christians,
God acted on humanity’s behalf, without its knowledge and without its
consent. The crucifixion is a story of a loving God seeking humanity’s
salvation, though it never requested it, though it scarcely deserved it.
Jews, on the other hand, believe that God’s covenant was formed by the
free consent of His people. The giving of the Torah is a story of God
seeking to provide humanity with the opportunity to make moral
decisions. To my knowledge, not a single Jewish source asserts that God
deeply desires to save all humanity, nor that He loves every member of
the human race. Rather, many a Jewish source maintains that God affords
every human being the opportunity to choose his or her moral fate, and
will then judge him or her, and choose whether to love him or her, on
the basis of that decision. Christianity’s focus is on love and
salvation; Judaism’s on decision and action.
     The difference runs deeper. Both the Talmud and the New Testament
have a great deal to say about the afterlife. Both ardently assert that
it exists, and both assure the righteous that they will receive eternal
reward and warn the wicked of the reality of damnation. Yet one striking
distinction exists between these two affirmations of eternal life: only
the Christian Testament deliberately and constantly links the promise of
heaven with ethical exhortation, appealing to the hope of eternity as
the incentive for righteous action. For Christians, every believer’s
ultimate desire and goal must be to experience eternal salvation.
Leading a righteous earthly existence is understood as a means towards
attaining this goal. Jews, on the other hand, insist that performing
sacred acts while alive on earth is our ultimate objective; heaven is
merely where we receive our reward after our goal has been attained. The
Talmud, in this regard, makes a statement that any Christian would find
mind–boggling: “One hour obeying God’s commandments in this world is
more glorious than an eternity in the World to Come.”” (50. Soloveichik,
Meir Y. “The Virtue of Hate.”)

To the definite detriment of the United States, Israel has succeeded in
turning a superpower into a vassal state and is using it as a proxy to
attack Iraq and other Arab States. This reversal of power relationships
has never occurred before in known history.

Despite the promise made to Palestinians that those who chose to remain
in Israel would receive equal citizenship, Israeli Courts have upheld
virtually all the excesses against the Palestinians and its Arab
citizens. There have been few exceptions to Arab Israelis being treated
as second class citizens. Israeli Officials have refused to provide gas
masks to Palestinians. The false promises made to Arab citizens and the
withholding of social services from Arabs are a major source of the
dissatisfaction, although several Arab communities have made concerted
efforts to integrate into Israel culture and vote in elections.

The Israeli military has openly and systematically violated the
conditions of agreements restricting the use of weapons supplied by the
United States, Great Britain and other nations. Banned flachette shells
were recently used against civilians in the Gaza strip. International
law and human rights accords have been openly and systematically
violated in military operation in the West Bank.

Command and control of Israeli troops has broken down as a direct result
of the loss of moral integrity among the nation’s leadership. Drunken
soldiers have been at the controls of armored bulldozers that destroyed
Palestinian homes, sometimes with the live occupants still in them.
Israeli troops manning roadblocks systematically beat and humiliate
Palestinians, sometimes forcing them to draw slips of paper from a hat
that contains what will be done to them. This is referred to as “the
punishment lottery.”

When the Palestinians and Arabs eventually have the opportunity to
express their accumulated hatred against Israel and the United States,
the consequences are unlikely to be pleasant.

Israel constantly pushes the envelope on atrocities in the Gaza Strip
and West Bank. It recently set new precedent by destroying a Bedouin
Mosque built entirely with funds raised by the community. The purported
reason was that no Israeli building permit had been obtained to
construct the Mosque.

Israeli soldiers force Palestinians to play “punishment lottery” by
drawing a slip of paper from a hat that lists how they will be abused.
The punishments range from humiliating acts to beatings and breaking
fingers or other bones. The aged, deaf and incapacitated Palestinians
are bulldozed inside their homes and killed. Children and adults are
shot for throwing rocks at Israeli soldiers and tanks. Israeli soldiers
and police have executed Palestinians after they have been taken into
custody. In the face of possible chemical and biological attacks by
Iraq, Israel has refused to provide gas masks for Palestinians. Security
fences and walls are constructed that divide Arab communities. Arab
property is continually stolen by Israeli “settlers” though a variety of
“legal” procedures. Israeli soldiers and settlers are rarely, if ever,
held accountable for the murder of Palestinians.

Palestinians resent the lies told to them and about them by Israel and
the United States. Hatred and resentment against Europe and the United
States continues to build due to the failure to restrain Israel.

POLITICS (External)
The fact that the Bush Administration’s War on Iraq was planned as far
back as 1998 has become public knowledge. The involvement of current and
former United States government officials who are open allies of Israel
in this planning has also become public knowledge. Open resentment is
growing in the United States and Europe to Israeli interference in
national affairs, continual demands for financial aid and cries of
anti-Semitism whenever legitimate questions are raised about the conduct
of Israel. These tactics will eventually become ineffective and
backfire, resulting in real hostility toward Jews and Israel. The
continuous creation and use in Washington and Israel of blatantly
falsified information about Iraq, terrorists and the Palestinians will
also ultimately become ineffective and backfire. This deterioration will
be expedited by incidents such as the French Rabi who faked a stabbing
attack on himself to raise and justify the cry of anti-Semitism in
France. Reaching into other nations to block attempts at peace
negotiations is also counter productive. Israel recently refused to
allow a Palestinian delegation to attend peace negotiations in Britain.

POLITICS (Internal)
There are several indicators in Israel’s internal political processes
that are consistent with an adverse future.

Israel is heavily dependent on immigration for future population growth.
In fact it is has specific goals for the number of annual immigrants.
These goals are not being met. There is a growing controversy over
broadening of the definition of “Jew” and recent examples of outright
bribery to convince groups of foreign nationals to immigrate to Israel.
It was recently decided to allow 20,000 Falashmura Africans to immigrate
that were ruled ineligible to immigrate in a previous airlift to Israel.
Traditional Jews are also protesting the immigration of secular Jews.

Ariel Sharon has called for a shortening of the time period required to
convert to Judaism in an attempt to increase the numbers of those who
immigrate and become citizens.

Problems are developing with maintaining the political fiction that
Israel is a democracy in the European and American sense. Israel has
never been a democracy in the strict sense of the word, it has been an
elective theocracy that more closely resembles Iran than the United
States. Attempts to “reform” the process over the last decade have only
made the system worse. One recent article criticizing fraud, corruption
and the detrimental role of party politics in the election process was
titled, “Democracy? What democracy?” (78. Dunner, Pini.). The end result
is that Israelis cannot elect people that will solve the nation’s
problems. There is open recognition that Ariel Sharon cannot and will
not deliver peace, security or solve Israel’s economic problems, yet he
was reelected. The Israeli electorate has no better idea of what to do
than anyone else, so they apparently vote from their basic culture of
hate and revenge, which will neither serve them in the short nor long

In the arena of symbols are two recent developments that reflect Jewish
inability to chart a survivable course into the future. Israel is also a
powerful symbol for the Jews. Jews outside Israel who are opposed to war
in Iraq and opposed to Israeli conduct in Palestine find it difficult to
voice their protest lest it is perceived as disunity and an attack on

The other symbolic issue has to do with the Israeli astronaut Ilan
Ramon. According to one website calling for all Jews to plant a tree in
Israel for their fallen astronaut, “Ilan” means “tree.” The symbolic
importance of a tree is that roots are put down where the tree is
planted. Selecting Ilan Ramon, who was an active duty Israeli military
hero, symbolically “planted” an Israeli military presence in space. The
rest of the world totally overlooked this important event. This is
confirmed in the way his death was eulogized in Israeli media. He was
declared to be the first casualty in the new battleground of space. This
indicates that Israel has plans to militarize space on its behalf. Since
there are no reports of a Palestinian presence in space, there is a
legitimate question as to what enemy Israel has that requires a military
presence there, especially if United States tax payers are required to
foot the bill.

Israel was created solely for the economic and political benefit of
European Aristocracy and Ashkenazi Zionists with utter disregard for its
long term viability or the ultimate fate of Jews who cast their lives
and fortune with the “Jewish Homeland.” Jews in Israel were intended to
be and became a proxy army for the European Aristocracy, and later for
American Elite, to keep the Arab world in military and economic check.
The creation and continued existence of Israel is so saturated with
contrivance, European Elite game-playing, fraud, corruption, deception,
greed, the personal delusions of its leadership, conflicting religious
expectations and mindless hatred, there are no solutions to the problems
it creates in the Middle East that will not cost millions of lives. This
will include the deaths of thousands, possibly millions of Americans
regardless of whether it is the Israelis or Palestinians that are
exterminated. Even if Israel somehow succeeds in surviving the coming
transition to a minority population with US help, it will eventually
find it necessary attack and attempt to destroy the United States
because it will be the only nation in the world that could
singlehandedly destroy Israel. The closer the change to minority
population gets, the greater will be the pressure on Israel to do
something the entire world will regret.

Both the citizens of Israel and their current political leadership are
prisoners of the Jewish culture of hate and revenge and prophesies for
the return to a new Israel. These elements of their culture have been
used to manipulate them into a disastrous self-destructive course of
action. Neither the majority of Israeli citizens nor their political
leadership are actively seeking solutions to several vital problems that
will eventually destroy Israel.

Conflict between Israel and the European Union nations will continue to
intensive. If Israel manages to survive its other problems, this
conflict with the European Union will eventually rise to the level of

Whether now or later, Israel will force the world to put an end to the
problems it citizens and supporters insist on creating and sustaining.
There will be no peace until it is done. The ultimate necessity for this
action has nothing to anti-Semitism. It would be necessary if Israelis
were of any ancestry engaged in this conduct. The fundamental problems
are a hate-based culture and the intellectual fraud of exploiting
religious expectations to achieve Zionist political goals.

One of the more amazing and painful aspects of the position Jews now
find themselves in is that with their historic and paranoid ability to
detect when they are being used by others, they yet do not comprehend
they were completely taken in and used by the European Elite in creating
the nation of Israel. Whatever the reason for this Jewish deficiency,
the United States, of necessity for its own independence and survival,
must put an end to its subordination as a vassal state to the European
vassal creation Israel.

There is consistent evidence that at least a significant portion and
possibly a majority of the Israeli population are completely unaware of
what they are participating in and the historic exploitation of their
beliefs and hatreds by Machiavellian European and American Elites. As an
electorate they demonstrate an ongoing inability to comprehend the
situation they are in and a proven inability to choose leadership that
will act rationally in their collective long-term interest. The
important decisions other Nations of the world must make regarding
Israel cannot be left to the Israelis because they are incapable of
making them.

There is no evidence of any effective awareness that the Balfour
Declaration and subsequent similar declarations made to specific Jewish
communities, which ultimately led to the establishment of Israel, were
sinister manipulations of Jews by European Aristocracy that had little
to do with any selfless desire to benefit Jews. Collateral false
promises and secret deals were made like the Sykes-Picot agreement
(http://www.yale.edu/lawweb/avalon/mideast/sykes.htm) that would divide
the Arab world among European nations, with an Ashkenazi controlled
Israel acting as a proxy European influence in the region. The entire
World is now held hostage to these European Elite games from nearly a
century ago.

In the most recent election Ariel Sharon was returned to office. It has
been pointed out in Jewish media that Sharon’s current apparent
rationality is in sharp contrast to his past militaristic fantasies.
When in his sixties, Sharon demanded to be placed in combat. Sharon’s
conduct from the incitement of the Intifada by walking across the Mosque
on the Temple Mount and claiming it for Israel to the present is
consistent with a man who wants his legacy to be leading the armies of
Israel in the Battle of Armageddon. He benefits in this delusion from
the support of Jews and Christians who desire to engineer the occurrence
the Battle of Armageddon on the spurious belief that God can be forced
by the hand of man to open the Gates of Heaven and begin his prophesied
reign on Earth. Humanity is on the verge of some intense reality testing
and a new layer of American Elite games imposed upon the Middle East.

No one committed to Zionism will want to hear this, but there is no
choice Israelis can make from the options currently available that will
not ultimately result in the demise of Israel. If no action is taken to
remove the Arab population from Palestine and from within the borders of
Israel, the higher birth rates among Arab families will result in Jews
becoming a minority population in Historic Palestine first and much
later a minority population even within the 1967 borders of Israel.

Organized crime may result in the destruction of Israel. Jews have
turned a blind eye to the fraud, corruption and organized crime
influence in the Israeli political parties and government. If nothing
continues to be done, organized crime will gain control of the
government and resources needed for Israel’s survival will be diverted
to crime profits. Documentation that organized crime collects bribes
from politicians to determine who wins elections through ballot
placement may indicate organized crime is already in control. As has
happened in other nations, when push comes to shove, criminals high and
low will take their money and run leaving the citizens of Israel to
whatever fate circumstances dictate.

A World concerned about the illicit trade in nuclear material and
nuclear weapons cannot ignore that the Israeli election process may
already be in the complete control of Jewish organized crime. Israel
is known to have chemical and biological weapons. Israeli organized
crime has already been involved in the sale of stolen Israeli military
arms to Palestinians. It is only a small additional step to the election
of someone completely in their pocket who will deliver nuclear, chemical
or biological weapons for resale on the terrorist black market.

The dangers inherent in the prospects of Zionists and Jewish organized
crime gaining control of space-based weapons are prominent among the
reasons Israel’s covert plans to establish a military presence in space
must be put on a short leash by other Nations interested in
self-preservation and avoiding the possibility of becoming victims of
Zionist blackmail.

If Israel continues its current policy toward the Palestinians in Gaza
and the West Bank, its economy will be destroyed and it will move into
negative population growth to accompany the current negative economic

Sending Mossad Death Squads on a worldwide murder rampage to eliminate
everyone who becomes inconvenient to Israeli criminals and the Israeli
government will end in disaster for one of two reasons. (1) The murder
of substantial numbers of people will turn world opinion against Israel.
(2) Ariel Sharon, or a future official like him, will order a ruthless
action that results in agents being caught in an act which leads to war
with a major power or terminates trade and economic assistance. Such
embarrassments have already occurred. To date, Mossad agents have been
caught attempting to assassinate a target in Jordan, attempting to plant
a bomb in the Mexican Congress, Michael Pollard was caught spying
against the United States, and Israeli “art students” were caught spying
on United States Government facilities and employees. There is also the
incident with Israeli agents working for a “moving” company observed
celebrating the destruction of the World Trade Center. No amount of
political and media influence will prevent a public backlash to an
unending chain of such incidents.

Another option is that Jews who want it and their Christian cohorts
succeed in engineering the destruction of Israel in the “Battle of
Armageddon” and nothing happens but the death and destruction. No
Messiah appears for the first or second time. The Jews are blamed for a
mindless world disaster. Zionism is destroyed. Pro-Zionist Christians
are revealed to be nothing but a 21st Century Heavenly cargo cult.
(Cargo Cults formed in South Pacific native populations around the idea
that a specific act or ritual would cause a cargo laden European ship to
appear at their island. There was a lack of understanding of the
bureaucratic requisition process.) Whoever survives the wholesale use of
chemical, biological, nuclear, scalar, and particle beam weapons may
attempt to pick up the pieces of whatever is left.

In another possible course of action, Israel decides for some reason
that Europe is not with the Zionist program or is getting too
“anti-Semitic” and carries out its threat to nuke the capitols of
Europe. Israel is destroyed in the military backlash and a significant
number of Jews are killed word-wide by the surviving angry citizens of
the nations that no longer have capitols.

In another option, Israel continues to rely upon the United States as a
vassal state, other national governments, and Jewish organizations in
other nations to provide funding of its profligate economy which
ultimately results in a crisis from which Israel cannot recover. A
collapse in the world economy or the economy of the United States makes
this foreign revenue disappear. This potential financial disaster may
already be underway. The United States Congress must decide between
sending Israel more money and dealing with budget deficits at both the
State and National levels. Unemployed Americans and State Governors will
not long tolerate watching money they need going to Israel. A strong
public backlash would put an end to Israel using the United States for
the soles of its jackboots in the Gaza Strip and West Bank. Since this
is occurring in conjunction with Israeli leaders already having the
destruction of its own economy well underway through insisting upon
sustaining the conflict with the Palestinians, the total economic
collapse could occur later in the current year. The early warning signs
will be ongoing deficit spending in excess of 3% of its annual budget,
lowering of Israel’s credit rating by international financial
institutions, and the United States declining Israel’s request for
foreign aid or loan guarantees.

The least likely course of action is that Jews conclude Sephardic voices
calling for the dismantling of Israel because it was conceived in sin
are correct. Israel is dismantled by choice for Jews to await the
creation of a future Israel solely by the hand of God without the act of
any man as prophesied.

In creating Israel, the desires, culture and religious beliefs of the
Jewish people were maliciously manipulated and exploited by now dead
“malefactors of great wealth” (Theodore Roosevelt) without regard for
the ultimate cost to Jews. Like all scams that play upon the corruption
of the victim, it could not have succeeded without the active
participation of at least some Jews. Whether the Jews who became willing
participants in the “Jewish Homeland” scam acted out of ignorance or
knowingly made deals with several devils on the false presumption that
they could ultimately turn the scam to their advantage is not well
documented. It is clear from their writings and the conduct of surviving
early participants like Ariel Sharon that the Jewish leaders and
fighters were ruthless individuals who did not shy away from knowingly
participating in criminal acts, including slitting the throats of
unarmed civilians in their sleep. They were certainly willing
participants in sowing the wind that has become the whirlwind reaped by
Jews now living inside and outside of Israel. Regardless of the original
Jewish desires, sentiments and expectations regarding the establishment
of Israel, it is rapidly becoming what most people would consider a
close approximation to Hell on earth.

A major decision the rest of the World faces is when to recognize that
Israel has no future and what will be done about it. The United States
faces the immediate decision of whether or not to invest an additional
$18 billion dollars in a futile lost cause. This is one of the
historical instances when it is true that the sins of European
Aristocratic, American Elite, and Ashkenazi Zionist Jewish fathers are
visited upon their children living in the current generation.

In closing, I request of those whose initial reaction to this analysis
will be to engage in character or actual assassination. Please do me the
courtesy of attempting to prove me wrong first. You will look very
foolish if you do something rash and my analysis proves to be correct.

* The estimated total Palestinian population in the immediate vicinity
of Israel at the end of 2002 in the Palestinian Territories, Israel,
Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, and Egypt was 8,186,000. The total estimated
2002 world Palestinian population was 9,300,000. (Palestinian Central
Bureau of Statistics.)


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© Copyright February 24, 2003 by James Roger Brown. All rights
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