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 Mar 04, 2003 11:55 PST 
                        WHEN ALL ELSE FAILS

                       James Roger Brown


Since the primary purpose Europeans originally had for adding spice to
food was concealing the bad taste of tainted meat, it should come as no
surprise those spices killed viruses, bacteria and parasites. In the
pre-refrigeration era, raw meat, cooked meat, and cooked vegetables
would spoil quickly. Undercooked meat would likely be infested with a
variety of parasites. The spices that became “popular” may represent a
classic example of Darwinian evolution. People who used no spices or
used spices without antiviral, antibacterial and anti-parasitic
properties probably died from parasite infestations, botulism,
salmonella, E. coli 0157:H57, or any of the 250 known food-borne

With American citizens facing the risk of biological, chemical and
nuclear war, any or all of which may result in the destruction or
overloading of our health and medical treatment systems, the antiviral,
antibacterial and anti-parasite properties of spices are something we
should become familiar with for our own protection. We know from
experience the current resident of the White House and his entire
Homeland Defense empire do not care whether or not ordinary citizens are
killed in chemical, biological or nuclear terrorist acts on US soil. The
“essential” government bureaucrats have their underground cities (built
with our tax dollars) to move into. Their instructions to us for
surviving a biological attack are to suffocate our entire family by
constructing an airtight room with duct tape and plastic sheeting that
we may have to stay in ten days to two weeks. All the available medicine
and uncontaminated food will also be going to them first. Remember, they
have been declared “essential.” Ordinary citizens will have to fight for
whatever is left over or sell themselves to whoever has local control.

Those who think this prospect is undesirable may want to consider
alternative methods of caring for themselves and their families. The
experimentally verified antiviral, antibacterial, anti-parasite and
other beneficial medical properties of spices may provide a viable
alternative to death for those of us who will be abandoned to our fate
by the current crop of sociopaths in Washington, D.C.


When using spices for medicinal purposes there is one vital piece of
information to remember:

“Heating at 200 degrees (Fahrenheit) for twenty minutes destroys the
antibacterial activity of most of these spices. They should be added to
food at the end of cooking, just before being eaten.” (Eating Safely in
a Polluted World: Part I - You Don't Have to Choose between Microbes and
Chemicals! Dr. Leo Galland M.D., F.A.C.N.

Another effective strategy for incorporating spices in preventive or
remedial medicinal cooking might be to use those which require blending
in making sauces with cooking times and temperatures that would not
destroy the medicinal properties. The sauces could then be applied to
meat or vegetables for the desired flavoring. For those resistant to
changing their eating habits, even for survival, steak and potatoes will
probably not taste quite as good if you are dead.


A study of spices that would kill E. coli 0157:H57 in raw hamburger
conducted at the University of Kansas reported the initial literature
search identified 200 spices that had documented antibacterial,
antiviral and anti-parasite properties. Twenty-three were selected for
testing on contaminated raw hamburger. This experiment determined that
garlic, cinnamon, oregano, sage and cloves were the most effective
spices at eliminating E. coli in raw hamburger.

There is one hurdle to overcome. Since spices are readily available and
offer no major prescription profit prospects for drug companies,
information on effective daily dosage for the health benefits of
specific spices is not readily available. I recommend that everyone
begin their research with their favorite spices. Ferret out their
chemical constituents, the health benefits of those components and how
much you would need to consume on a daily basis to fully benefit. Since
few of us like to consume the same thing every day, it would be a good
idea to develop a repertoire of medicinal spices to use alternatively.
To get everyone started on your personal research, a short bibliography
of spice and medicinal research sites is listed at the end of this
article. With war apparently set to begin in a matter of days, delay
would seem somewhat foolish if you or your family might find it
necessary to fight off unknown diseases without any outside help. Speed
is of the essence.


This lack of readily available information that would benefit the
general public points to a problem and remedy I have advocated in
private conversations. The public needs its own think tank that is not
driven by any political or other ideology. Most people are unaware that,
in addition to dumbing down our educational system, our national problem
solving and innovation apparatus in the form of the various National
Laboratories has also been gutted. Manpower has been substantially
reduced in many of these facilities. The remnants are ruled by dogma,
criminal activity, and the mind-set that delaying the solution to
problems will sustain their incomes.

The one place excellence, competence and innovation can still be found
is among our home schooled children. These children are a national
treasure that can be put to use. Putting together the knowledge from
medical research and experimental literature regarding spices is a
man-hour research problem that could be addressed by some of the
advanced home schooled under some adult supervision. The children would
learn valuable research skills and benefit form knowing that they are
making a useful contribution to the world. There are other problems that
could be addressed by such a brain trust. These home schooled children
might be the last bastion of anything resembling independent creative
thinking available to us for problem solving.

If there are any home schooling organizations out there that would be
interested in establishing a home schooling research and development
brain trust for children to participate in, I would be willing to lend
whatever relevant expertise I have to getting it established. Contact me
by mail, telephone or e-mail:
James Roger Brown
P.O. Box 2075
North Little Rock, AR 72115
(501) 374-1788

HerbMed: www.herbmed.org
MEDLINEplus: Alternative Medicine:
National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine:
Herb Research Foundation: www.herbs.org
Herbal Education Services: www.botanicalmedicine.org

Food Safety Consortium (University of Arkansas, Iowa State University,
Kansas State University)

Rye and Health

Rye Heart

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Integrated Medicine (http://www.mdheal.org/) (Author of Power Healing:
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The information contained in this article is for educational purposes
only and is not intended as a substitute for professional medical
advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek professional medical advice
from your physician or other qualified health professionals with any
questions you may have regarding a medical condition.

© Copyright March 3, 2003 by James Roger Brown. All rights reserved.
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