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 Mar 18, 2003 02:24 PST 
                      IRONY OR OMEN FOR ISRAEL

                         James Roger Brown


From time to time governments are embarrassed when one of their killing
machines, whose existence or nature they have denied, runs amok and its
representatives end up with red faces shuffling around the site of its
own dead citizens trying to explain how it could ever happen. Such an
incident occurred in Israel this past week.

Yoav Doron and Yehuda Ben-Yosef, both Jews and former Golani Brigade
junior officers, were killed by members of the elite Magellan combat
unit about 1 PM, March 14, 2003. The two men were security guards at an
experimental antenna for an illegal Jewish outpost established by the
regional council. Yehuda Ben-Yosef was shot dead in the driver’s seat of
a white car with red “SECURITY” signs printed in Hebrew on both doors
and the hood. Yoav Doron was killed running to the aid of Ben-Yosef by
an anti-tank grenade fired from a US made Cobra helicopter backing up
the Magellan unit’s mission to arrest two suspected terrorists. Before
running to the aid of his fellow security guard, Doron communicated to
Israeli officials that they were under attack by terrorists dressed in
Israeli uniforms. Both men were initially reported to be 22 years old at
the time they were killed.

Prominent among the initial explanations for the operational disaster
(1) “Optical mistake” (Perhaps visual distortions were produced by one
of those nefarious roving clouds of swamp gas.);
(2) Neither the observation team 300 meters away nor the soldiers 80
meters away could read the “SECURITY” signs on the car doors and hood
(perhaps no one in this elite unit had binoculars);
(3) The Magellan unit did not follow arrest protocols because they
believed they were dealing with armed terrorists.
(4) Ben-Yosef was responsible for his own death because he made a
movement the Magellan unit interpreted as reaching for a weapon (he
attempted to exit the car); and
(5) The Magellan unit was not informed of the existence of the outpost
by headquarters.


There is a simple explanation for this mess. Israel has a double
standard of military conduct problem. It has created one standard of
military conduct for Israeli citizens and another standard of military
conduct for Palestinians, Arabs and Gentiles. Palestinians are well
aware of the standard applied to them. Their children are gunned down in
the streets for having the courage to throw stones at Israeli tanks and
their pregnant women, elderly and incapacitated are murdered when their
homes are bulldozed with them still inside.

There is no need for any investigation. The fundamental “error” and
Israel’s embarrassment is that the wrong standard of military conduct
was applied to Yoav Doron and Yehuda Ben-Yosef by the elite Magellan
unit because the soldiers and commander believed they were dealing with
Palestinians, not Jews. The simple means of preventing this from
reoccurring is to adopt a military conduct policy to treat jews and
non-Jews with the same level of respect for life.

Whenever Israel is caught with its double standard showing, officials
usually attempt to conceal the fact by dismissing it as “a tragic
mistake,” “an unfortunate accident,” or similar terms that remove
culpability. The execution of Doron and Ben-Yosef was described as “a
tragic mistake.” Another example occurred while writing this article. An
American citizen protesting the demolition of Palestinian homes in the
Gaza Strip was run over twice by a bulldozer and killed. Israeli
officials described it as “an unfortunate accident.”

The Israeli soldier who drove the bulldozer that destroyed the center of
the Jenin refugee camp subsequently admitted to being drunk while doing
it. There were an unknown number of Jenin residents who died when
buildings where demolished on top of them. One photograph of the
aftermath included a wheel chair that had been run over by the
bulldozer. At the time no one could determine what had become of the
occupant of the wheel chair.


For some Palestinians, this incident will no doubt be viewed as sweet
justice for two Jews recently released from the Golani Brigade that has
gunned down many innocent Palestinians who were simply going about their
business. This might be tinged with some hope this is a divine sign that
Israel will be the recipient of future justice by their own hand. One
possible religious interpretation is the Jews in the Magellan unit,
despite their “elite” training, were so possessed by the demon of hatred
that they were literally blind to the “SECURITY” signs on the doors and
hood of the car in which Ben-Yosef was shot.

For Christian Zionists and other supporters of Israel, this should be a
revelation as to the evil their blind support of Zionism has created and
sustained. This situation is so clearly the product of a double standard
of military conduct that it might even penetrate the stone heads of Pat
Roberts and other Zionist broadcast evangelists.

Jews should be totally freaked out by this incident. In addition to the
obvious indication that something is seriously wrong with
accountability, command and control in their military, the spiritual
interpretation tools of Jewish culture would indicate a legion of red
flags for Israel. The spiritual interpretation of events by Jewish
religious leaders is heavily influenced by numerology, secret codes and
hidden meanings.

Under the numerology world view, the secrets of the universe can be
ferreted out by studying and interpreting the numerical properties of
names, dates, and places associated with events. This is accomplished by
the actual numbers or the numerical values assigned to words. Hebrew
letters and some words have assigned numerical values
(http://www.inner.org/gematria/gematria.htm). The meaning is determined
by adding the value of all the letters in a word. If the sum is two or
three digits, those are added until one digit, 0 through 9 is derived.
This is then used to arrive at the meaning of the word. Using the
equivalent for English (http://www.webnumerology.com/master_numbers.htm)
for example, Yoav Doron would have the value of 3 and Yehuda Ben-Yosef
the value of 2. The meanings associated with 2 and 3 are:

2 - Cooperation, balance, diplomacy, the peacemaker, power behind the
3 - Self-expression, creativity, communication, artistic, sensitive,

The numerology world view would indicate the killing of Doron and
Ben-Yosef was symbolic of the killing of harmony and creativity in a
vehicle labeled “SECURITY” in Hebrew.

Even more significant, the initial report indicated both men were 22
years of age when killed. The number 22 in numerology is one of a
special set that are not reduced to one digit when they occur. Multiples
of 11 are considered Master Numbers that have special significance. The
appearance of double 22 would emphasize its importance in this instance.
The meaning associated with the Master Number 22 is described in the

“22 (Master Builder/Spiritual Master in Form)

The 22 is the most powerful of all numbers. It is often called the
Master Builder. The 22 can turn the most ambitious of dreams into
reality. It is potentially the most successful of all numbers. It has
many of the inspirational insights of the 11, combined with the
practicality and methodical nature of the 4. It is unlimited, yet
disciplined. It sees the archetype, and brings it down to earth in some
material form. It has big ideas, great plans, idealism, leadership, and
enormous self-confidence. If not practical, the 22s waste their
potential. Like the 11, the 22 can easily shrink from its own ambition,
causing difficult interior pressures. Both the 11 and the 22 experience
the pressure-cooker effect very strongly, particularly at an early age.
It must work toward the realization of goals that are larger than
personal ambition. The 22 serves the world in a practical way - building
things for humanity.

22 Keywords: Mastery through Self-enterprise, Master Organizer, Master
Planner, Visionary, Practical Idealism, Dreams into Reality, Ambitious,
Intuitive, Methodical, Disciplined, Natural Leader” (Web Numerology,

Based upon the initial ages reported, the symbolic importance of Master
Number 22 was also killed with the two men. Subsequent to the initial
reported age of 22 for both men, the ages were changed to 23 and 22.
Whether this change was due to an error in the first report or due to
someone realizing the symbolic importance of the double 22 could not be

If the double 22 was correct. Both men would have been born in 1981. The
following events linked to events happening now occurred in 1981:

June 7, 1981 Israel destroyed the Iraqi nuclear reactor.
Oct. 6, 1981 Egyptian President Anwar Sadat was assassinated.
Nov. 30, 1981 Memorandum of Understanding between the Government of the
United States and the Government of Israel on Strategic Cooperation.

For all the cultures involved in the Middle East conflict, American,
Jewish and Arab, the killing of Israeli security guards Yoav Doron and
Yehuda Ben-Yosef by members of the elite Magellan unit has ugly
practical and symbolic implications. On the practical side, Israel is
dragging the entire world into a Hellish future by practicing both war
and politics using a double standard of conduct. It faces constant
potential embarrassment because of inhuman treatment of all non-Jews
that flows from this. The Israeli military is turning into a collection
of bald-faced liars who must individually and collectively create
greater and greater lies to cover what is obvious to a growing segment
of the world population. The major thrust of the symbolism for Israel is
that it has become a sociopathic killing machine that is destroying its
own creativity and harmony. The name “Yoav” means “the Lord is Father”
and “Yehudah” means “praised.” They are dead and buried now.

The practical importance to the United States, is that it has financed
and supplied the means to accomplish all this evil and lost any
reasonable expectation of controlling the situation through its blind
support of Israel.

The future will reveal what it means to the Palestinians.

[NOTE: Principles from numerology were incorporated to demonstrate how
Jews might assign significance to the deaths of Doron and Ben-Yosef
because numerology is a component of Jewish culture and should not be
interpreted as an endorsement of reliance upon numerology.]

© Copyright by James Roger Brown, March 17, 2003. All rights reserved.
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