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 Apr 09, 2003 23:28 PDT 

                       James Roger Brown

Both United States and British officials explained that soldiers stood
by watching wholesale looting in Iraq because it was necessary for the
Iraqi public to recognize the passing of Saddam’s rule. If celebrating
the fall of a repressive regime should include allowing the general
public to loot hospitals, universities, government buildings and the
private homes of the losing party, we should incorporate it in the
United States election process. We can begin by planning to include
unbridled looting in the observance of the fall of the repressive
usurper President George W. Bush. Imagine the release of repressed
emotions to be derived from sacking state and national Republican
Headquarters by those deprived of constitutional rights under the
pretext of Homeland Security.

The benefits of looting as demonstrated by the “Coalition of the
Willing” in Iraq are staggering when examined. By incorporating looting
in the Alliance transition process, the US economy will be stimulated
through the contracts given to American corporations to rebuild Iraq.

As victors insisting on complete control of the transition process, the
Bush Administration has taken every step possible to ensure that all
rebuilding contracts go to crony corporations which supported the
President and the war. This ensures that all the bombing and combat
damage repairs will be done by cronies. By allowing uncontrolled public
looting, President Bush has ensured that every stick of furniture, light
fixture, and every other item that could be stolen will have to be
replaced by the approved contractors.

Under international law and rules of war, President Bush assumed
responsibility for maintaining law and order in occupied territory when
the first soldier set foot in Iraq on his orders. His inability to
fulfill these responsibility is yet another consequence of sending an
inadequate number of soldiers to accomplish everything necessary to
properly administer occupied territory.

Using bombing to achieve this level of destruction to generate work for
the contractors would have taken months. Allowing the Iraqi criminal
element uncontrolled looting rights accomplished the job in two or three

It is sheer genius! Now, every looted Iraqi hospital, university,
school, and government building will have to be completely refitted down
to the paperclips, even those not damaged by bombs, missiles and
artillery fire. The business volume for the crony corporations could run
into trillions of dollars. This involves completely refitting the entire
bureaucratic infrastructure and providing operating supplies for an
entire nation of 24 million people. Never in history will so much have
been ordered from so few!

Allowing rampant looting in Iraq will also serve as a dual demonstration
projects for addressing the health care crisis and converting economies
to capitalism. All the stolen medical supplies were distributed on a
first-come, first-served basis regardless of ability to pay or lack of

All the stolen computers, copiers, generators, x-ray machines and other
devices will help provide a rapid transition to a private enterprise
economy with the minimum possible capital investment by the individual
entrepreneurs. It is difficult to obtain property cheaper than stealing
it. The looters can now set up their own cottage copying, x-ray,
breathing therapy and other business enterprises appropriate to whatever
they have looted. It would be difficult to envision a planned government
administered program that would accomplish this economic redistribution
more quickly. Looting as public policy is the ultimate application of
trickle-down economics.

Regardless of political, ethnic or religious affiliation, the Iraqi
people in particular and the Arab World in general should be insulted to
their very core at the demeaning reasons given by the United States and
British for allowing the looting in “liberated” Iraq. It is preposterous
and arrogantly racist to assert that allowing criminals unfettered reign
over Iraq for a period of time was necessary for Iraqis to comprehend
that Saddam had been removed from power.

*For the intellectually challenged who may lack sufficient capacity to
perceive it on their own, this article is satirical in nature and is not
seriously intended to be a justification for criminal action now or in
the future. The proposal to include looting in the American election
process is intended to ridicule the stupid idea that allowing the
looting of government offices and educational institutions in Iraq is
somehow useful public policy in the process of removing Saddam Hussein.

© Copyright by James Roger Brown, April 9, 2003. All rights reserved.
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