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 Aug 24, 2003 15:06 PDT 


                      James Roger Brown

“I know there is a lot of ambition in Washington, obviously. But I hope
the ambitious realize that they are more likely to succeed with success
as opposed to failure.” George W. Bush, Interview with the Associated
Press, Jan. 18, 2001. http://www.bushisms.com/NewQuotes.html

Do not believe Bush Administration explanations for why we are involved
in a terrorist war. The reason is simple. We are fighting Arab
terrorists for one reason. Decades ago the United States decided to
finance and align itself with Zionist terrorists who invaded Palestine
and seized it by force of arms. We sowed the winds of terrorism and now
we are reaping the whirlwind.

Bush and his Neoconservative minions are not trying to end our
involvement in a terrorist war, they are attempting to ensure that the
Zionist terrorists we continue to back and finance win. The fundamental
problem is that they are attempting to win using the same Zionist
strategy and tactics that have failed to achieve a decisive victory for
over fifty years. The strategy and tactics are working less effectively
for the United States than they did when applied by Zionists because
American troops are not driven by the same evil obsessions and hatred
that consume Zionists. If Bush insists on being involved in Israeli
politics he should switch American support to one of the Torah True
Jewish factions like Neturei Karta (http://www.nkusa.org/) which wants
to live in peace with Arabs.

If United States leaders truly want to end terrorist attacks against us
they must admit that supporting Zionist terrorism was a mistake and end
our political and financial support. The consequence of failing to do so
will continue sending American lives and billions of dollars a year down
the economic and political black holes of Afghanistan, Iraq and Israel.
Sleep with evil dogs and you get evil fleas.

Until the Bush Administration’s corporate loot and pillage disaster,
every President since Harry S. Truman took office has had positive job
growth. President Bush has managed to out-perform his Father’s economic
blunders and achieve NEGATIVE job growth. Bush’s Texas good-ole-boy
economic policy combined with duplicitous Zionist foreign policy has
placed the United States in a disastrous position. Should some
competence miraculously manifest itself in the Bush White House, there
is no amount of genius that could turn our current situation around
before the next election.

Among the economic consequences of negative job growth are erosion of
purchasing power and the tax base at a time when States are facing
historic deficits.

The full treachery of Bush’s disregard for the lives of workers and the
general public was revealed this week with the disclosure the White
House ordered the EPA to lie about the risks of breathing the toxic
fumes from the collapse of the World Trade Center. You cannot truly
honor or respect firemen and policemen, let alone the citizens of New
York, if you place their lives at risk by intentionally lying to them
about the scope and magnitude of the disaster they are dealing with. It
would take a low life piece of human scum to lie to the workers and
survivors of the attack on the World Trade Center when the correct
information could result in them seeking proper medical treatment in a
timely manner that might prevent life-long medical problems. This Bush
evil deed should be criminally pursued if it resulted in people dying.
If this little bit of Bush image spin resulted in people being killed,
he should spend his retirement in prison for murder.

I have some passion regarding public safety because I worked in this
general area twice. For several years I worked as a health officer in
the Memphis-Shelby County (Tennessee) Health Department and subsequently
as a highway safety researcher for the Virginia Department of
Transportation. I actually prevented a family from succumbing to carbon
monoxide gas once. It is inconceivable to me that any public official
would intentionally fail to warn the public of a toxic gas problem.
People are routinely evacuated from such areas and emergency workers are
supplied with the proper safety equipment.

I believe it is already clear that President George W. Bush will replace
Warren G. Harding as the most incompetent President in American history.
Bush and Harding have two things in common. President Harding was also a
Republican and his Administration also suffered from good-ole-boy

George W. Bush still has several months left before the next election.
He may commit additional acts that will ensure his claim to incompetence
is unchallenged. As time for the campaign to begin approaches he will no
doubt become more desperate for quick fixes as his economic and foreign
policy blunders become millstones around his political neck.

If we are stupid enough to elect Bush again, we will get what we
deserve. I have to admit I am among the idiots who voted for him the
first time. I do claim a mitigating factor. It turns out there was no
fit candidate running in the last election and it was easy to get

Bush and the United States would be in a much better position if he had
remembered his own advice. His term as President would have been “more
likely to succeed with success as opposed to failure.”

© Copyright by James Roger Brown, August 24, 2003. All rights reserved.
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