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 Sep 07, 2003 17:47 PDT 


                        James Roger Brown

Sincere Republicans who genuinely believe in conservative ideology
should abandon George W. Bush and the current Party leadership for the
same reason investors and employees of Enron and Global Crossing should
have sold their stock. They have been betrayed. In an act of political
adultery, their faithful ideological relationship with the Republican
Party has been betrayed to good-ole-boy economic whoreing.

George W. Bush is no more a responsible President than the Officers of
Enron and Global Crossing were responsible corporate managers. What they
have in common is placing their own self-indulgent agenda above the
responsibility to engage in competent management consistent with the
positions and trust they actively sought to attain.

Also in common are arrogance and a foolish belief of invulnerability.
With a corporation the most that can be lost is money. With George W.
Bushís arrogance and false sense of invulnerability, soldiers are dying
daily, the national debt grows daily and jobs are being permanently lost
to the United States economy daily. The arrogant military folly Bush has
currently under way is the equal of Napoleonís and Hitlerís foolishness
in invading Russia, with the potential for the same disastrous loss of
soldiers and military assets.

George W. Bush is a betrayer. For those who have any doubt, there is a
way to test the assertion with your own future observations.

Competent management solves problems when they are identified. Competent
problem solving incorporates monitoring mechanisms to determine whether
the actions taken to implement the solution are having the intended
consequences. When an action is not having the intended consequence of
advancing the solution, competent management will adapt and alter the
action to obtain a different result.

The problems the United States faces are known, a declining economy,
negative job growth, skyrocketing national debt, an overextended
military, soldiers dying daily in several nations, and a coming real war
with China.

If you pay close attention and ignore the passion arousing rhetoric,
George W. Bush will himself clearly demonstrate whether or not he should
be abandoned. If he is, in fact, a competent leader, he will not lie and
falsely assure us that events are moving toward a positive solution when
they clearly are not. He will demonstrate competence by clearly
identifying what is not working and tell us exactly what he is going to
do differently to obtain positive outcomes to the problems. He will then
OUTCOMES. If there are no changes to his actions, there will be no
changes in the problems.

For those who have doubts that Bush should be abandoned, your first
reality test will occur this very night.

© Copyright by James Roger Brown, September 7, 2003. All rights
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