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 Sep 17, 2003 22:10 PDT 


                           James Roger Brown

There is something fundamentally wrong with a political movement which
seeks to engineer the destruction of the world to manipulate God into
delivering on His alleged promises to them. I suspect Zionists, and all
who follow them, will be unpleasantly surprised at the outcome. Current
events in the Middle East have nothing to do with prophesy fulfillment
regarding the end-time God-restored Israel. Anyone who reads the fine
print on the contract between God and Jews recorded in the Old Testament
and Torah (said contract Zionists now claim as theirs to implement) will
discover that they are making false claims.

Basically, a contract is a two party agreement that states a duty to do
or not do something and establishes a right to performance of each
respective party’s duty with some remedy for breach of performance of
the obligated duty. The entire Torah details the conditions and duties
of the contract between God and the Jews.

In a 1991 interview, Rabbi Beck of Neturei Karta stated three Oaths that
identify specific duties of the Jews.

“The Three Oaths are as follows - Firstly that Jewish people should not
rebel against the nations of the world; Secondly that they should not
engage in any actions which will accelerate the coming of the End of
Days and the Third is that they should not go as a mass group to tarsal
[the (Wailing) Wall]. These are the Three Oaths that were placed upon
the Jewish people.”*

“As a message to European peoples, I emphasise [sic] that Judaism is
defined as a religion - a spiritual affair based upon faith and the
Torah. This is the sole interest of the Jewish people - to pursue their
spiritual life and their spiritual destiny. They are in no way a
politically aggressive people, they have no devices or intentions upon
any other people.

I ask that Europe peoples do not confuse and attribute to the Jewish
people the actions of Zionists. These actions are rejected with utter
disdain by the Jewish people. Traditional Jewish people are enraged by
the theft of the term "Israel" by the Zionists. Non-Jews should realize
that this was a theft. The Zionists stole this name and there is no
connection whatsoever between the actions of the Zionists and
traditional Jewish people. European peoples should view these as two
separate groups and not attribute the thoughts of one to the other.”*

Rabbi Beck’s views makes good sense when you consider that if God were
the moving force behind Zionist Israel there would be no need for
Washington lobbyist, campaign contribution bribes, world-wide roving
bands of assassins, and a recruitment drive aimed at turning every Jew
into a Michael Pollard.

The historical record clearly indicates that it was British Lord
Balfore’s Declaration that instructed Zionists to go displace
Palestinians and steal their land. There is no record that the Old
Testament cloud God walked around in was seen anywhere. There are no
reports of instructions to displace and kill Palestinians delivered from
burning bushes. There is nothing to indicate that it was anything other
than the product of malicious human elitist political contrivance.

The daily lives of Israeli Jews validate the idea expressed in many
variations that the evil men individually and collectively do will
return to haunt them or their children.

March 31, 2002, I published “Differentiating Savages, Soldiers and
Warriors: The Importance of Disciplined Violence to Civilization.” One
major point I made was that soldiers who only have training and a
military code of conduct to rely on for guidance can easily degenerate
into savages if placed into situations they were not prepared for. A
soldier whose sole concern in all his actions is self-preservation is
controlled completely by fear. A soldier whose actions are driven by
revenge is controlled by hate. As explained in the article:

“Savages engage in violence to gratify their emotions and appetites.
Savages can be highly trained and skilled in the arts necessary to
obtain what they want. Being well trained in the arts of violence does
not, in and of itself, raise one above the level of brute.”**

I used the Israeli Army’s Palestinian operations as an example of
soldiers degenerating into savages. There is no other label for soldiers
who deposit their human waste in school copying machines than savages.
The Israeli Army lacks fire control and basic command and control. The
same problem that has now developed among United States soldiers in

Despite the warning example of the Israeli Army, United States military
forces in Iraq have adopted the same policy of no control. That is why
you have examples like the ninety minute “friendly-fire incident” that
killed members of the Proxy Police being set up as substitute bullet
sponges for Coalition forces. The only explanation for a “friendly fire”
mistake lasting more than five minutes in an urban setting is the
complete absence of effective command and control. Being a veteran
myself, it pains me to point out that United States soldiers have
degenerated into the same savages you find in the Israeli Army.

As a minister friend of mine used to say when referring to people who
had gotten themselves into trouble, “They had help getting there.” As in
Vietnam, Somalia, Gulf War I, and numerous other examples, their
actions and plight are a product of failed generalship and
statesmanship. Every malignant politician and Napoleon want-to-be
willing to get people killed on the hope some glory will accrue to them
end up abusing their soldiers in untenable situations when their grasp
exceeds their capacity. The morally depraved President George W. Bush
would stand by and see every soldier in Iraq dead rather than send the
number of soldiers actually needed because to do so would be a tacit
admission of failure, incompetence and lies.

It is time for some new “just say no” campaigns. Just say no to Zionism.
Just say no to Zionist controlled politicians. Just say no to Zionist
contrived conflict and proxy wars.

Even if Zionists were not Hell-bent on engineering Armageddon, the
“state” of Israel they created is doomed to failure (see “The Inevitable
Demise of Israel: One Suicide Nation and Eight Million Potential Suicide
Bombers.”***). Due to higher birth rates among Palestinians and Arabs,
Jews in Israel will become a minority population about 2010. Israelis
are selecting one of three futures.

Option one is that Zionists and their Fundamentalist Christian allies
succeed in engineering a war between Israel and the entire World.
Zionist Israel is destroyed in the Armageddon it wanted.

Option two is that Israel grants equal rights to Palestinians and Arabs
and disappears when Jews become the minority voting population. Zionist
Israel is destroyed.

Option three is that Zionists establish an apartheid government denying
equal rights to Palestinians and Arabs. Zionist Israel follows the
foot-steps of apartheid South Africa into oblivion.

It is said by some the forces of evil in this world cannot create
anything, they can only corrupt good. The evil at the core of Zionism is
the same as found in adultery. In adultery the evil is in setting aside
the relationship with the spouse and substituting someone else. The evil
in Zionism is that its founders succeeded in conning its followers into
converting the contract with God into a contract with Zionist Israel.
Zionists have displaced God with the Nation of Israel.

For impatient world-weary Jews who longed to see the prophesy of Israel
fulfilled, it was an easy fix. Now that they have committed their lives,
their fortunes, and their sacred honor to this spiritual adultery there
is no painless way out for them. Their existence resembles the parable
of the monkey with its clinched fist caught in a jar. Like the monkey
trapped in the illusion that he is holding the nut and not the truth
that clutching the nut is trapping his fist in the jar, Jews are
discomforted by the pain of holding onto the falsehood created by the
adulterous displaced contract with God. They cannot bring themselves to
let go of the comfortable lie.

We are living the consequences of Zionist Christians and
Neo-conservatives failing to have this insight.

With Zionist Jews incapable of ending their fools march to destruction,
the rest of us must look to our own self-interest. There is an old bit
of Jewish wisdom they should be reminded of, “A man who cannot help
himself cannot be helped by anyone.” It is time to place all Zionist
organizations in the same category as Al Qaeda, seize their assets under
the war on terror, arrest and send to prison all their illegal agents
and move on to a future that does not include participating in a fools
death march. It is time to jerk our politicians off the Israel uber
alles war wagon.

Do you really want to die to fulfill the Zionist/Fundamentalist
Christian/Neo-Conservative Armageddon fantasies? I certainly do not.
Yet, this is the road we continue to allow ourselves to be force-marched

*Three Talmudic Oaths: Interview With Rabbi Beck of Neturei Karta, Third
Way Publications Ltd, July 1st; 1991.
http://www.jewsnotzionists.org/Interview%20Rabbi%20Beck.htm also see
copy of New York Times ad at

**Differentiating Savages, Soldiers and Warriors: The Importance of
Disciplined Violence to Civilization.

*** “The Inevitable Demise of Israel: One Suicide Nation and Eight
Million Potential Suicide Bombers,” February 24, 2003

© Copyright by James Roger Brown, September 17, 2003. All rights
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