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 Sep 30, 2003 23:10 PDT 


                    James Roger Brown

Editorials and columns regarding the sinister Bush Administration
exposure of CIA agent Valerie Plame, wife of former US charge d'affaires
to Iraq Joseph Wilson, fail to demonstrate a clear understanding of what
actually took place. Media reports treating the exposure as an attempt
to embarrass Mr. Wilson underrate the significance.

Valerie Plame was a clandestine field agent working under corporate
cover. The exposure of an undercover field agent is considered
tantamount to a death sentence that requires immediate remedial action.

The intentional exposure of field agents by government officials is not
unknown. Espionage is a dirty business and agents have knowingly been
sacrificed for strategic and tactical purposes. During World War II
agents were trained for missions to areas where their captures were
certain. They were given false information for the Nazis to extract for
deception purposes. Such deception operations were highly successful.
The Nazis did not believe the United Kingdom and the United States could
be that ruthless.

The exposure of Valerie Plame is in a class by itself. Mr. Wilson
offended the Bush Administration by insisting that the public was
informed that false information had been disseminated by the President

Someone in the Bush Administration decided to make an example of Mr.
Wilson, and his wife, to discourage others from contradicting the
official line. The intended lesson for Mr. Wilson and any potential
emulators to take to heart is that if you cross President George W. Bush
there will be no compunctions about arranging the death of your spouse.
The David Wilson-Valerie Plame scandal for the Bush Administration bears
a striking similarity to the situation that developed from the
inconvenience weapons expert Dr. David Kelly created for Tony Blair.
Unlike Dr. Kelly, Valerie Plame has not yet conveniently committed
“suicide” with electrodes to confirm that her heart has stopped beating
still attached to her body. Perhaps Bush Administration Officials can
borrow the team that assisted Dr. Kelly with his “suicide.”

If there is anyone who does not yet understand, the Bush White House is
the most dangerous America has ever seen. Bush Administration Officials
do not care how many of our soldiers are killed daily around the World.
They do not care how many citizens are unemployed. They do not care how
many jobs are lost daily. They do not care if a career CIA agent is
murdered as a lesson to her husband and others.They do not care about
anything but the power they hold.

As events unfold leading up to the next Presidential election, always
keep in mind that Bush and the people around him, like the Zionists
running Israel, believe that they are the anointed of God who wants them
where they are to carry out their respective agendas leading up to
Armageddon. Do not be surprised at anything you see. These people are
capable of murder and, whatever other laws are referenced in the
investigation, the exposure of Valerie Plame should be treated as
attempted murder.

© Copyright October 1, 2003 by James Roger Brown. All rights reserved.
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