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List Name ~ Sophia ~ (Sophia)
Purpose: Mother of the Living, Womb of Eden

Mother of the Living, Wisdom who teaches us, most Beloved of all the gods and goddesses, You who nurture us with Your spiritual milk & guide each of us who were borne of Your Divine Maternity unto inSpirited maturity...

You are our fountain of living waters, the Sourcespring of all loving, very Womb of Eden.

You infuse us with veryEssence we are, ensouled essences of Your Essence, like waftings of Your fragrances into time & flesh, like wave tipplings touched with sunlight rising from the Ocean of Your Depths... all of us inter-linked in this life-mesh You weave...

You are our Matrix, Womb of all being from Whom all physicality arises -- sensitized into this exquisite range of seeing & feeling, thinking & dreaming, imagining & loving.

You are the Gateway to the continuum of consciousness which lurks behind all masks of multiplicity...

You joy in us, You commune with us... in gentle commingling, intermingling, interfusing, all-blessing.

You are our abiding felicity.

~~wynn manners
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Created: May 23, 2003
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