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Southern Heritage News & Views  Dema-@aol.com
 Oct 14, 2008 08:35 PDT 

Kevin and the Levinites

From: _wildbil-@yahoo.com_ (mailto:wildbil-@yahoo.com)

Kevin and the Levinites

No folks, I’m not talking about some king and his pagan tribe in the Old
Testament, or some modern day cult for that matter. I’m referring to Kevin
Levin, his “Civil War memory” blog,
_http://civilwarmemory.typepad.com/civil_war_memory/_ (http://civilwarmemory.typepad.com/civil_war_memory/)   and the
adoring admirers who post glowing “comments” of worship at his carpetbagger
temple. It seems that a few SHNV subscribers other than me have discovered this
blog and have found, as I have, that in most cases, Levin does not allow posting
of messages from those who vehemently disagree with him. Put into the
contemporary vernacular, Levin’s blog is heavily “EDITED.” There have been some
cases where he has allowed a message to be posted. In such cases however, there
is seldom a debate, or a back and forth discussion. Usually, the message is
posted, Levin issues a rebuttal, drawing applause from his brain dead
worshippers, then shortly thereafter, the post disappears mysteriously into the

Levin is not the least bit original. For one thing, every hack “civil war”
historian/author/blogger out there today who’s trying to make a buck or a name
for himself is jumping on the same bandwagon – “Bash the South”, “Bash the
Lost Cause”, and moan about racism. The more creative you are in doing these
things, the more likely you are to sell your book or make your blog famous.

For another thing, the word “Memory”, indicates a second rate imitation of
Dr. David Blight’s “schtick” _http://davidwblight.com/index.htm_
(http://davidwblight.com/index.htm) . Blight, an Amherst professor and author of “Race
and Reunion,”
(http://www.amazon.com/Race-Reunion-Civil-American-Memory/dp/0674008197) , maintains that America’s “memory” regarding the WBTS is faulty, due
mostly to those werry werry bad Confederates, who, after the war, re-wrote
history. To listen to Blight, the war was all about slavery and little else, and
the black man invented everything except the wheel but was never given credit
for it. Blight, of course, is going to correct all that and set us straight.

Blight also bills himself as a “Professor of MEMORY Studies,” whatever that’
s supposed to mean. In my day, a professor who bestowed a title like that
upon himself would have been laughed out of academia and out of the classroom.
Indeed, in my day, such a bonehead might have received a visit from the men in
white coats carrying their “butterfly nets.” Today it seems, such people
are taken seriously, a comment perhaps on how low the world’s common sense
level has sunk. Read a little of Levin’s ramblings and you’ll quickly realize
that he imitates Blight, that he idolizes Blight, and that if his head was
buried any farther up Blight’s a**, we’d need a tow truck to pry it out.

Don’t waste your time trying to debate Levin. He won’t allow it. It would
spoil the nice, neat look of his blog. “Thank God for Kevin Levin”, was one of
the comments on his blog!! (YIPES!?) Don’t waste your time trying to engage
him in debate on neutral territory either. He has nothing to gain by it. And
don’t waste time trying to enlighten those who worship at his temple. They
are already in “flat-line” mode.

So what to do then? Email him? While it might get under his skin, it isn’t
going to change anything. Start a counter blog? Having had a website myself
once upon a time, I can tell you that such things are extremely time consuming.
Actually folks, there’s a lot more at stake here than simply counter-pointing
a blowhard yankee blogger.

Levin, you see, is a teacher, the same kind of teacher who teaches your kids
to be ashamed of who they are and where they come from. I wish I had a
dollar for every Southerner who’s told me that he’s lost one or more children to
an educational system which has seen fit to ingrain shame into them.

And there are many Kevin Levins, in public schools and in private ones, all
over the South and indeed, all over the country. The way to combat people like
Levin is not to challenge them to intellectual duels, which they will not
accept because they have nothing to gain, but to challenge them when they try
to (and I mean this in the most literal sense) take your children away from
you! Remember, you pay their salaries. You pay for your kids to go to the
school, be it a private school or a public one. Don’t send your kids to them
without first giving those kids the “lowdown” on who they themselves are, and who
people like Levin are! And when teachers like Levin try to make your kids
ashamed of who and what they are, go pay those teachers a visit and tell them
that you pay their salaries and that you don’t appreciate what they are trying
to do. I could be wrong, but my gut tells me that such schools as the one
Levin teaches in are full of “latchkey children,” (children whose parents
simply turn their kids over to the educational system without keeping tabs on what
’s being taught).   

Let Kevin and the Levinites do their “thang” on the internet – after all, it
’s a free country.

But don’t let them have your children! And don’t be a “latchkey parent.”

Bill Vallante
Commack NY
SCV Camp 3000 (Associate)
SCV Camp 1506 (Associate)
SCV Camp 1369 (Associate)


Harrison, Arkansas Flag Ban

From: _cliftonpal-@yahoo.com_

I wrote this message to the Harrison Arkansas Chamber of Commerce.

You will recall that they had banned the Battle Flag, but had agreed some
months ago to meet with Jason RICE to discuss lifting that ban.

Mr. RICE informs me that the Chamber has yet to meet with him.


My friend Jason Rice informs me that you are still refusing to lift the ban
you imposed upon display of the Confederate Battle Flag.

You agreed many months ago to meet with Mr. Rice and other interested
parties to discuss the ban -- but you have yet to honor that agreement.

I explained to you in detail some months ago that the Confederate Battle
Flag is not objectionable in the least; that the only thing objectionable is
various malcontents' abuse of it. I allude particularly to the Ku Kluxers and
other low-lifes of their kind.

To refresh your memory, I give you again two definitions from Webster¢s
Third New International Dictionary of the English Language Unabridged (Chicago:
Encyclopaedia Britannica, Inc.; 1981):

PREJUDICE: Unreasonable predilection for or objection against something; or
an opinion or leaning adverse to anything without just grounds or before
sufficient knowledge; or an irrational attitude of hostility directed against an
individual, a group, a race, or their supposed characteristics; or an opinion
or judgment formed beforehand or without due examination.

BIGOTRY: Obstinate and unreasoning attachment to one’s own belief and
opinions with intolerance of beliefs opposed to them.

Your ban shows that you have an unreasonable predilection against the
Confederate Battle Flag. That you hold that unreasonable predilection even after I
have explained matters to you indicates that you hold your opinion without
just grounds. Your opinion constitutes an irrational attitude of hostility
directed against Confederate supporters as a group, and an obstinate and
unreasoning attachment to your beliefs with intolerance of beliefs opposed to them.

In short, by persisting in your ban, you are showing yourselves to be
prejudiced bigots.

Is that really the image you want to project?

Clifton Palmer McLendon
Gilmer, Texas


Letters to the Editor
Memphis Commercial Appeal

Learn about Forrest before judging

I hope that the Memphians who opposed the application for placing Forrest
Park on the National Register of Historic Places (Oct. 3 article) will follow
The CA's advice and, for the first time in their lives, actually study the
history of Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest. The best place to do that is our public
library. They would find in "First With the Most" by Robert Henry that one of
Forrest's regular slave-trade customers was a black slave-trader from
Kentucky who bought and sold over 1,200 slaves a year.

There were Memphians who Forrest would never sell a slave to because they
had a reputation of being abusive masters. Further research in the special
manuscripts section of our public library reveals a "Roll of Honor" with the
names of Memphians who donated to the Forrest equestrian monument fund such as:
Boyle, Chase, Crump, Collier, Donelson, Fontaine, Galloway, Goldsmith, Gerber,
Halle, Heiskell, Lowenstein, Loeb , Mallory, Neely, Norfleet, Orgill,
Overton, Seessel, Turley, Wellford, just to name a few. Our own Commercial Appeal
was on the donor list.

At the monument dedication ceremony on May 16, 1905, Sen. Thomas B. Turley
had these remarks: "It is a fact, Mr. Mayor, if Memphis should be overwhelmed
by misfortune -- if she should lose all her commercial greatness, in fact, if
she should be blotted from the map and become a mass of ruins like Memphis of
old on the Nile, still she would be remembered as the home of Forrest." It
is also a fact that Memphis has a Charles Henry Niehaus 11/2 life-size
equestrian bronze sculpture that is inventoried by the Smithsonian among 126 works
of art by Niehaus. That should be reason enough to place the park on the
historic register.

Becky Muska
Shelby Forest

Historic Elmwood is best for Forrest

Here is my solution to what your Oct. 7 editorial aptly called "the flap
over Forrest Park":

Disinter the bodies of General and Mrs. Nathan Bedford Forrest and move
them, along with the controversial statue, to a prominent location at Elmwood
Cemetery. Elmwood has become a destination site for many tourists interested in
the Civil War era, and such a move would enhance that appeal.

Form a nonprofit foundation to purchase and refurbish the antebellum
building that formerly housed Justine's restaurant. This handsome old building is
slowly disintegrating and will soon become a pile of rubble if nothing is done
to save it. It is located near Elmwood and the two could become a nice "two
for one" attraction for people interested in that era of history.

Rename Forrest Park something less controversial. One name that comes to
mind is Martyr's Park, honoring those who gave their lives caring for victims of
the yellow fever epidemics in Memphis during the 19th century. (There already
is such a park, but it is certainly a well kept secret.) Perhaps eventually
a small museum devoted to Memphis' yellow fever epidemics could be built on
the site. It is appropriately located adjacent to the UT medical school.

Alfred B. Nimocks
Forrest City, Ark.



Controlling Elections in the Postwar South

From: _Bernha-@att.net_ (mailto:Bernha-@att.net)

The letter below reveals the intent behind the Reconstruction Acts enacted
after the radical Republicans refused to seat the freely-elected
representatives of the Southern States---the same ones they refused to let peacefully leave
the perpetual Union. Thus the military regimes in the South could control
Southern elections with the freedmen's vote, which carried Grant to power in
1868 and helped maintain the one-party rule that lasted until Democrat Grover
Cleveland's election.
The closeness of the 1868 popular vote showed the dire need for those black
votes controlled by the corrupt carpetbag regimes in the South---3,013,421
for Grant, 2,706,829 for Horatio Seymour. On June 23, 1867, Frances Butler
Leigh wrote this letter which is a commentary on the Congressional
Reconstruction Policy which had just been decided upon.

Bernhard Thuersam, Executive Director
Cape Fear Historical Institute
Post Office Box 328
Wilmington, NC 28402
_www.CFHI.net_ (http://www.CFHI.net)

Controlling Elections in the Postwar South:

“We are, I am afraid, going to have terrible trouble by-and-by with the
Negroes, and I see nothing but gloomy prospects for us ahead. The unlimited power
that the war has put into the hands of the present Government at Washington
seems to have turned the heads of the party now in office, and they don’t
know where to stop. The whole South is settled and quiet, and the people too
ruined and crushed to do anything against the government, even if they felt so
inclined, and they are all returning to their former peaceful pursuits, trying
to rebuild their fortunes and thinking of nothing else.

Yet the treatment we receive from the government becomes more and more
severe every day, the last act being to divide the South into five military
districts, putting each one under the command of a United States general, doing
away with all civil courts and law. Even D___, who you know is a Northern
republican, says it is most unjustifiable, not being in any way authorized by the
existing state of things which he confesses he finds very different from what
he expected before he came. If they would frankly say they intend to keep us
down, it would be fairer than making a pretense of readmitting us to equal
rights, and then trumping up stories of violence to give a show of justice to
treating us as conquered foes of the most despotic Government on earth, and by
exciting the Negroes to every kind of insolent lawlessness, to goad the
people into acts of rebellion and resistance.

The true reason is the desire and intention of the Government to control the
elections of the South, which under the constitution of the country they
could not legally do. So they have determined to make an excuse for setting
aside the laws, and in order to do this more fully,---(they have disenfranchised)
the whole white population while the Negroes are allowed to vote en masse…
.Meanwhile, in order to prepare the Negroes to vote properly, stump speakers
from the North are going all through the South, holding political meetings for
the Negroes, saying things like this to them: “My friends, you will have your
rights, wont you (“Yes!” from the Negroes), “Shall I not go back to
Massachusetts and tell your brothers there that you are going to ride in the street
car with the white ladies if you please?” (“Yes!, and applause). This I copy
verbatim from a speech made at Richmond the other day, since which there
have been two serious Negro riots there, and the General commanding had to call
out the military to suppress them.”

(Ten Years on a Georgia Plantation After the War,” R. Bentley and Son,
London, 1883, pp 66-70)


"You do not propose to enter into our States, you say, and what do we
complain of? You do not pretend to enter into our States to kill or destroy our
institutions by force. Oh, no... You propose simply to close us in an embrace
that will suffocate us... The day for adjustment has passed... We desire, we
beseech you, let this parting be in peace... you can never subjugate us; you
can never convert the free sons of the soil into   vassals, paying tribute to
your power; and you never, never can degrade them to the level of an
inferior and servile race. Never! Never!"    

Senator Judah Benjamin of Louisiana


SHNV and The Southern American Book Store
_http://shnv.homestead.com/books.html_ (http://shnv.homestead.com/books.html)

As you already know, SHNV is "Dedicated to the preservation of Southern
Heritage and to defend the Honour of our Confederate Ancestors."

When/if you purchase books from The SHNV Book Store, you help us support the
above. This support pays for websites, storage, forums and many other things
that keep SHNV up and running.

Your support is greatly appreciated,



General Lee's Army: From Victory to Collapse
By Joseph Glatthaar
List Price: $35.00
SHNV Price: $23.10

"You would be surprised to see what men we have in the ranks," Virginia
cavalryman Thomas Rowland informed his mother in May 1861, just after joining the
Army of Northern Virginia. His army -- General Robert E. Lee's army -- was a
surprise to almost everyone: With daring early victories and an invasion
into the North, they nearly managed to convince the North to give up the fight.
Even in 1865, facing certain defeat after the loss of 30,000 men, a Louisiana
private fighting in Lee's army still had hope. "I must not despair," he
scribbled in his diary. "Lee will bring order out of chaos, and with the help of
our Heavenly Father, all will be well."


Battle Flag Motorcycle Rally

The New Confederate Partisans & SWR's Undefeated Mechanized Cavalry ANNUAL

No bike required to join us!

Saturday, April 25, 2009





'Carpetbaggers' wrong on battle flag
Augusta Chronicle, GA

New York, Slavery & the Truth
Consortium News

"...the Yankees, invading the South, were monsters, killing, raping and
destroying civilian property"
By Alan Stang

SCV in the news - amendments being considered to allow Tennessee giant flag

Confederate flag along I-75 gets even bigger

SCV participates in memorial service
Cedartown Standard, GA
morial-service&widget=push&instance=home_latest_right_first&open) =&

Blue Springs Battle: Reenactments Attract Big Crowds
Greeneville Sun, TN

14 Pictures Of The South 1864 To 1943

The Southern Nationalist

One in three recent Atlanta Police Academy graduates have criminal records

What Ron Paul Saw in Him
Laurence Vance on Chuck Baldwin.

Chuck Baldwin For President 2008
_http://www.baldwin2008.com/_ (http://www.baldwin2008.com/)

Davie Women's Club Program and supper
Davie, FL
Wednesday, October 15, 2008
Follow this link and click on the 15th.

Beauvoir MS
October 17-19

Nathan Bedford Forrest Seminar
The Tennessee Division SCV is sponsoring a seminar of General Forrest
beginning at 9:30 AM on Saturday October 18, 2008 in Clarksville TN. You may obtain
all the details at this site: _http://www.tennessee-scv.org/forrest08.pdf_

Collierville, Tennessee battle
The Battle of Collierville Association will celebrate the 145th anniversary
of the Battle of Collierville
Oct. 24-26

Mississippi's Confederate State Flag Subject of Forum
Tuesday, October 28, 2008 - Pearl, MS

The League of the South's 2008 National Conference
31 October - 1 November
Chattanooga Tennessee Convention Center

Battles for the Armory
Tallassee AL
November 7-9
Contact Bill Anthony at: _csaisl-@yahoo.com_

NC League of the South Conference
November 15th
Graham, North Carolina

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