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Southern Heritage  Charles Demastus
 May 11, 2001 16:33 PDT 
Executive Committee Meeting and Southern Reparations 051101

From:   Sally-@prodigy.net=20

You can print out the petition from this web site - get as many signatures a=
you can then
mail to Dr. Hill (as stated in this email.   =20

----- Original Message -----=20
From: Watters=20

Last weekend the Florida League of the South held a Executive Committee=20
including our State Board of Directors and all of our Local Chapter Chairmen=
One of the
items of discussion was the issue of Southern Reparations.

As you may or may not know the League of the South is in the process of=20
signatures of all people (Red, White, Black, Northerners, Southerners and=20
etc.) who are
desirous of having the League of the South's legal counsel represent them in=
this class
action case. This is not a joke or a spoof. Our attorneys, under the=20
direction of Mr. Jack
Kershaw, are convinced we have a winnable case. We already have over 15,000=
requesting the legal services of the League of the South. Our attorneys hop=
to have
somewhere in the neighborhood of 300,000 signatures as participants in this=20
class action
for Southern Reparations, prior to petitioning Congress.

During our Executive Committee meeting I explained to all of the Committee=20
the legal processes and the appropriate time tables involved with this class=
action. The
legal processes are too detailed to go into in this communiqu=E9, therefore=20=
will attempt to
let you know what will be expected of you and all participants.

1) the petitions requesting the legal services of The League of the South=20
have been
distributed to all Executive Committee members. You must sign the petition=20
to be a part
of this case. "On-line" signatures are not applicable. All Board members=20
and Local
Chapter Chairmen will be acquiring signatures immediately. If you are not i=
an area of an
active Chapter, or Board member, you may obtain a petition by going to the=20
website: http://www.jackkershaw.com/rep/signhere.rtf . You must print this=20
petition from
the website. If you acquire the petition by copying from the website, pleas=
attempt to
have other people sign it before you mail it into our National Headquarters.=
Mail all
signed petitions to:

The League of the South
P. O. Box 40910
Tuscaloosa, Alabama 35404-0910

Attention: Dr. Michael Hill

2) Over the next several months signatures will be gathered. In gathering=20
signatures you
may wish to use a format similar to:

"The League of the South is representing all people (Red, White, Black,=20
Southerners and
Northerners) in a class action suit, against the Federal Government, to=20
recover damages
resulting from the War of Northern Aggression. At this time we presently=20
have over
15,000 signatures from individuals requesting the League of the South=20
represent them in
this case. Would you be interested in joining us in this class action?"

After gathering signatures the next step will be for our legal counsel to=20
petition Congress
on the behalf of all participants.

3) Our legal counsel is requesting all participants who have documented=20
evidence of
losses, damages or atrocities committed against their families due to the=20
"Civil War",
Reconstruction, or after Reconstruction; please let it be known. You do not=
have to have
documented evidence to sign the petition to be represented by the League of=20
the South.=20
Our attorneys will be performing the task of documentation if you can give=20
them some
information to start their search. Documented evidence readily available=20
saves our
attorneys time and money.

4) There are many available sources to document damages. Several are listed=

1865-1877, 1907.
c) C. M. Thompson, RECONSTRUCTION IN GEORGIA (1915)=20
d) Walter L. Fleming's Civil War and Reconstruction in Alabama (1905)
e) Willis Brewer's Alabama: Her History, Resources, War Record, and Public=20
Men (1872)
f) The War of the Rebellion: A Compilation of the Official Records of the=20
Union and
Confederate Armies.

Most of these publications are out of print. You can find them fairly easil=
by "searching
the net".

5) As I have already stated "YOU DO NOT HAVE TO HAVE DOCUMENTED
We need all the signatures we can get!

6) If you know of any attorneys who may be interested in becoming involved i=
this class
action, please refer them to Mr. Jack Kershaw at http://www.JackKershaw.com

7) If you have any questions concerning Southern Reparations they should be=20
directed to
your Local Chapter Chairman, a member of the Board or myself. You may=20
contact any of
these members of the Executive Committee by the following methods:

Mr. Mac Watters, State Chairman (Panama City)

Mr. Joe Arnold, Vice State Chairman (Bonifay)

Mr. Jim Lear, Chapter Chairman (Jacksonville) and Board Member

Mr. Jeff Hardy, Chapter Chairman (Apopka) and Board Member

Mr. Marion Lambert, Board Member (Tampa)

Dr. Dennis Raitt, Chapter Contact (Tallahassee)

Mr. Brion McClanahan, Chapter Chairman (Pensacola)

Mr. Larry Smith, Chapter Chairman (Greenhead)

8) Remember the Petitions requesting the legal services of the League of the=
South are for
everyone. We need as many signatures as we can get over the next several=20

I will continue to update all of you as we go along with this case. There=20
are many aspects
to it. The Executive Committee spent several hours going over the legal=20
procedures. The
case for Southern Reparations is extremely important to our cause. Lets get=
out there and
get those signatures!

Your compatriot and obedient servant,

Mac Watters
State Chairman
Florida League of the South

ARE YOU MAD ENOUGH YET? Join the League of the South today at
www.dixienet.org and help Get the Feds Out of Dixie!

Deo Vindice!


From:   wardwr-@alltel.net=20

I, too, read Boyles' last column and the following seemed like an unusual
statement to make about it:

"I came across this uninformed Anti-Southern Bigot's article and thought you
may want to give him your two cents worth 'politely.'"

What's uninformed about it? The man simply used the ammunition that
"Southern heritage supporters" sent him. And judging from the writing, they
were not exactly the best and the brightest. You people need to learn
someday that when you write brainless-sounding stuff to newspaper writers,
that's exactly what they want, and that's what they'll use. When 150 e-mail
messages go to the same person like Boyles, 10 voices of reason will be
smothered by one idiot, because it's the idiot they look for.

But, what the hell, we all have the right to exercise our freedom of speech
regardless of how dumb it makes us look, because "the Constitution tells me

A late attorney friend of mine wrote a letter to an editor about 20 years
ago, and in it he said something that has always stuck with me: "It's
foolish to try and win an argument with a man who buys printers' ink by the

Now go back to writing nasty, moronic letters.

Bill Ward


From:   wardwr-@alltel.net=20

Mike Von Wert wrote:

"I think you are entirely correct about our image playing a key role. We are
seen as a bunch of red-necked, beer guzzling, backwoods, inbred Jeds, and
far too many times, those in our group that portray that image the most, are
the ones the media search for and interview or get on film. We must make
every effort to change that image, both through appearance
in public, and choosing our speakers very carefully. My dad is a
disabled-vet, and was being interviewed by a newspaper lady at the flag
rally in Jackson. All of a sudden here is a gentleman that fit the above
description to a "T" yelling at the reporter, making threats, flinging
racial slurs, and guess whose words were printed....She also got his picture
about 5'5", 350 llbs or better filthy t-shirt, scraggly hair, and more
tatoos than teeth. As long as we have people like him who further the
negative image of us, we will not receive the respect we deserve and need."

Perhaps if we write it enough some others will start to get the message. And
the business about choosing our speakers carefully is the reason that if our
Heritage March to Baltimore comes off, we won't have any speakers. It will
be a silent march, and I hope some of you are planning to join us. Its
silence, our numbers, and our flags could speak very eloquently for our

Stories like Mike's keep appearing, although he was a little loose with his
use of the term "gentleman," and that's why we're going to have our own
security force if we get to Baltimore: to help keep the tattoo parlor queens
(or was it king?) in line.

Southern ladies and gentlemen, if you don't realize it by now, we do have a
serious image problem. The media loves it because they feed on it. And we're
the only ones who can change it. Do you want to go to Baltimore with us in
September and help start the process?


Bill Ward


From:   Sally-@prodigy.net=20

Write a Letter

From:   sieg-@mindspring.com

I came across this uninformed Anti-Southern Bigot's article and thought
you may want to give him your two cents worth "politely"



Sent: Friday, May 11, 2001 6:32 PM
Subject: Southerner?


A cat can have her kittens in the oven, but that don't make um biscuits.

Just because you were born in the South.......

From a "True" Southerner... down in Fla.

Sally Raburn


From:   Philomel-@webtv.net (Richard)

Entirely Random thoughts from a complete crank...

TO: Mr. Charles Lauret (patrio-@yahoo.com) concerning his question
about the singing of "God Save the South" in Jackson in April: As Mr.
Demastus has pointed out, the singer was Ellen (Mrs. Herman) Williams of
Alabama--a very great and redoubtable lady, and a fine singer. She
sang the song also in Selma, Alabama, in October at the unveiling of the
magnificent bust of Gen. Forrest there. As it happens, her singing in
Selma was video-taped, and it is available from the Friends of Forrest
organisation, which is chaired by another great Alabama lady, Pat (Mrs.
Cecil) Godwin.   Naturally, I cannot give out their e-mail addresses
without their leave, but you can find a copy of the Selma videotape with
relative ease. Just use a search engine to find Friends of Forrest, or
ask somebody to contact Mrs. Williams (the singer) or Mrs. Godwin, who
has copies of the videotape with Mrs. Williams singing the song to which
you refer. You might try a search engine to find the Alabama chapter of
the Order of the Confederate Rose, and ask them to go between you and
Mrs. Williams or Mrs. Godwin, or both. Or, if you are an SCV member,
you can find a full-page ad about the Order of the Confederate Rose in
each issue of "The Confederate Veteran."   In that case, you might then
contact the Alabama representative of the Order of the Confederate Rose,
whose contact info is published in the OCR's full-page ad in "The
Confederate Veteran." The song is a moving one, isn't it? And Mrs.
Williams, the singer, is also the authoress of a remarkable novel titled
"Bedford: A World Vision." I urge you to buy a copy from her and to
waste no time in reading it. As I say, it is remarkable and very
readable. =20

TO: "Lunelle" (sieg-@mindspring.com): It speaks very well of you
that you are willing to be polite in your communications with the
"writer" of the Anti-Southern article in the "Citizen-Times." I hope,
however, that you will permt me to disagree respectfully.   I, for one,
see no reason at all to be polite to these repellant people.   They do
not deserve our courtesy.   They are the spawns of Hell. They are dirt
under our feet. They are carbuncles.   My position (as a certifiable
crank) is to greet their typing (for it certainly cannot be classified
as "writing") with a resounding silence.   Treat them as the filthy,
attention-seeking brats that they are.   However, if you feel that you
must reply to the writer (typist, actually), then I don't see any need
for you to be polite. Just let 'em have it with both barrels.   No
matter how polite you are, this second-rate newspaper and its bratty
typist will still despise you, so why bother to be polite? Remember how
Our Lord admonished us not to "cast pearls before swine." In my
opinion, it is useless to try to "inform" these repellant swine of the
truth; they are not interested in the truth because their "minds" are
already made up, so they just cannot be bothered with the truth.   So
write to this creature if you must, but bear in mind that it is not
necessary for you to be polite. Insult him to your heart's content. As
my grandfather always told us, "Never apologize, and never explain."
Defiance is the proper course to follow, at least in my view.   Best
wishes to you, madam, in any event. I'm glad that you're on our side. =20

TO: My kinsman, Nelson Waller:   Nelson, Nelson, Nelson.   What's to be
done with you? Reading the "Christian Science Monitor," are ye? It is
the judgment of the Court of Crotchets and Peeves that you were
temporarily insane.   A BOSTON newspaper? You must have been
temporarily insane or else stranded in a bus station in the middle of
the night with absolutely NOTHING else to do.   Weren't there even any
Cheetos in the vending machine with which you could have occupied your
time profitably?   Boston is the root of all evil, after all--including
a remarkable number of nutty religions and worthless newspapers.
IGNORE these repellant, filthy creatures. Don't cast pearls before
swine.   Or, at least, if you don't have any Cheetos to occupy your time
with and thus to save you from the hideous fate of reading a BOSTON
"newspaper," then stay out of bus stations in the middle of the night,
or else pack more carefully before you travel (so as to have the
necessary complement of Cheetos), or go out and do something
constructive--like spray-painting your name on a bridge abutment.
Otherwise, if you exhibit the tendency to read a BOSTON newspaper again,
we'll have no choice but to confine you to a "home" of some sort.   A
word to the wise.   Case dismissed. =20

TO: Linda Sewell of Mobile: Good piece. Except the part about
Southerers wanting "tolerance" from our enemies. I cannot agree with
that part of your otherwise good piece. What's wanted is DOMINANCE BY
Southerners.   Who cares about all these other mis-begotten creatures?
I certainly don't.   If they are on top of the ground, then their
natural place is under our feet. If they are below the ground, then let
the Father of Lies (who spawned them to begin with) take them back home
with him--where they rightfully belong.   As far as I'm concerned, they
just clutter up the landscape. Tolerance from THEM? No, thanks!   Let
the Devil take 'em!   All the best to you. =20
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