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TOC- Personality and Individual Diffs 36(6)  Nigel Bradley
 Apr 01, 2004 15:55 PST 

Journal: Personality and Individual Differences
ISSN   : 0191-8869
Volume : 36
Issue : 6
Date   : Apr-2004

For more information about this journal visit: http://www.elsevier.com/locate/paid

Behavioral inhibition: relation to negative emotion regulation and
E.W. Leen-Feldner, M.J. Zvolensky, M.T. Feldner, C.W. Lejuez
pp 1235-1247

Sex differences on the progressive matrices among adolescents: some
data from Estonia
R. Lynn, J. Allik, H. Pullmann, K. Laidra
pp 1249-1255

Posttraumatic symptoms and suicide risk
Y. Ben-Ya'acov, M. Amir
pp 1257-1264

Relationship between exercise dependence symptoms and personality
H.A. Hausenblas, P.R. Giacobbi
pp 1265-1273

Should never the twain meet? Integrating models of religious
personality and religious mental health
J. Maltby, L. Day
pp 1275-1290

Litigation and reported rates of posttraumatic stress disorder
G.M. Rosen
pp 1291-1294

The role of personality in childhood sexual abuse
A. Pickering, A. Farmer, P. McGuffin
pp 1295-1303

Stable characteristics of mood and seasonality
E. Ennis, C. McConville
pp 1305-1315

Evaluation of the reliability and validity of the cognitive styles
A.R. Rezaei, L. Katz
pp 1317-1327

Coolidge Axis II Inventory Scale predictors of judgmental tendencies
as measured by the First Impression Interaction Procedure
A.R. King, A.N. Pate
pp 1329-1341

Vigilance performance and extraversion reconsidered: some performance
differences can indeed be induced
A. Schmidt, A. Beauducel, B. Brocke, A. Strobel
pp 1343-1351

Comparison of the Giant Three and the Big Five in early adolescents
R.H.J. Scholte, E.E.J. De Bruyn
pp 1353-1371

Is perfectionism good, bad, or both? Examining models of the
perfectionism construct
P.J. Bieling, A.L. Israeli, M.M. Antony
pp 1373-1385

Emotional intelligence and its relation to everyday behaviour
M.A. Brackett, J.D. Mayer, R.M. Warner
pp 1387-1402

The structure of Cloninger's Tridimensional Personality Questionnaire
in a British sample
M.E. Stewart, K.P. Ebmeier, I.J. Deary
pp 1403-1418

Metamotivational characteristics of exercise dependence and eating
disorders in highly active amateur sport participants
M.J. Blaydon, K.J. Linder, J.H. Kerr
pp 1419-1432

Religiosity and personality: evidence for non-linear associations
A.F. Jorm, H. Christensen
pp 1433-1441

Using an ability-based measure of emotional intelligence to predict
individual performance, group performance, and group citizenship
A.L. Day, S.A. Carroll
pp 1443-1458

Sex differential item functioning in the Raven's Advanced Progressive
Matrices: evidence for bias
F.J. Abad, R. Colom, I. Rebollo, S. Escorial
pp 1459-1470

On the relationship between attention and personality: covert visual
orienting of attention in anxiety and impulsivity
R. Poy, M.d.C. Eixarch, C. Avila
pp 1471-1481

Gender and personality influences in adolescent threat and challenge
appraisals and depressive symptoms
A.S. Mak, K. Blewitt, P.C.L. Heaven
pp 1483-1496
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