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TOC Personality & Indiv Diffs 36(5)  Nigel Bradley
 Apr 29, 2004 14:34 PDT 

Journal: Personality and Individual Differences
ISSN   : 0191-8869
Volume : 36
Issue : 5
Date   : Apr-2004

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Predictors of change in health locus of control following surgical
T. Sorlie, H.C. Sexton
pp 991-1004

Music preference correlates of Jungian types
J.L. Pearson, S.J. Dollinger
pp 1005-1008

Are suppression and repressive coping related?
L.B. Myers, A. Vetere, N. Derakshan
pp 1009-1013

Justice sensitivity and distributive decisions in experimental games
D. Fetchenhauer, X. Huang
pp 1015-1029

The relationship between childhood Attention Deficit Hyperactivity
Disorder and conduct problems and adult psychopathy in male inmates
C.S. Abramowitz, D.S. Kosson, M. Seidenberg
pp 1031-1047

Disposition and demographic variables
N. Bozionelos
pp 1049-1058

Intelligence and individual differences in performance on three types
of visually presented optimisation problems
D. Vickers, T. Mayo, M. Heitmann, M.D. Lee, P. Hughes
pp 1059-1071

Personality determinants of the use of tobacco products
C.D. Spielberger, E.C. Reheiser, J.P. Foreyt, W.S.C. Poston, D.C.
pp 1073-1082

Racial characteristics and individual differences in women's
evaluations of men's facial attractiveness and personality
T. Joel Wade, K. Irvine, M. Cooper
pp 1083-1092

Replicability of the three, four and five Zuckerman's personality
super-factors: exploratory and confirmatory factor analysis of the
A. Aluja, O. Garcia, L.F. Garcia
pp 1093-1108

Differential relation of two distinct, film-induced positive
emotional states to affiliative and agentic extraversion
J.V. Morrone-Strupinsky, R.A. Depue
pp 1109-1126

The measurement of perceptual curiosity
R.P. Collins, J.A. Litman, C.D. Spielberger
pp 1127-1141

An exploration of shame, social rank and rumination in relation to
M.S.-P. Cheung, P. Gilbert, C. Irons
pp 1143-1153

Depression proneness in treatment-seeking smokers: a taxometric
D.R. Strong, R.A. Brown, C.W. Kahler, E.E. Lloyd-Richardson, R.
pp 1155-1170

The influence of age of the face and the waist to hip ratio on
judgements of female attractiveness and traits
A. Furnham, D. Mistry, A. McClelland
pp 1171-1185

An investigation of individual typologies of attention-deficit
hyperactivity disorder using cluster analysis of DSM-IV criteria
P.J. Marsh, L.M. Williams
pp 1187-1195

Are interactions in Gray's Reinforcement Sensitivity Theory proximal
or distal in the prediction of religiosity: a test of the joint
subsystems hypothesis
C.J. Jackson, L.J. Francis
pp 1197-1209

The YAQ-S and YAQ-I: the development of self and informant
questionnaires reporting on current adult ADHD symptomatology,
comorbid and associated problems
S. Young
pp 1211-1223

The assessment of subjective well-being (issues raised by the Oxford
Happiness Questionnaire)
T.B. Kashdan
pp 1225-1232

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