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TOC ASPG Journal Vol V1 2004  Nigel Bradley
 Jun 16, 2004 03:16 PDT 

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Volume VI, 2004 (236 pages)

Letter from the President
Letter from the Editors
An Introduction to the Graphology of Ludwig Klages – Thea Stein Lewinson
The Four Temperaments of the Moretti Graphological System – Vincenza De
Petrillo and Alessandra Millevolte
The Compatibility of the Couple – Vincenza De Petrillo
Graphology as Applied to Children – Jacqueline Peugeot
The Wartegg Test: Its Use in Combination with Handwriting Analysis and the
Tree Test – Renate Griffiths
Marie Antoinette Seen Through Her Handwritings – Renata Propper
A Graphological Picture of Creativity and Mental Distress – Lois Vaisman
Suicide: Graphological Perspectives – Patricia Siegel
Jury Consultants Using Handwriting In and Out of the Courtroom – Ruth Holmes
Form Level: Theoretical Considerations – Marc J. Seifer, Ph.D.
Research for an Adjusted Form Level – Renna Nezos and The Research Team of
the British Academy of Graphology:
Savina Lykiardopulo-Serpieri, Debbie Chrimes, Ingela Evans, Kay Goulandris,
Sarah Mooney, Tony Soar
In Memoriam
Thea Stein Lewinson by James Keehner, Ph.D.
Oskar Lockowandt by Helmut Ploog and Nigel Bradley
Hava Ratzon by Patricia Siegel, Dafna Yalon, and Ruti Abarbanel
Herry O. Teltscher, Ph.D. by Patricia Siegel
Augusto Vels by Maresi de Monchy
Guidelines for Authors
Application for Professional Membership or Associate of
The American Society of Professional Graphologists

You can purchase the Journal separately, of course, without being a Member or
Associate. It is $29 for each Volume VI journal, plus $4 US delivery or $10
foreign delivery. You can order by credit card from our website,
www.aspghandwriting.org. Or, if you prefer to pay by check (to ASPG payable to
an American
bank) you can send it to:
ASPG Journal
261 Summit Avenue,
Summit, New Jersey 07901

Please check the website to see the abstracts for this as well as our prior
journals. The table of contents is listed below.

(Pat Siegel)
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