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New journal "Global Graphology"  Nigel Bradley
 Jul 02, 2004 01:54 PDT 

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This is to announce the official launching of Global Graphology, the new
peer-reviewed graphology journal published by the International Graphological
Colloquium (IGC).

This new bulletin will be published once a year in both hard-copy and
electronic versions. It will be in different languages.

The English version of Global Graphology is already prepared, and was sold out
during the Quebec IGC congress; consequently another printing has taken place


Table of Contents

Maresi de Monchy - Intelligence in handwriting - Is it really visible?

Dafna Yalon - The larger picture - Robert Heiss' theory of the three
Handwriting Pictures

Esther Dosch - Invisible writing

Kathleen Kauffman-Goetz (In collaboration with Erika Karohs) - The Bent Stroke
or Directional Pressure

Päivi Oinonen - Poor handwriting as a psychological problem - A summary of a
Ph.D. thesis from Finland, 1960.

Hava Ratzon- The handwriting of Holocaust survivors - A summary of an Israeli

Mehrnaz Shahraray - The Star-Wave Test - Developmental trends and cultural
specifics in a collective culture

A case study
Comparative analysis of one handwriting sample
- Angelika Burns, - By the Müller/Enskat and Pfanne methods
- Elaine Quiqley - By the British Institute of Graphologists curriculum
- Bernadette Keefe - By the Szondi method
- Patricia Siegel and Lois Vaisman- By the Anthony Psychogram

a.. Lois Vaisman - Frida Kahlo


In Global Graphology we have aimed to achieve three main purposes. The first is
sharing of already existing professional knowledge around the world (systems,
techniques, ideas and empirical information), which is not widely known as yet,
due to language barriers. To this end we include "Survey Articles" which
consist of serious study materials and in-depth descriptions and evaluations of
graphological issues, with a broader scope than is possible in many of the
existing journals. The second aim is to promote comparative analyses. Each
journal will present a number of reports written by experts, either from
different schools, or on a particular method, all based on the same handwriting
sample. The third goal is to present the graphological community, as well as
Internet users in general, with a source of information about scientific
validation studies of Graphology from sources that are usually not readily
available to us. We believe that the synergic effect of the international
teamwork of IGC members from four continents can offer additional information
material, on top of that available to the members of any particular society
through its own journal and the professional literature in your own language.

The prices for individuals purchasing the hard copy of the journal are: 25 $CAD
for Canada, 30 $CAD for the United-States and 40 $CAD for all other countries.

For orders please contact:

Graziella Pettinati
International Graphological Colloquium
B.O.Box 49004 Succ. de la Colline
Sainte-Foy Qc G1X 4V2

You can purchase the journal directly from the site.
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