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Torbidoni Book in English  Nigel Bradley
 May 08, 2011 03:24 PDT 


Moretti (1879-1963) laid down the foundations of Italian graphology in
some 20 books. Torbidoni was one of his students, and after Moretti died
he worked tirelessly to develop formal training structures which led to
a degree at the University of Urbino, a process that took about 25

Graphology. Theory and Practice is the official textbook that
accompanies the Urbino course.   It is also used for numerous summer
school courses held across Italy each year; it has been used to teach
hundreds of graphologists.   The book summarises the principles of
graphology laid down by Moretti. It is written in a clear, direct and
practical way.   There are over 300 specimens of handwriting, all with
explanatory captions. There are four parts to the book: I Introduction
II Graphic Signs   III Combining the Signs   IV Exercises.

The book defines the subject area and has a full history of graphology.
The tangible, visible, physical aspects of graphic signs are described.
Moretti’s method grades each sign out of 10. Each entry explains the
different interpretations, and this is done for about 80 signs under 13
headings (pressure, rhythm, connections etc.). This section is
interesting since it includes several signs new to us, either by name,
by definition or by nature. A unique feature is that for each sign, a
short description of the writer’s physical make-up is provided. There
are references to such features as bone structure, facial expression and
voice.   These assertions are not wishful thinking, they are based on an
entire text Moretti wrote on the subject, corroborated with thousands of
analyses conducted by the authors and colleagues.

Over 50 pages are used to explain how to combine signs and create
‘resultant’ interpretations.   Very few books spend such effort in this
area. Here the authors explain Moretti’s four temperaments.

The Torbidoni book is now printed. If you use ebay then you can order
via EBAY. just search for item 390312033035

You may be able to reach the page at this link


Any queries just contact me! Can be ordered outside Ebay too!
Price £25.Delivery cost for UK =£3, Europe = £6, Rest of World = £10.
Book details: Paperback 443 pages, over 300 illustrations. ISBN
1899653104 Published by Scriptor Books 2011. Send a cheque or use
paypal: go to http://www.paypal.com Payable to brad-@gmail.com

A must-have book!

Kind regards

Nigel Bradley
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