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Self Test!  Nigel Bradley
 May 15, 2011 00:47 PDT 

I like to have fun with graphology books. So if you have already
purchased the new Torbidoni book try these questions (page numbers are
given to help). If you don’t have the book you can try anyway. But
please buy the book. Details to order (and answers) below!

Q1 To which sign does this description apply:
“handwriting in which progressive diminishing and enlarging is found in
the calibre of letter groups, words or the entire line” (see glossary
of book)
A. Strokes of concealment
B. Flexuous
C. Dry
D. Spadiform

Q2. Torbidoni gives a possible physical characteristic that relates to
handwriting features. Here is one such description (see pg 252).
“courteous gestures, attentive eyes, formal walk, difficult digestion.”
To which sign does this description apply:
A. Strokes of phlegmatism
B. Neglected
C. Careful
D. Space Between Letters above 5/10

Q3 For how many years was Moretti involved with graphology? (pg 49)
A. 10 years
B. 20 years
C. 40 years
D. 50 years

Please support the book by placing an order; I have taken a limited
number of copies to distribute. The price (with delivery) to addresses
in the UK is 28 pounds, addresses in Europe is 35 Euros and addresses in
the USA 57 US dollars. You can do all this on ebay at
http://goo.gl/CXWjV, as a cheque or by paypal. Otherwise just email me
and we'll sort it out!

Kind regards

Nigel Bradley, UK

PS ANSWERS. Q1 = D, Q2 = C, Q3 = D
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