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10 Lots Auction, 15 March 2012  Nigel Bradley
 Feb 25, 2012 02:26 PST 

Dear friends

For personal reasons I asked a London auction house to take my
Graphology Library and stock of graphology books for auction. The vast
collection (fills half a room) has been put into just 10 lots with
themes. There are rarities but of course also bargains to be found.

Lot 312. Two Books By Lavater
Lot 313. Classic French Books (11 Items)
Lot 314. Classic English (25 Items)
Lot 315. France/French Graphology Theme (Numerous)
Lot 316. America Theme (Very Large Quantity)
Lot 317. Germany/ German Graphology Theme
Lot 318. Italy/ Italian Graphology Theme
Lot 319. Psychology Theme.
Lot 320. Great Britain Theme (Very Large Quantity).
Lot 321. Spain Theme (33 Items)
Lot 322. Celebrity Handwriting (22 Items)

The sale is on Thursday March 15 at 11am and the good news is that you
don’t need to be in the UK – you can bid online and you can do it now.
Go to the online bidders. I suggest http://www.the-saleroom.com (You
can also reach them via the auctioneers at

This allows you to make a bid which is used on the day – it will take
the lowest level – you know how auctions work! Please consider asking a
friend to join you in the bid and share the books! The auction house can
delivery to you for a fee, they assure me that it is a service and not
profit making, so the prices should be fair, winners of lots can of
course take them away.

See the extended listing on http://www.bloomsburyauctions.com/
Everything is not listed - each lot has a massive set of items.

I have a summary of the books I can send as an attachment. Just ask me
for it at this email address: brad-@gmail.com

Kind regards

Nigel Bradley, UK
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