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TOC - Personality & Indiv Diffs 38(1)  Nigel Bradley
 Nov 13, 2004 01:43 PST 

Journal: Personality and Individual Differences
ISSN   : 0191-8869
Volume : 38
Issue : 1
Date   : Jan-2005

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Reduced efficiency in recognising fear in subjects scoring high on
psychopathic personality characteristics
B. Montagne, J. van Honk, R.P.C. Kessels, E. Frigerio, M. Burt,
M.J.E. van Zandvoort, D.I. Perrett, E.H.F. de Haan
pp 5-11

Interpersonal determinants of trait anger: low agreeableness,
perceived low social esteem, and the amplifying role of the
importance attached to social relationships
P. Kuppens
pp 13-23

Can worriers be winners? The association between worrying and job
A.M. Perkins, P.J. Corr
pp 25-31

Emotional intelligence profiles of nurses caring for people with
severe behaviour problems
L. Gerits, J.J.L. Derksen, A.B. Verbruggen, M. Katzko
pp 33-43

The role of personality in positively and negatively framed risky
health decisions
M. Lauriola, P.M. Russo, F. Lucidi, C. Violani, I.P. Levin
pp 45-59

Item format and the psychometric properties of the Eysenck
Personality Questionnaire
J. Muniz, E. Garcia-Cueto, L.M. Lozano
pp 61-69
Full text via ScienceDirect :

Meaning in life of young, middle-aged, and older adults: factorial
validity, age, and gender invariance of the Personal Meaning Index
G.T. Reker
pp 71-85

Convergent, discriminant and concurrent validities of measures of the
behavioural approach and behavioural inhibition systems: confirmatory
factor analytic approach
R. Gomez, A. Gomez
pp 87-102

Cognitive styles: links with perfectionistic thinking
L.R. Burns, B.A. Fedewa
pp 103-113

Auditory inspection time and intelligence
T.C. Bates
pp 115-127

Gender differences in the manifestation of sociotropy and autonomy
personality traits
C. McBride, J.R. Bacchiochi, R.M. Bagby
pp 129-136

Materialism and self-presentational styles
A.N. Christopher, R.D. Morgan, P. Marek, M. Keller, K. Drummond
pp 137-149

Please don't leave me! BIS/BAS, attachment styles, and responses to a
relationship threat
B. Meyer, L. Olivier, D.A. Roth
pp 151-162

Effects of emotional visual stimuli on auditory information
processing: a test of J.A. Gray's reinforcement sensitivity theory
V. De Pascalis, B. Arwari, M. Matteucci, A. Mazzocco
pp 163-176

Interrogative suggestibility: cross-cultural stability of
psychometric and correlational properties of the Gudjonsson
Suggestibility Scales
R. Polczyk
pp 177-186

The Maudsley Violence Questionnaire: initial validation and
J.S. Walker
pp 187-201

The relationship of temperament to multidimensional perfectionism
O. Kobori, S. Yamagata, N. Kijima
pp 203-211

Further validation of the propensity for angry driving scale in
British drivers
J.P. Maxwell, S. Grant, S. Lipkin
pp 213-224

Fetal exposure to prescription drugs and adult sexual orientation
L. Ellis, J. Hellberg
pp 225-236

Boundary functioning in celebrity worshippers
J. Houran, S. Navik, K. Zerrusen
pp 237-248
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