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: Dr. Alvenia Fulton on Women's Health, an Interview...  BERNIC-@aol.com
 Mar 14, 2004 11:44 PST 

Dr. Alvenia Fulton, Ph.D., N.D., D.D. Interviewed by Cassandra Meroe
MS., Feb. 9th, 1985, Berkeley, California at KPFA-FM studios.*

       This interview was conducted as part of the first R.O.O.T.S.
conference in Feb. 8, 1985. It was entitled the Traditional Healing
Systems of the
African Diaspora. 8 countries and communities of African and African
descent were
represented. The conference was organized around Dr. Fulton, a naturopath,
minister, broadcaster, world traveler and "Nutritionist to the Stars". It
Dick Gregory's mentor who co-wrote with him, "Cookin' With Mother Nature".
By my
standards it was the best health book with the broadest appeal for Black
Americans. It included treats/sugar consumption, babies, plants and pets.
       We honored Dr. Fulton with a proclamation entitled African Health
Awareness Day. This interview was part of 3 presentations by her that were
transcribed and published. She became a naturopath in the '50's, a
pioneer. She
manufactured her own vitamin C based birth control method of suppositories
for she
did support abortions, since a reliable contraceptive method was
       Since this is Women's History Month, I am sharing some women's
and history with you this month based on my publications. I have a lot of
people to thank for the ROOTS conferences in the Bay Area. And you know
who you
are. I have a list of your names. But I'll just acknowledge Wose Church
and its
members for having her diliver the message and giving her another
And I must mention Marcus bookstore where we had the first reception. I
Dick Gregory for telling me someting that motivated and inspired me.
share this but give me and ROOTS the credit. Note that this is where we
were in
1985 in California.

Wimbs: Dr. Fulton, what do you have to say about Black women and health?
do Black women need to do? And what are the problems facing Black women

Fulton: The problems facing them today are that the food advertisements
not give them a clear, true picture of what the food really is and what we
actually need. We ear and shop by what the advertisements say. But the
advertisements are there to make money. They are not there for your
health. And the food
business is profit-oriented and the chemicals are added to the food to
the profits. They are even irradiating food now so they can stay on the
or wherever until you buy it without any deterioration.

       Now the chemicals in the food causes many of the problems we have
today that our grandmothers and our grandfathers did not have with their
So Black women need to study what is in the food, what preservatives are
and what they do to you. They need t find a biochemist to tell them what
these things are. Because many times it will say that a preservative has
added that you can't even pronounce, that you have never seen before, that
don't even know what it is.

       So we need to have someone to guide us who needs to be in care of
own group, an association of women who will study this and then pass it on
the other women who don't have access with any of these resources.

Wimbs: Now, we're hearing a whole lot about uterine fibroids. They're
that it is becoming so common in Black women that now it's being called
Black women's disease. Now what do you think is the cause of that and
what do
Black women need to do to help ourselves with this problem?

Fulton: Some of that is due to the birth control methods we're using
We're getting so much congestion in our bodies. You see, our grandmothers
could have a dozen children, yet nothing happened to their uteri or to
breast either. Because they were not getting exposed to the
chemicalization in the
food and in the air, water and in the clothing.

       It's everywhere. And one thing, there is too much promiscuity and
sexual contacts. It's happening too early, too often and with too many
partners. Now one reason why our grandmothers were safe that way, was they
didn't have douche bags. They never took a douche. Yo go to Africa and a
man or
a woman trying to sell douche bags would starve to death there. Because
women there don't do it. They keep their bodies clean with herbs they use
the foods they ear. And of course, they don't have the multiplicity of
contacts with many persons as we do here. And that's one of the things
that 's
causing the problems.

Wimbs: So do you think that it's something in the semen, too much of it

Fulton: Yes!

Wimbs: I ask that because that's one of the things they are saying about

Fulton: No, here's what it is in the semen, what people really don't
know. A
man asked me yesterday what could be done about AIDS from a natural
standpoint. And I told him look, nature did not intend for anything to go
up the
rectum. Nature intended it to come down. Now, on the other hand, many
times the
cause is related to the waste in the sigmoid colon and in the rectum,
by a burst, and a breaking or a laceration.

       Now in that comes this fecal material. Now when you get the fecal
material mixed with the blood and the semen in the bloodstream, I don't
know how
you would get a drug that would handle that. Now how could a drug get this
semen out when it's alive. It's bursting with life, so much life to
human beings, if it's done right. The drug cannot take care of that and
the fecal
material that's been in there for a long time and the blood too. All of
is mixed up together and is confusing to any drug.

Wimbs: It's also confusing to the body so it seems.

Fulton: Yes, it's confusing to the body and no drug can handle all that.
the only way to handle that...we believe in naturopathy that if we could
them to cleanse the body with herbs and cleanse the sigmoid and the rectum
colonics and enemas and to eat the right foods, raw foods, and of course
the system a rest from something going up, you can get food results.

       This is what we think and some doctors who use herbs, have tried ti
and said they're getting better results. But many times when patients come
to a
person using natural methods, it's gone too far and it's hard to correct.

Wimbs: It's too late?

Fulton: Yes, it's too late. But if we let them know in the beginning
it goes too far and that this is another modality and another alternative,
then I think we can do something with it.

Wimbs: Okay fine. Now let's get back to some of the herbs that are good
Black women, that women should use in general.

Fulton: The one main herb they should use is dong quai, that and ginseng.

Wimbs: For the men?

Fulton: Women can use it (ginseng) too. And if they're using these herbs,
they will stay active and fertile and continue to produce hormones. The
should produce and make its own.

Wimbs: Now would this go for menopausal women too?

Fulton: Oh yes. From the time you reach puberty until the end of your
you should be using dong quai. There are women who feel that they've
old and can no longer be interesting. All they have to do is use the right
and oils and they'll find out that if they're 100 years old, they're

Wimbs: Interesting (smile). Now what about the men?

Fulton: Men need saw palmetto which is very good and sarsaparilla.
more male hormones there than in anything you can get out of a drug store.

Wimbs: What about African Yohimbe. A lot of people are talking about it.

Fulton: Yes, that's very good.

Wimbs: For both sexes?

Fulton: Yes, for both.

Wimbs: Now in terms of women who want to have children...you know we
hear so much about how not to have a baby. But for women who do want to
optimally healthy children, what should they be doing? And what are you
in terms of what women are doing wrong?

Fulton: Well, what they're doing wrong, doll, is using too much drugs
instead of using herbs. Because you see, women who are very fertile the
world over
are not using drugs. They're using herbs and foods. And if you use a
grain, you see, all these natural grains and nuts and seeds have vitamin E
which is the vitamin of life.
So if they're using the things which have plenty of vitamin E in them,
peas, greens, nurs, seeds and herbs, they will be in a good physical state
for having healthy children. You have to change the way you've been

       Now since I've changed the way I've been eating these last 30 - odd
years, I have more energy and feel better than I did when I was younger
And younger women don't have the kind of energy that I do.

Wimbs: Now tell me Dr. Fulton, what kinds of food should children ear and
when do you think a child should be weaned?

Fulton: A child should be breast-fed if at all possible and it is
and should be weaned from 9 months to a year. At least a year. And they
go longer than a year. But no less than 9 months. Then they should be
fed not
by the bottles and jars fromsome manufacturer but a mother should cook
natural foods for them. Put the food in the blender and blend it up and
cook it
after it's been cooked lightly so the baby can masticate the food. But the
for the baby should have life in it like it should be for the mother.

Wimbs: Well thank you for Dr. Fulton. I just want to add this for anyone
who's reading listening to this interview that you have now expanded your
activities from teaching and running the Fultonia Fasting Center in
Chicago to
publishing books, hosting a radio show, marketing herbs and other products
for the
benefit of those who can't come to Chicago.

Notes on the Interview.
     This interview was conducted before Aids was acknowledged as a major
health problem in the Black community. Her viewpoint is that of a
Note that she stressed lifestyle. I used to teach a course at the Tree of
entitled "Sex and Diet for those Who Still Indulge-Ying Today so You can
Tomorrow". Until I lecture on this again this upcoming May for National
Health and Fitness Month. I say consult the following sites
and universal-tao.com. Note that people are overwhelmed by misinformation
from cinema and the media and think it is the right way. I would design
lecture based on new studies and Dr. Fulton. I would just make referrals
concerning AIDS. The main 2 for now are Blackaids.org and HCCI.org and
click for
Services and then click for Health and Wellness Strategies.

Another lists of herbs for corrective and educational purposes from Herbal
Remedies for Women: 120 Formulas for over 30 Conditions. 1981.1st edition.

Coming Off the Birth Control Pill

...a toning and re-balancing of reproductive organs can take place with
certain herbs. The list contains
sarsparilla, holy (blessed) thistle), squaw vine, red raspberry leaf and
licorice root.

Red raspberry contains progesterone and estrogen. For further advice on
coming off the pill, see Barbara's Seamean's Women's and the Crisis in Sex

Meroe (Cassandra Wimbs)
R.O.O.T.S. (Rebirth of Old-Time Truths and Systems)

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