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Re: Re:The Camp  akin-@redwood.rsc.raytheon.com
 Mar 19, 2001 21:39 PST 
wood-@cs.com wrote:

 Slink will go and examine the body. He will cut it down regardless, but if
its still alive, he will offer it what aid his skills will allow and then go
and get Quando. Hopefully, there is information to be gained here. If the
body is dead then he will move on to examine the piles of firewood more

The body is human, or rather was human. It looks like it's been dead for quite a
few days. The stench of decay although present is not overpowering. The dead
person is wearing a leather jerkin and riding chaps over sturdy wool trousers.
You cut the body down and lie it beside the tree, you notice a small hole in the
trunk of the tree, it looks like the tree is hollow.

There are two discernible piles of wood, one is definitely fire wood, felled
trees have been cut into logs and stacked. The other pile is quite odd. At first
glance it appears to be mostly small branches thrown in a pile with a bunch of
rocks tossed on top, but there is a definite order to how the branches have been
laid and the rocks look more like they've been carefully placed on top. Sitting
in the middle of the pile is a large animal skull, perhaps a bear. The scene is
quite odd looking.
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