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Re: Re:The Camp  akin-@redwood.rsc.raytheon.com
 Mar 21, 2001 21:58 PST 
dmc-@aol.com wrote:

 Belial looks around a littel longer and then heads towards the camp area.

You find nothing more in the area surrounding the camp. You enter the camp and see Slink looking curiously at a pile
of branches.

(Here is a re-iteration of what can be seen in the camp)
1. You guess somewhere between 10 and 20 occupants have lived here for many months.
2. The pot has the remains of "something" stew in it. The pot can probably hold ten gallons, and is made of iron.
Although obviously used quite a bit, it looks to be in good condition.
3. Most of the stuff lying about is garbage, there seems to be a lot of clay jugs, that smell like they contained
some kind of alcohol. There is also a one gallon wooden barrel clearly marked in Common as Teziirian Ale, the barrel
is untapped.
4. The firepit is quite large, nearly six feet across, and has the remains of many past fires in it, the coals are
still hot from a very recent fire. Curiously you see two firewood stacks. One is logs that have been cut and almost
neatly stacked. The other looks odd, a large pile of branches the largest being only a couple of inches in diameter,
has been stacked with great care. On top of the branches are many, many river rocks, in fact there is no branch that
doesn't have a rock on top of it, atop the pile is a bear skull.
5. Most of the bedrolls aren't fit for a dog to sleep in, mostly burlap stuffed with grass and leaves, a couple were
good bedrolls at one time, but have now seen too much use. You do find a very good quality winter blanket.
6. In the sleeping spot where you found the winter blanket you also find a finely crafted glass bottle. It has a
cork stopper and is a rare cobalt blue in color. It appears to be empty.
7. A body was tied to a tree, slink cut it down revealing a hole in the tree.
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