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Re: New Group  Ian Nicholson
 Jun 05, 2001 09:54 PDT 
Yes it is 3rd edition. I will be the DM. As far as
the PCs are concerned, only the rules from the Players
Handbook will be used. As a DM I will be using
resources from several places. The only races the PCs
can't be are Half Orcs and Gnomes. The campaign
setting will be the Warhammer World (from Games
Workshop). If there is any other questions, just ask.

--- dmc-@aol.com wrote: > Is this 3rd edition? can
you give us some specifics?

In a message dated Tue, 5 Jun 2001 9:43:38 AM
Eastern Daylight Time, Ian Nicholson
<esterbar_-@yahoo.co.uk> writes:

<< Hi

I'm new to the list. I will be starting an Internet
Campaign. This will be a new campaign and as such
players will have to generate new charcters. I am
looking for people who are interested in playing.
If you are interested in joining please email me.
Please put the subject line


If you do not put this in the subject line I cannot
guarentee that you will be subscribed to the mailing
list for the campaign. At this point in time I am
not planning to limit the numbers, but if the

is very large I might have to restrict members or
possibly set up a second group.


Captain of the Empire
Altdorf 3rd army
The Falcons

If you want to chat, ICQ me: ICQ 72554751

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