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HORNE DIGITAL TELEGRAPH (10/26/03)  Joe Westerberg
 Oct 26, 2003 23:35 PST 

"A newsletter for veterans of the USS Horne"

"For four short days in the fall of 2003, the men of Horne were young

Inside This Issue:

11: DUES



The USS Horne Website is nearly three years old. We've had more than
73,000 visits to the site since 12/01/00. We now have 723 crew members
signed into the decklog.

Currently we have:




For the first time since starting this newsletter in January of 2001, I
speak of the reunion in past tense. To all of you who were unable to
make the 1st ever USS Horne Reunion, you were missed. To all of you who
did make, thank you. Judging from your comments, a good time was had by
all. I know I speak for everyone on the Reunion Committee when I say it
was a great experience to meet each and everyone of you and we sincerely
thank you for making this reunion such a tremendous success. I left the
reunion confident the spirit of Horne is alive and well and lives on the
hearts of the men of Horne and in their family members who have shown us
so much support over the years. I have received many comments from
individuals who said they were afraid they would not fit in at the
reunion unless they met somebody they served with. But email after email
and postings in the community section confirm that after only a few
minutes at the reunion, the Horne family reached out it's welcoming arm
and embraced everybody and reminded us all of the true meaning of the
word shipmate.

There is already talk of "The Next" reunion. Though nothing official has
been decided upon yet, there has been some discussion about a possible
reunion in 2005 or 2006.

3rd Division Plankowners are reportedly discussing the possibility of a
reunion in Virginia, possibly in 2005. Regardless of when or what,
you'll read about it here! Until then, I hope you will savor the
memories of the 1st ever USS Horne Reunion, for there can never be
another "1st Reunion."



The reunion committee would like to recognize just a few of the people
who helped make the reunion a success. Special thanks goes to:

LARRY GOOLSBY, who not only brought "Horne Junior" to the Reunion for
everyone to marvel at, but who also, during the months before the
reunion, single handedly tracked down no fewer than 10 of his Plankowner
shipmates and not only told them about the Horne Website, but who more
importantly convinced them to come to the Reunion. Plankowners made of a
full 1/3 of the reunion attendees and at least a 1/3 of that was dues to
Larry's hard work.

JOANNE LETZIN, wife of Carl Letzin, who stepped up and served drinks
non-stop for some six hours in the Horne Hospitality Room and helped
organize the bar throughout the reunion.

MARK & CATHY THEIS, for donating the beautiful framed Horne print that
was won in the raffle by Tim Burleson.

MARIAN JOHNSON, wife of Donald Johnson, for donating the wonderful
afghan won by Dan Hendricksen in the raffle.

MICHAEL LALANCETTE AND PAT BOUCHARD, for donating the Horne Lifesaver
and Maple Syrup for the raffle.

THE MEN AND WOMAN OF THE USS JOHN C. STENNIS for the great ship's tour.

LOU MAGGI, the reunion committee treasurer who is still going through
the books dotting i's and crossing t's and who single handedly turned
away more than a dozen "strangers" who were attempting to crash the
banquet Monday night without paying.

RUFUS REAVES, the reunion committee president who right up to the last
day of the reunion was haggling with bus drivers, negotiating with
banquet coordinators, dodging military academy cadets and checking with
cruise directors to insure everything was a success. Everything WAS and
it was no accident. It was a lot of hard work. Thank you Rufus!

And last but certainly not least, to each and every one of you who took
time out of your life, took time off work, took time to travel long
distances and spent your hard earned money to make the entire evolution
an event that will be remembered by many for decades to come.

Thank you!



The Reunion Section at www.USSHorne.net has now been transformed from
Reunion Sign-Up information to a Reunion Remembrance. To all of those
who had Individual photos taken before and after the Banquet on
September 29th, your photos are now posted. I've also started posting
photos from the Banquet, Stennis Visit, Dinner Cruise and more. I'm
going through literally hundreds of photos so it will take time, but new
photos will be added on a regular basis for weeks and months to come so
check back often and take at look at the Reunion Section.




Speaking of photos, the Reunion Cruise Book is being put together, and
in order create the best cruise book possible with the best photos
possible, I'm asking anybody who has photos taken at the reunion to
email me copies or snail mail copies. I will use the best photos for the
cruise book as well as online to share with those who were not able to
make it to the reunion. Plankowner Jim Boswell has already mailed me a
fantastic CD rom loaded with great pics, some of which are already
posted in the reunion section. (Thank you Jim). I've got some good pics
from my brother and photographer Lou Maggi Jr. took hundreds of photos
for us as well. But we want MORE. Please send me your favorite pics, and
if possible, let us know who and/or what is pictured. But hurry. The
Cruise book will be going to the printer in about a month.

Send your favs to: ic-@usshorne.net


Joe Westerberg
PO Box 176
Palm Springs, CA 92263

By the way... anybody wanting a CD Rom of ALL the photos taken by
Reunion Photographer, Lou Maggi Jr. should contact Lou at: 619.750.2074
or by email: 4loc-@cox.net.



After the dinner cruise, I was shaking everybody's hand as they walked
off the boat, and I'm not positive, but I think it was El Youngmann who
said, "For four days, the men of 3rd division were young again." That's
a fantastic quote! I'm sure others have thoughts about the reunion and
what it meant to them, maybe about a long lost friendship, your favorite
activity, a new best friend or just how you might be looking forward to
the next Horne Reunion. Please feel free to share these thoughts with
me. I'll be happy to publish them in the Cruise Book and/or online. Send
your thoughts to:




There are several Reunion Items now on sale in the ships store. Many of
these items are in stock (in my spare bedroom) and ready to ship. So
please stop by the Ship's store for Reunion Desk Clocks, Tile Boxes,
Mugs and more.

Also, since we sold out of the USS Horne Reunion Golf Shirts, I will
place one additional order on December 1st (If I receive enough orders).
If you didn't get a golf shirt, please visit the ship's store and order
one now! If you were unable to attend the reunion, this will be a nice
keepsake just the same. Take a look. It's a good lookin' shirt!
Deliveries will be made in Late Dec or Early Jan.




I now have IN STOCK, classic Navy Blue Horne Ballcaps for both DLG and
CG crews. There's no waiting. These hats ship the same day payment is
received and you may pay online or send a check. Just visit the ship's
store for details. These are the very rare classic Horne Ballcaps with
Gold ship silhouette you just can't find anywhere else. They won't last
long. $15 includes shipping!




If you served on Horne in 1990-1991 you will no doubt remember the two
Horne Videos I produced. These two Video's have been seen around the
world, use at recruiting offices and even screened at the Naval Academy
an Annapolis!

The first video entitled "Audacity always Audacity" was filmed in 1990
just prior to the Gulf War. It's 26 minutes and includes incredible
missile shoot video, 5" gun-shots, torpedo shoots, even a CIWS firing.
There's also underway replenishment, hello ops and more.

The 2nd video entitled "Desert Storm" is a historic account of the 1991
Persian Gulf War as well as Horne's wartime deployment in support of
that war. It was filmed during our Arabian Gulf deployment (December 7,
1990 to June 6, 1991) and includes wartime footage, news clips, tours of
much of the ship, hello ops, and too much other cool stuff to be listed
here. It runs a full hour and 34 minutes.

Now, for the first time ever, both videos are available in a two disc
DVD set for just $20.
Again, IN STOCK and ready to ship upon receipt of payment. Visit the
ship's store for Details!




Thanks to all the generous dues payments, I've finally been able to
order streaming video excerpts from the above mentioned videos for
playback on our Website. These 4 and 5 minutes excerpts will include
Missile Shoots, 5" gun shoots, Underway Replenishment with the USS
Missouri (BB-63) in the Arabian Gulf, Iraqi mine demolition and more.
The streaming video will be a fantastic addition to our Website and
should be available by the end of the week. It's very expensive and will
increase the monthly hosting fees but is well worth it. So be sure to
check back soon and have a look as Horne History comes to life. Special
thanks to all of you who have paid the voluntary Membership dues that
keep the Website up and running and make possible cool stuff like the
Streaming Video. As the site continues to grow, the expense does as well
and I could not do it without you. Thank you!


11: DUES

Speaking of dues, you may have noticed the dues ribbons have been
updated. Those who have paid annual dues which have expired now have a
FADED ribbon next to their name on the decklog. Current Annual Dues are
$10 are signified by a Red, Yellow & Blue ribbon placed next to the
member's name on the decklog. Also, lifetime dues are available for $30
and are signified by the Red, Yellow & Blue ribbon with the Horne Owl
and Crest. Thanks to all who have paid dues to keep the Website in
operation. It is the recent dues payments that will allow me to begin
offering streaming video coming later this week. And don't let you
ribbon FADE! Visit the dues section today!

Special Thanks to new Life Time members:

Ray Ambrosia - GMG3 - 1972-1974
Bart Bartleson - STG3 - 1966-1969 - PLANKOWNER
Michael Baye - FC2 - 1992-1994
Jim Brown - LTJG - 1966-1969 - PLANKOWNER
Gary Dement - RMC - 1982-1985
Chuck Diters - OS2 - 1973-1974
Doug Ford - PN2 - 1992-1993
Douglas Hollins - SM2 - 1990-1994
Paul Joyce - BT3 - 1984-1988
Bill Kimble - MMCM - 1990-1993
Wayne Kite - BT3 - 1967-1969 - PLANKOWNER
Jay Lindley - OS1 - 1988-1991
David Long - Lieutenant - 1986-1990
Tiny Peckham - MACM(SW) - 1966-1969/1976-1978 - PLANKOWNER
Norman Pully - BM1 - 1974-1975
Ed Shaw - MMCM - 1973-1976
Mark Theis - BM3 - 1973-1975
John Stafford - BT3 - 1973-1974
David Whalen - BTCS - 1968-1972
Bob Wilson - CWO2 - 1966-1969 - PLANKOWNER

To pay dues, please visit the Dues Page. It will be very much




In addition to the USS Horne Website, I operate a couple of others,
including my Business Website, www.PacificVoiceWare.com. (PLEASE HAVE A
LOOK) Because of my presence on the Web, I get tons of spam. Or at least
I USED to get lots of spam. Nearly 1,000 junk emails every day. But
now... since I'm using "Spam Arrest" http://spamarrest.com/affl?1148103
I get about 2 or 3 spams every Week! It's a very simple method that
doesn't use filters or keywords that can be unreliable for combating
spam. Spam Arrest simple requires that there be a real person on the
other end sending you an email. It does this by sending them an email
asking them to input a displayed code. If it's a family member, friend
or business partner and they put in the code, your email is delivered
and they never have to put in the code again. If it's spam, however,
nobody will input the code and guess what? NO MORE JUNK MAIL! You can
try a 30 Day trial absolutely free... and you don't need to supply any
credit card information. If it works as good for you as it does for me,
you'll want to sign up for as little as $2 a month. If you want to test
it out and see how it works... just send me and email to:
joew-@hereontheweb.com. You'll see what I mean by having to input a
code. Or visit their Website and watch the demo:


That's all for now! Until next time... thanks for making the Website a
success and thanks to all for a great reunion!


Former IC1(SW)
USS Horne '89-'91
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