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Financial Times Tells it as It Is  John Gelles
 Jan 27, 2011 02:35 PST 

Financial Times Tells It as It is

George Mokray on a forum showed us
a Financial Times item:

..... A German Traveler's 100 Euro
bank note circulated through an Irish
neighborhood and paid a lot of bills.

The thought-experiment worked because:

"Everyone in the story was in debt and
living on credit."

To my way of thinking the item is "TRUE" but
we will not apply that truth in a useful way.

It expresses the paradox of "one man's debt
is another man's wealth", without an
operational change to make common sense of
supply, demand, price and "central banking
as a system's controller".

Quantitative Easing attempts to deal with
this money supply problem. But the Congress
which is the German Traveler does not get it.
It is supposed to pay all debts that stand
in the way of work to produce the material
base for the general welfare.

Instead it wants to pay nothing more than
its own perks. Who is to blame?

ANSWER: The President.

It is his job to explain to the American
people the necessity for full employment on
the laundry list of projects he has already
named: infrastructure, energy independence
and renew-ability, research and development,
education and job training, peace and global
prevention of terrorism, health care systems
of disease prevention and treatment, etc.

This MEANS that until Germans lay money on
the counter Americans must put money in our

Where will the money come from? From the
work money has always stimulated. Money
is not only a medium of exchange, store
of value and unit of account: MONEY IS

Get that straight this moment!

You can learn Chinese in the morning.
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