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Logistical vs Financial National and State Budgets  John Gelles
 Jan 28, 2011 07:11 PST 

Logistical vs Financial National & State Budgets

I listened to the Senate Budget Committee Hearing yesterday on the
Congressional Budget Office Review of the economic outlook for America
that forecast this week a current trillion dollar deficit between
revenues and expenses -- a figure that was trending upward. Senator Kent
Conrad Democrat of Colorado heads the committee and offers a website on
its efforts you can reach with google.

The Senator confessed the committee needed more authority and that the
budget system we have is far from being effective if we want economic
results that will protect our people and our nation.

We obviously need logistical budgets that would recognize our physical
needs to supply more American products and create more money on the
demand side in the pockets of our people and to correct our logistical
deficits in infrastructure, R&D, energy, health care, education, etc.

Our financial budgets are too remote from the stomachs we have to feed
and the industrial and military assets we have to build if we want
America to prevent decline due to economic weakness.

Can we not get serious in these matters. Nero fiddled while Rome burned.
Obama and all the rest of us are fiddling with numbers of dollars while
the numbers of needed products by name and description are ignored and
China prepares to take our place and eat our lunch through no fault of
their own -- but because we are committing suicide by fiddling around in
the dark recesses of financial shenanigans unrelated to the factory
floor, crops, homes, water, fuel, jobs and tasks, etc., that remain
undone for lack of smarts in Congress and among the leaders of our
American political economy.

NOTE: one of our leaders of the global political economy named James
Cumes has appealed to America to stop with the suicide and get down to
the brass tacks of design and construction of a livable world -- the way
we did in the past. His messages were delivered early but went unheeded
by all but a few. He has identified freedom from want as the fourth
freedom we have failed to put at the same level as the other three -- at
least in the sense that it was this freedom that most confused the
allies of WW II over how to organize for victory over want when it came
within reach soon after the war was over. In 65 years we have nearly
gone from the American Century to the Asian. Want is down but economic
ignorance may be up.

Logistics is as old as war and victory. It asks us to be real and do
thing with a purpose. Yet the financial pages suck our brains away from
the tasks at hand.

Logically the American Century ought to last 5 centuries or more. We are
the right size to promote all four freedoms -- as we did when Cumes was
young. We have the technology and humanity to end poverty overnight. We
have the people and the means to shut down corruption and distraction
and create the jobs, institutions, habits of mind and heart and will of
iron and steel to overcome the evil in the mirror and its twin behind
our back. But we cannot do it without tenure at the top determined on
victory over want on the very bottom. Nature does not work that way. The
bottom is sacrificed in astronomical numbers. But nature absorbs energy
anyway it can. Human nature is different. It knows the end is just like
the beginning. But in the middle it has its chance. Shall it be sold for
the cheap and shoddy because it can be. Or shall it be prized for the
sheer beauty of the Golden Rule that calls for VOW now and WOW only
after we have done our duty in every way we can? Give your Brain the
opportunities it seeks to beat the Devil while you live. We see speech,
religion, fear and want as two we want and two we don't. Then see fame,
fortune and love as three to chose if life goes on. Chose love.
Experience fame and fortune at a distance they are not for everyone.

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