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Corporations Currencies are Artificial Constructs Holding
Humanity Hostage
 Raleigh Myers
 Feb 21, 2011 09:46 PST 

Corporations Currencies are Artificial Constructs Holding
Humanity Hostage

Its not Mubaric or even Egypt or the countries of the Middle East,
Africa, South America etc. effected in the latest awakenings, it is the
currencies and the corporatists as Mussolini, Lincoln, Jefferson etc.
pointed out _ currency, Humanity's nose ring manipulated by psychopaths
is the donut hole here.


Currencies are ponzi Schemes as Bernie Madoff the former NASDAQ chief
demonstrated by his own ponzi scheme morphed into a teaching moment.

Corporations are synthetic bodies with diseased minds in psychopathic
pursuit of happiness with limited liability and personhood given to them
by Twain's Congress and even more recently, Supreme Courts in pursuit of
election theft, making ghost hunting even more real.
Money changers holding the reigns of the nose rings of the corporate
constructs, bulldozing their way over Humanity _ self righteously
fulfilling the pre programmed prophesies of the apocalypses are staging
mock tea parties to in essence get back what they lost in the first tea
party a couple of hundred years ago. Just when you thought they were
rolling back FDR's new deal hmmm...

The currency manipulating corporations, where the money changers hide,
are weaker insofar as they have met the mother Ponzi. Growth is no
longer possible on the mother planet that is being depleted 30% faster
than it can replenish. This is a progeny thing that can not be ignored, a
most inconvenient truth, a lowest common denominator worm hole reality
that cannot be ignored _ the star ship refusing passage to you progeny
for lack of everything that has been wasted for phantom wealth, squiggles
on a spread sheet, trade beads by any imagined stretch of stupid
incentives etc..

So in essence we are being led by ghosts, synthetic entities etc.
perusing phantom profits, or taxation without reason, based on keystrokes
by robots programmed for by and with greed as a mindset. FOX in the
chicken coup here, the part the FOX horn never led on, is the invasion
of the body snatchers by computers in flash trading, generating fake
currency, to acquire the planet with phantom trade beads, leaving your
progeny as imaginary Manhattanites.
We can count on the Harry Potter MEME to point out the fault lines here?
Just imagine having to explain this to the unborn or a visitor from some
real, outside the Matrix place like off planet or Second Life etc.. When
the reality strikes the HP crowd, it looks like a bunch of Earthlings
have given away their TIME to a coven of self proclaimed Worthies who are
selling their TIME back to them, with interest of course _ steal your
watch and sell you back the TIME by any rosy scenario or name.
Call to action lets stop the world so we can all get on it as equals...

Get a life if you can afford it, for those who were conceived by people
who knew this would not end well _ the denial industry has something to
with it also. To the outside observer, Humanity is thumbing their noses
at their own offspring, eating their young, prenatal debt at minimum,
denying their own progeny their right to be here by their own inactions
to stop this foolishness.

Some of the stuff we have to overcome to get to a paradigm shift that
works for all of humanity... 

What the world will look like when the paradigm shift enters the
minds of humanity or what we ought to transcend to, after we overcome the
stranglehold of what is...


As things progress down the rabbit hole, some of you might want to
take a look at this stuff again _ red pill recommended...

They will fight to protect their well adjusted in a sick matrix
dilemma _ ditto lemming awareness 101...

Much of what we do, is to give talking points to focus the conversation
on lowest common denominator solutions and thinking. Many have seen some
of these points before, how about those you might share this with...
Creative Commons encourages you to share and enhance...
Raleigh Myers

Ra Energy Fdn.
Founded in 1973
Ra-Chi is our agenda


Op Eds more of the latest going back decades



http://tinyurl.com/yjegljf more...


Ought 2010 A Transcendence Odyssey a movie where ALL the worlds' a
stage Everyone is in it _ See Currency The Redistribution of TIME and
Digging Slavery's Grave, the secular version.


Let us experiment with laws and customs, with money systems and
governments, until we chart the one true course - until we find the
majesty of our proper orbit as the planets above have found theirs. And
then at last we shall move all together in the harmony of our sphere
under the great impulse of a single creation - one unity, one system, one
  Roger Bacon
Let WE The People vote on a covenant between ourselves...


FAIR USE NOTICE: This may contain copyrighted (C ) material the use
of which
has not always been specifically authorized by the copyright owner.
material is made available for educational purposes, to advance
understanding of human rights, democracy, scientific, moral, ethical,
social justice issues, etc. It is believed that this constitutes a
use' of any such copyrighted material as provided for in Title 17
section 107 of the US Copyright Law.



Ought 2010 by Raleigh
Myers is licensed under a
Creative Commons
Attribution 3.0 United States License.
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