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Liberty, Wealth, Happiness, Humanity  John Gelles
 Feb 26, 2011 03:27 PST 

Liberty, Wealth, Happiness, Humanity

Before Topica shuts down for maintenance, and
Qaddafi meets his maker, these momentous days
deserve recognition and awe.

Kirt brought attention to wealth. And Curtiss
found humanity short changed by our American
culture. Gelles looks for purpose. There was
a lot of silence on this, our voice in space
(or net -- if you prefer.)

The demand for democratic rights expressed in
the heart of Arabia is to be viewed with awe.

Many of us way over here in the West, disgusted
with the triumph of anti-Keynesian sentiments,
have been waiting for the re-emergence of middle
class American smarts of the kind that could
climb to the heights of the hard sciences,
create the gems of the social sciences, and
contribute to the treasure of the humanities
as it did in the last century -- when WE, here
between the Atlantic and the Pacific helped
all of our race (human that is) avoid the pit
of hell that followed the trend toward totali-
tarian outcomes that our corporate cultures

The outcome of that trend is still undecided.
China can be seen as corporate, collective,
cooperative or cruel. Our race is certainly
at home for all of these "C's".

America can be seen as no more than a continu-
ation of the British Empire -- by mixing in to
it the gifts of all other nations.

Cromwell, America, France, Russia, China and
now Arabia, have punctuated time -- from the
middle of the 17th Century until tomorrow, with
the quest for Liberty, Wealth, Happiness, and
Humanity that revolutions advance against the
will of our DNA -- which is built for savage
survival in a world without discernible purpose
except that it is desperately in need of it.

I say the purpose ought to be the happiness,
that is the virtue, discerned by the poets who
looked for and found it -- bound together with
liberty, equality, fraternity and truth revealed
by the brains and hearts of the best of us, here
and everywhere else, that are doing their best
to advance the Golden Rule against all selfish

And it certainly will do no harm if on this
quest for peace and plenty we learn to share
the wealth with more sense than we have shared
the debt on which we have based our money.
Words are free and handy. And all of us have
more than enough of them. But money still talks
louder -- and it's time to remedy that deficit.
The American dream is dying of debt -- and that
devil is all a mistake of our own imagination.

Humanity is calling for rescue -- bail-out is
another word for it. Many have seen the problem
as the color red in our ink. Change the color
to blue and make it as plentiful as air, water
and tree leaves. Money is not the root of all
evil. It is the gift that technology now offers
to a race of monsters -- who cannot take yes for
an answer.
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