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PBS TV: Journey to Planet Earth--Plan B  John Gelles
 Apr 01, 2011 03:07 PST 

PBS TV: Journey to Planet Earth--Plan B

Two WW Web addresses are very important IMO:

The second is to a video you can see immediately. It lasts more than an
hour. It explains global warming and how to mobilize, in WW II style, to
produce the materials necessary to prevent the end of civilization
promised by global warming.

The first is to the general promotion of PBS TV that the video copies in

We, in these Internet forums, cry WOLF all the time. We see the tragedy
ahead and clamor for attention to what it is -- and often how to stop

This video at the pbs number above is the first I've recently seen that
wants WW II type mobilization to save civilization now -- as it did in
the 1940's.

I have written, on account of the above, as follows:

We are this week focused on the Arab Spring, another Chernobyl, and Tea
Party hijacking of America's fear (that our middle class has been robbed
-- to save Wall Street's capital -- lost in the Bush years by its
speculators and resident thieves.

We know our forums are divided. They bitch at the President, his
opponents and pundits on all sides. And it usually seems to me that
every message posted is more to vent the poster than to organize
solutions -- especially a practical call for mobilization.

Yet, it also seems to me that each poster yearns to be affirmed by
reading a reply to a post that agrees somewhat with his own ideas.

Well, I have a nice surprise for you. I found a voice on PBS with whom I
am in full agreement. It makes my day.

..... It asks us to remember WW II and how we mobilized for change and
implemented it until the war was over -- (after which conservative
Republicans began to kill the middle class
with Taft-Hartley and refusal to implement FDR's Bill of Economic Rights
that demanded full employment all the time.)

It also asks for protection of the environment from the greed of the
power and wealth structures, like those in China, the USA, the EU and
everywhere else -- with notable exceptions that may include welfare
state democracies, like Denmark and Finland.

Where is Syria in this picture?

It's in need of the four freedoms, human rights and a military alliance
with the USA. Who is at fault? Me.

Good night and God bless you all.Try to see the PBS show recommended
above. It's brief section on WW II mobilization is the key to today's
solutions. Can we copy it? Of course -- because we must.


The full program I just recommended can be seen on your computer.
The part on WW II begins at 1 hour 13 minutes 20 seconds -- which can be
reached immediately by sliding the pointer from left to right.
Please comment if you were able to view Plan B.
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