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VCDL Digest #2 April 21, 2003  Michael S. DeVries
 Apr 21, 2003 12:26 PDT 

   The Virtual Consulting Discussion List [VCDL]

Monday, April 21, 2003      Digest #1
List Moderator: Michael S.DeVries DeVr-@cris.com

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#1 Where / how to find good Virtual Consulting Clients / Engagements
        - Michael S. DeVries

#2 What are your favorite / the best Virtual Consulting Tools?
        - Michael S. DeVries

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#3 Marion Gropen

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************* [NEW] ***************
#1 Where / how to find good Virtual Consulting Clients / Engagements?
From:             Michael S. DeVries <DeVr-@cris.com>
Reply To:         Virtual-C-@topica.com
Date sent:        Monday, April 21, 2003

Given the IMHO less than optimal current state of the economy ...
And that I doubt any of us has / can have too much business (do you?)

Let's share our thoughts, experiences, ideas and best practices
regarding ...

Where / how do you find good Virtual Consulting Clients / Engagements?

Do you get most of your Virtual Consulting Clients / Engagements from:
* Referrals from other Consultants?
* Referrals from previous (satisfied) Clients?
* From your Web Site(s)?
* From Consulting Firms?
* From Job / Freelancing "Boards"?
* From Recruiters / Headhunters?

Where / how else?

Let's help each other out in these "less than optimal economic times"!

Your "Virtual" Moderator,

- Michael S. DeVries

#2 What are your favorite / the best Virtual Consulting Tools?
From:             Michael S. DeVries <DeVr-@cris.com>
Reply To:         Virtual-C-@topica.com
Date sent:        Monday, April 21, 2003

Fellow Virtual Consultants,

What are your favorite / the best Virtual Consulting Tools?

More specifically, what kinds and/or specific pieces of software (and
hardware?) do you use / would you recommend that help you provide
faster, better, higher quality Virtual Consulting products and services?

Please let us know which tools you use and/or recommend and why?

Also, please share with us and tips and tricks as to how to best utilize
and benefit from the tools you use and/or recommend.

Please clearly indicate if you are in any way affiliated with and/or
have a "vested interest" in any of the tools, products and/or web sites
you are recommending - it's only fair and honest that way, ok?

Please also share any knowledge / information you may have regarding
whether the tool / product vendor offers any special discounts / deals,
e.g. reseller agreements, for consultants who recommend and/or sell
these products to their clients for their use.

Hopefully this will help all of use find the best tools for our
engagements and clients!

Your "Virtual" Moderator,

- Michael S. DeVries

************* [INTRO] ***************
#3 Marion Gropen
From: marion.-@gropenassoc.com
Date: Tue, 15 Apr 2003 14:36:19 -0400

Hello all,

I'm Marion Gropen, and my company is Gropen Associates, Inc. I provide
small bits of information to small publishers of books. The topics
covered include accounting, financial management, personnel management,
operations and negotiations, among others.

I am a virtual consultant because that is the only way to deliver
consulting services within the budget of the small or micro publisher.
They can afford a few hundred dollars, but even if the value for money
is good, they just don't have thousands. My marketing and delivery
strategies have to be exceptionally cost-efficient.

I am hoping to find strategies for reaching my core audience, for
establishing myself as a known expert, and for increasing the size of
my customer base. You will have noticed that marketing and sales are
**not** part of my area of expertise!

Here's what I'm doing so far. Suggestions will be gratefully accepted.

In order to establish Gropen Associates as a source of answers, I have
joined the 5 biggest list-servs covering publishing topics, and respond
to questions within my area. I moderate one of the largest listservs.

I have a web site which includes a large amount of free resources that
publishers will need, such as an extensive directory of free-lance
professional designers, proofreaders, etc. Each page contains at least
a short explanation of what I do, and an invitation to contact me for an

I am beginning to provide other, non-competing consultants with
articles for their newsletters to the industry, on topics that I know
most small publishers need help with, and each will include a short
blurb at the end about my services.

I have extended a discount offer to the members of one of the bigger
associations of small publishers. This offer will be used in their
recruiting drives.

I am tweaking my metatags, to optimize search engine placement. I also
get a fair number of reciprocal links from the sites of those
professionals to whose sites I link. (The number is something close to
100 at the moment.)

I use the stats package provided by my web host to help me figure out
what will keep visitors in my site longer, and what causes increased
interest in the contact info, and details of my services.

Okay folks, that's what I'm doing. What are you doing, and what works
best? Am I missing any good bets?

Marion Gropen
Gropen Associates, Inc.
financial, accounting and management advice for small publishers on a
question by question basis
http://www.GropenAssoc.com/ or phone (888) 3GROPEN

[Moderator Comment -
Welcome to The Virtual Consulting Discussion List, Marion! :)
Ok ... Who's next?]

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